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Social Media Marketing (SMM) uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote/marketing their product/services. When investing in social media marketing, business owners aim at:

  • Marketing Their Products/Services over social media channels
  • Building A Brand Out Of Their Business On Social Media Platforms.

Businesses who are successful in creating a powerful brand out of themselves, gain the trust of social media users, resulting in customer loyalty and increased sales.

A Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Management Agency helps your business become a strong & powerful brand over social media. Investing in a social media marketing (SMM) company can do wonders for your business and help you achieve your social media marketing goal.

GBIM Technologies is proud to be known as one of the best SMM & Management Agencies In Bangalore.

What makes us a unique Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore?

Social Media has taken everyone by storm! Businesses are known and remembered in the current world for their firm social media profiles and out of the box and edgy social media campaigns. Today’s social media campaigns must be data-centric, focussed on current scenarios that have an influential impact on today’s youth and communicate to the audience how a business’s products/services help individuals lead a high-quality and satisfactory life. That’s what Social media marketing is all about.

Our Social Media Agency In Pune helps your business take over the social media world and be the best in your industry!

Our business-specific and ideal audience social media management strategies help you target social media campaigns across social media channels perfect for your business, turning your business into a successful & influential brand.

Our Social Media Management Team, Content Team, Graphics Team collaborate to design & develop futuristic action-oriented Social Media Campaigns using advanced and modern social media practices, tools, methods and digital technologies.

We Are An Out Of The Box Social Media Agency Because

We at GBIM aim at forming an emotional bond between the products/services you sell and your target audience. We aim at designing personalised social media strategies that align with your business social media goals & wants.

We are proud to be counted as one of the few client-friendly & goal-oriented social media marketing agencies in Bangalore.
Our social media company in Bangalore focuses on consumer engagement & personalisation.

All our SMM strategies & plans are client-specific.
It means that no two clients of ours will ever have similar social media plans, irrespective of the similarities shared by their products/services. We aim at curating personalised and customized social media campaigns centring around our clients’ wants, budget, goals.

We do not solely focus on delivering ads but go beyond it. We help you optimize your social media campaigns by following our consistent & large-scale testing social media campaign testing procedures analysing the efficiency of our social media campaigns across various social media platforms. We promise to deliver performance-driven, goal-oriented results.

Social Media Marketing With GBIM Technologies

Organic Social Media Marketing

We are a social media company in Bangalore offering Organic Social Media Marketing Services. Very Few Digital Marketing Companies Offer Organic Social Media Marketing & Management Services, And We Are Proud To Fall In The Category Of Those Who Offer. Organic Social Media Services Are Non-Paid Marketing Services Performed On Social Media. It Helps Your Business Grow Organically Over The Selected Social Media Platform And Is A Long-Term Investment.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid Media Marketing, Or PPC Lets You Pay For Your Ad Only When It Gets Clicked On.
We Help You:
  • Increase Your Website Traffic/App Traffic & Build A Powerful Brand
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis.

We Thoroughly Review You Business Competitor’s Social Media Strategies & Tools Used, Content & Performance Reviews, etc. To Know What Works And What Does Not

  • Our In-Depth Data Analysis Process Helps Build Your “Perfect Buyer” Persona, Helping Your Social Media Campaigns Reach The Target Audience.
  •  We Help You Determine & Establish Your Business Goals, Needs And Optimise Your Currently Used Social Media Platforms.


Strategic & Result-Oriented Planning

Our Strategic & Result-Oriented Planning Process Includes:

  • A Analytical Review Of Existing Social Media Challenges And Backsets Your Business Faces And Planning Strategies Aimed At Overcoming The Existing Challenges
  •  A Well-Balanced Combination Of Quantitative & Qualitative Research Of Your Business, Products/Services You Sell, Target Audience, Etc. For Utilising Social Media Platforms Best Suited For Your Business And Implementing, Social Media Strategies That Resonate With Your Ideal Audience.
  •  Continuous & Regular Campaign Monitoring Focussed On Providing Performance Driven Results.
  • We Always Keep You In The Loop And Provide You With Detailed Performance Reports.
  • We Work As A Team With Our Clients Asking Them For Their Feedbacks On Their Social Media Campaigns, Taking Inputs From Them When Required. We aim To Create Client Appeasing Social Media Campaigns Attracting The Target Audience & Generating A Strong Impact.

Why Prefer GBIM Technologies As Your Social Media Buddy

Experience that matters

GBIM Technologies is one of the fastest-growing Social Media Agencies In Pune. We Have Been In The Digital Marketing Industry Since The Past 18+ Years, Growing, Learning & Curating Business Specific Social Media Strategies. Our Experience Has Made Us Experts At Designing Path-Breaking Social Media Management Strategies

In-House Expertise

We Are A Digital Marketing Agency Providing Almost All Digital Services
Under One Roof. Our Dynamic Social Media Team Are Social Media Wizards And Are At Your Beck And Call 24/7

Leadership vision

The CEOs Of Our Social Media Company Are Social Media Experts And Work Closely With Every Client

Results that speak

We Provide Affordable & Budget-Friendly Social Media Strategies And Focus On Creating Client-Specific And Personalised Social Media Campaigns. We Have Successfully Created More Than 100 Result-Driven Success Stories.



How much website traffic using social media can I anticipate in a month?

We primarily focus on developing followers and engagement on your social media channels. With new followers, your social traffic might escalate. But, for an instant boost in website traffic, you should opt for our paid social media marketing service.

How will you learn about my business?

We will put our 100% effort into learning your business by forwarding a questionnaire or discussing it with you in person or we can even connect on a call. After completion, we will research more about your business and plan a strategy that is certain to your business.

How will you increase my followers?

We will help you increase your followers using both organic and paid social media marketing practices. Organically, we will implement several techniques devoid of an advertising budget. While for a paid approach, you will require an advertising budget.

Will my pages are monitored for comments, messages, and reviews?

Of course, the concerned social media manager will be constantly monitoring the pages for comments, messages, and reviews.

How Much Do Social Media Agencies Charge?

The charges of every social media agency vary depending upon the services used and other factors considered by the said agency.

Which Social Media Platforms Give The Best Conversions?

The conversions each social media platform provides varies from business to business and depends upon your business’s social media goals and wants

Should I Invest In A Single Social Media Platform Or Use My Budget Wisely and Invest In Multi Social Media Platforms?

We help you invest in the social media platform/platforms best suited for your business social media goals and needs. It all depends on your target audience, your social media goals and needs.