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Initiated by Nirlep and Dharmesh Patel in 2005

Let the #1 Digital Marketing Agency manage your business. We know it the right way and we’d love to do it for you!

Starting from our bewitching creative designs to our web-oriented marketing activities, we’ve established ourselves as the digital industry’s game-changers. Our main ambition is to accumulate measurable results for your digital business. Our ambition is to create goodwill for your brand using our market-oriented strategies.

“One creative thought or idea can create a huge difference.” Being a digital marketing agency, we cater to different services ranging from website design and development, SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, content marketing to email marketing and the list goes on. What sets us apart from our opponents is the logic and game plan we emphasize while working on the above-mentioned platforms.

GBIM believes in offering performance-driven digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes. Our core values- strategy,

We acquire in-depth knowledge of your target audience and also gain consumer insights that help further our marketing activities. It’s not that simple as it seems. Each client has a different approach and different expectation, we device a competitive plan, product, and service value keeping in mind your budget and requirements. We’re hard workers at the same time smart players.

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Our Thinking
Business Transformation
Collaborating with organizations crossways to decode their business plans and bringing in the sure-shot success

Digital Transformation
Enabling businesses with the required receptivity to help stay abreast in the changing digital surrounding
Covid-19 & Digital Marketing Strategies
Rendering accurate digital solutions with apt strategies to have it during pandemic situations
Data Analytics
Enhancing businesses and brands through precise insights acquired from our error-free Data analytics tools
Technical Transformation
Aiding organizations to get maximum benefits on their investments with the help of efficient technical approach
Branding Digitally/ Digital Branding
Leveraging digital platform to brand businesses and bring numerous conversions

GBIM – Digital Marketing Company

We are a Digital Agency Helping You Conquer The Digital World!

Let GBIM be your one-stop solution for everything Digital. Be it Digital Marketing, SEO & PPC, Social Media Marketing & Advertising. Website Design & Development, Brand Designing & Video Production, Hosting & Outsourcing Support, let us help you reach your fullest Digital Potential.

Although we offer almost every digital service under one roof, our agency’s soul lies in Digital Marketing.


Being born as an SEO agency, we realise the significance of a path-breaking Digital Marketing Strategy and Promise to curate the best ones for you.

What makes us stand apart from the crowd is our ability to focus on minute client requirements & details. Every Digital Marketing strategy of ours is client-specific. It means we ensure that no two clients have similar digital marketing strategies ever.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Digital Marketing?

    A branch of marketing, Digital Marketing involves marketing your brand, products, services, business, etc. on the digital platform using several digital strategies & tactics. Strategies & Tactics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing etc. can make your Business boom digitally.To know more about digital marketing services Click Here.

    What Is A Digital Marketing Agency? What Does It Do?

    Digital Marketing Agencies are marketing agencies helping you grow and promote your business digitally. The agencies help you leave a mark in the digital world. They engage in strategies such as SEO, SEM, SMM, ensuring your business website/brands are always visible to digital customers.

    What Digital Marketing Services Do You Offer?

    GBIM offers every Digital Marketing service under one roof! Our Digital Marketing Services package includes SEO service, SEM services, Social Media Marketing services, Paid Media Services, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing etc. Click here to know more about our services.

    What Type of Companies Do You Work With?

    GBIM works with a wide range of companies along with a number of business verticals. This includes Healthcare, Medical, NGO, IT, HRM, Interior Designing Firm, Construction & Development, and Educational organizations to name a few. We showcase and implement our unique strategies in all these sectors and have been on the frontline for more than 15 years.

    How Do I Select The Perfect Digital Marketing Agency?

    Follow the below-listed steps for selecting the perfect Digital Marketing agency for you:

    1. Understand The Company’s marketing needs.
    2. Picking an agency meeting your goals & requirements.
    3. Performing thorough background research.
    4. Asking the right questions


    • Mail A Request For Proposal (RFP)
    • KPI – Ask for Key Performance Indicators before Signup the contract.
    • Judge them by sending them a task & review
    • If chosen, hold a meeting with the selected agency.
    What Makes Your Digital Marketing Services Unique?

    GBIM believes in Ethical, Transparent & Honest work. We work with our clients as a single unit & love brainstorming ideas with them. Our clients form a part of our family & we never keep any information hidden from them. Our CEO’s are forerunners of the digital world and have been running the company for more than 16 years ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

    If I Choose To Work With Your Company, What Will Be Your Working Process?
    Our working process is as follows:

    Business Anatomy

    Product/Service Analysis Report (Marketing, Needs, Trends etc)

    Competitor Investigation

    Website Architecture Analysis

    Content Optimisation

    Digital Media Marketing Plan (Organic(SEO), Paid(Google Ads), Social Media Advertising)

    Conscious Reporting & Monitoring

    Maximising Conversion Rate

    We also follow the ADDIE approach:

    A: Analyse

    D: Design

    D: Development

    I: Implement

    E: Evolve

    Where is Your Company Located?

    Our head office is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. While, we also have another branch in Surat, Gujarat.

    What Makes You Unique From The Rest Of The Companies?

    ‘Transparency’ is our biggest motive and we strictly follow it. We provide keen attention to our client requirements and our expert team strives hard and smart to fulfill the client requirements. Not least, the CEO’s of GBIM has been running the company for 15 years and are the maven in the digital marketing industry. This assures 100% client satisfaction.

    How Long Does It Take To See The Results Of A Digital Marketing Campaign?

    A single Digital Marketing Strategy uses several digital marketing channels such as SEO, SEM, Paid Media, etc. Every channel takes its course of time to flourish. SEO campaigns take around 6-12 months to flourish, whereas, paid media and Social Media Marketing campaigns or ads display immediate results. 

    How Much Will Digital Marketing Services Cost Me?

    Several factors affect the cost of your Digital Marketing campaign such as:

    1. Project Scalability
    2. Requiered Digital Marketing Services/Solution
    3. Target Audience
    4. Budget set for the Digital Marketing Campaign


    Will Digital Marketing Benefit My Business?

    Yes, Digital Marketing benefits your business. Digital Marketing benefits your business in the following way:

    1. Increased conversion rates.
    2. Content optimisation & lead generation
    3. Cost-effective and a better option than traditional marketing
    4. Increased Revenues
    5. Increased ROI from your campaigns
    6. Improved Brand visibility & reputation
    7. Optimised outreach


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