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Social Media Marketing

Social media is widely known for its own handful of benefits. It lets you share your content with the target audience and also lets you sell your ideas on the same page. But, what is more about is that your strategies should be well-planned and structured with which your brands’ promotion would be on the right track. A slight mistake may take all your efforts in a vain and why would you even think of this, right? Now, what is more, crucial is sustaining the SMO plan! This calls for consistent efforts along with some real yet practical conclusions.

That is why WE ARE HERE! GBIM will take every possible care of your brand at the social media front that will give you a potential audience for your products and services with the apt content at a perfect time and perfect place.

Today, a number of social platforms exist in the industry that has really made a fiasco for all of us. Owing to this, it becomes hard at times to think about what can be done and where should we become more focused. But why to stress? As the best SMO Company, GBIM is with you to assist your concerns. At GBIM, we offer our clients with effective and prominently customized content that will take their social media presence to new heights.

Our Area of Focus include-

  • Assisting and monitoring the online presence of the business
  • Enlightening brand awareness
  • Engaging visitors on your website
  • Deploying and building exclusive content
  • Enhancing conversion rates
  • Offering a cost-effective approach

Social Media Optimization services have now become a pivotal crucial part of the entire digital marketing process. However, interactions made via social media are more operative. Until you reach and interact properly with your audience, you might be missing a huge piece of satisfying result which is SMO is truly crucial. If this gets mixed up with the SEO strategies then you cannot even imagine how fruitful your online marketing efforts would seem. This can surely assist you to the potential audiences. Being your genuine SMO services provider, GBIM assures you to create a strong and long-lasting brand impression on social media and you will definitely feel amazed by the astonishing results!

Some SMO techniques we follow –

  • Designing exclusive graphical content
  • Social Profile Listing
  • Video and Photo Sharing
  • Generating appealing social media posts
  • Aptly Managing accounts and pages

GBIM has a dedicated and sturdy team that employs every type of social media channel that will accurately promote your all products or services. However, our advanced and unique SMO strategy is tested thoroughly promoting your website and fetching huge traffic. This will apparently help you get higher online visibility of your services and products.

Additionally, SMO services offer a complete audit of your website. We also provide various SMO pricing options that are affordable and will match every customer’s budget. Our SMO packages are very exclusive, low priced, and result-oriented.

Since our inception in 2005, we have been a leading social media marketing company in Mumbai. We hold a proven track record of managing a number of social media channels smartly and efficiently and have endorsed strong social media presence of every category of businesses right from small enterprises, mid-sized businesses to large scale organizations. With our extensive years of experience and technical expertise in delivering SMO services, we generate and also manage social media accounts ceaselessly to publish the posts while engaging users.

We are all ready to adopt the latest SMO trends and concepts that help build one of its kinds of social presence on innumerable SMO channels. GBIM holds specialization in handling all SMO channels like Instagram & Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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Being the leading SMO service provider in Mumbai, we offer astounding strategies with which your business would be made socially active

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We have specialized SMO strategies that will help you grow your business through leading social media platforms

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Our avant-garde principles and extensive experience in the field will help you achieve potential customers

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General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
How to improve business through social media?

The power of social media is known to everyone across the world. Social media has given businesses an immense opportunity to accelerate their business growth and achieve newer heights in the business. It is imperative to opt for the right mix of social media to cultivate your brand efficiently and increase brand awareness. Social media provides a significant platform for the business to reach the target audience with minimal efforts. Social media helps brands to interact, communicate with their audience the essence of the brand, and amplify the brand image as well.

Some of the ways that can help one to improve business with the help of social media are given below:

  • Connect with Right Networks: Social media helps you to connect with the right networks and help you explore several opportunities in the market. It can help you develop a strong network and connect with the target audience.
  • Set your goals and objectives clearly: Setting the goals and objectives precisely can help you draft an effective and sound digital marketing strategy and achieve your objective in a short span of time.
  • Draft a social media strategy: After setting the goals one of the most important tasks is to build a cohesive social media strategy to make the best use of social media.
  • Content creation: Content is the king, it helps to attract the audience and generate their interest in the brand. Creating an appealing and interactive content taking into consideration the profile of the audience can not only engage them with your brand but also hook their attention too.

Social media is one of the greatest tools to engage with the audience and generate considerable leads. Social media can portray the right image of your brand and lure your audience to visit your website. Social media can definitely help to drive more traffic to the website and bring a strong relationship with the audience. A better understanding of social media and the right marketing mix can work wonders for your business. So, build a strong presence on social media now!

Social media platform
Social media marketing
How to choose a good social media platform for marketing?

The power of social media is increasing tremendously. It has helped several business organizations across the world to get the desired competitive edge and enhance the overall brand image as well as communicate effectively with the target audience. Therefore, it is imperative to stay active on all the major social media platforms and establish a strong rapport with them. Choosing an apt Social media platform will allow you to channelize your marketing efforts and focus on your objectives. An apt social media platform will not only provide a good return on investment but also help you to establish a strong rapport with your audience. Here are some of the tips that can help you choose an apt social media platform of online marketing:

  • Identify your target audience: One of the most important factors is to identify your target audience and target them effectively. A brand needs to ask a few questions to better understand their audience base and devise a well-thought strategy. A clear understanding of the audience can help you build a strong profile of the audience and engage in targeted strategy.
  • Define your objectives: After you are aware of your audience, the next step is to define your goals for marketing. Whether it enhances brand reputation. Increasing awareness for the brand, developing strong relations with potential customers, communicate the essence of the brand and much more. The social media goals are of vital importance. It helps the brand to draft a plan of action for social media marketing accordingly.
  • Finding your audience: Finding the audience is one of the most crucial steps of social media marketing. One should take efforts to study the demographics of the audience and their profiles. Some of the vital and most preferred social media platforms include Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. Instagram, Linkedin, Google +. The audience base and engagement type for each social media platform are different. It is essential to study the same for developing a rigorous social media marketing plan.
Social media Marketing effectiveness

Social Media Marketing is in vogue, it helps you to better target your audience and communicate with them the essence of the brand. It provides an opportunity for the brand to start a relevant conversation with its audience and increase brand awareness. Social media marketing helps brands to engage in targeted marketing and achieve their brand objectives optimally. Following are some of the advantages and effectiveness of social media Marketing

  • Enhance brand image: one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing is its ability to elevate and amplify the brand image exponentially. It helps brands to communicate with the audience its objective, vision, mission. It also provides a great platform to the brands to introduce their products, and make them aware about their product offerings.
  • Helps to nurture leads: Nurturing leads is of vital importance; it helps brands to transform leads into customers. It helps brands to develop a loyal base of the audience and continually interact with them. You build a strong relationship with your leads and customers with the help of social media platforms. You can post some informative content on your social media to continually hook the attention of your audience and generate their interest in your brand.
  • Reach the target audience: Social media marketing enables one to engage in targeted marketing. You can draft an optimum social media marketing plan keeping in mind the demographics of your audience profile. It enables brands to reduce the spillover ratio, target only the intended audience, and interact with them.
  • Digital exposure: Social media marketing and social media platforms give the brands the necessary digital presence and help them to avail of the benefits of digital marketing.
  • Measurable: The results of social media marketing are measurable, it gives brands and business organization a clear outcome of their marketing strategy and make changes accordingly.

Social Media marketing is one of the greatest marketing tools that can help brands to achieve their goals and objectives optimally. Social media maraketing plays a prominent role in content marketing and provides you with a great return on Investment. Engage in Social media marketing now to elevate your business grow substantially.

Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

What to expect from an Social Media agency

Which social media is best for marketing?

When it is the social media platform, there are lots of networks available on the list. However, not all business marketing will work on all the networks. you need to involve in some research like the age group, the post they are interested in more, the time they spend in it, etc. this will help you to have a clear outline and you can choose the platform based on your business, targeted audience and their interest over the social media. However, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat take the front row commonly for social media marketing for most businesses. Further, you also follow lots of strategies in posting and reacting to it among your audience.

How Can Social media increse traffic?
One important reason to choose social media is that it helps to connect with the targeted audience directly. You can interact with them, get valuable feedback in real-time, and enhance the customer experience. With this consistent engagement with the audience, you can easily boost the traffic to the site and it ultimately helps the increasing SEO. To make it so simple, wise marketing is all about meeting the audience directly and establishing your presence, product, or service. This can be established with social media. Further, the post and videos you post can also get shared on their social media walls. So, social media has become the most important platform to increase traffic to your site.
Is Social media generate leads?
Social media is the best platform to connect with the targeted audience and it will help in growing the brand value. When you are choosing the right platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, it will help in connecting you with the audience easily. Today, it is all about the trust that is necessary to gain more leads and conversions. So, with effective posts and conversion with them directly in the real-time will help in enhancing the trust and ultimately help in producing more leads. Thus, it can be stated that the best social media platform strategies with effective techniques will pave the way for generating leads.
Benefits of Social media
Benefits of Social media

  • You can directly target the right audience and you are not wasting money.
  • You can get in connection with the audience in real-time.
  • The entire strategy is measurable and you can find the
  • impact of the campaign at any instance.

  • It is cost-efficient and you can achieve huge benefits just with fewer expenses.
  • You can know the likes, dislikes, and the passion of the audience and this will help you to make changes in your business to satisfy them.
  • The attractive and creative posts and videos can be shared by your audience and so they indirectly become your marketers.
What is the cost of Social media ?
The cost of social media marketing cannot be stated without knowing some needs and analyzing the business. We need to know about the nature of business, your business marketing goals, the social media platform we choose for marketing, the number of posts, and all other factors about the marketing strategy. All these are necessary to quote the exact cost of the social media strategy. However, when you are looking for the approximate cost of the strategy, it will be around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month. When you are taking a year basis, it will further change. Visit or contact us and let us discuss more the strategy and the cost factors.
Why should I choose GBIM as an Social media partner?
Today, the world is driven by the digital medium and most aspects have changed drastically to digital ones. So, this gave rise to a number of digital marketing companies in this decade. We at GBIM are serving in this industry for more than 15 years and our experience is the great aspect to be mentioned here. Further, we take time and analyze the needs of the business and establish the right business marketing strategy. We know how to handle even the tiny aspects and how it should result in success in the digital world. Further, look for our portfolio and visit us. These will make you feel how best we are in this field!