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Instituted in 2005, we stand out in the crowd, and we’ve set a benchmark in the digital industry. Being situated in the heart city, Mumbai, we’re a leading digital marketing agency offering research, planning, campaigning, and growth strategy services for the brand’s online and offline presence. Starting from SEO, SMM, PPC, to website designing and development, we do it all!

We’re a massive squad of passionate thinkers continuously evolving and developing. We’re a bunch of digital marketers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, website and software developers, and content writers backed up by PPC and social media managers. We follow a simple policy, the ADDI process.

Analyzing> Designing> Developing> Implementing

Our Vision & Mission

We envision to become a leader in advancing businesses using digital mediums. Customer loyalty and satisfaction, openness, creativity, teamwork, and growth play an essential role in driving our mission. All this contribute to reflect who we are, how we work, and what we strive for.

Our Core Values

1. Honesty
2. Result-oriented
3. Performance seekers
4. Amiable & Reliable
5. Productive & efficient
6. Thoughtful

Our Philosophy & Approach

1. We’re proud influencers of our clients.
2. We work to enhance business/brand visibility by innovating everything digitally.
3. Our squad of boundless innovators is always on the lookout for novel ways to associate with the dots and people.
4. We’re glad to become teammates and loyal and reliable partners.
5. We always seek to take an experience-led approach to assist brands to realize the true potential of being digitalized in 6. understanding strategic opportunities.
7. Resolve physical-world business issues, and thereby serving fruitful and measurable results.

Diverse Culture & Team

GBIM is backed up by innovators who check-in to learn, discover, and develop. Our organization composed of bold, innovative, and young thinkers arriving from different walks of life. Our broad culture helps in driving success for our clients, and our focus on company-wide embodiment offers new opportunities to our team.

We can be your silver lining in the dark cloud!

Are you a front runner?

The world comprises of two types of individuals, one who always tries to put their best efforts to accomplish the most. And the others, always waiting for a kick to dive into the domain of challenges, success, and development.

Let’s be honest we’re looking for passionate individuals proficient enough to think independently, are broad-minded, and possess a decisive attitude.

So, if you desire to experience an invigorating vibe-


Nirlep Patel

It has been a privilege to uplift this digital marketing agency from a grassroot level to a nationally acknowledged expert in multi-location company growth it is today.

Since the establishment of GBIM Technologies Pvt Ltd in 2005, we’ve been successful enough to witness exponential growth. Being the CEO and Co-founder of GBIM, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the seasoned SEOs, my team, and progressive clients that surround me. I believe in building enduring relationships, be it with clients or my employees. Besides, I personally focus on having a fitness regime including yoga. I’m also passionate about music. And above all, I’m a business consultant and a successful business coach.

Dharmesh Patel

I co-founded GBIM Technologies Pvt Ltd with Nirlep Patel as a spot for marketers to share their knowledge, discussions, and valuable content. Being the CEO of GBIM Technologies, I believe in inspiring, motivating, and educating businesses to support emerging technologies as well as digital marketing to stand out from the crowd. A firm and robust mindset has helped me grow mine as well as other’s business.

Over Seventeen years of focused learning and experience in Digital Marketing has honed my skills, improving Clients Online Visibility, Branding, Leads Generation for businesses. I achieve set targets with a unique and creative approach based on research and analysis.

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