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Mobile App Development Services

More than half of search engine queries in the world were carried out on mobile devices in 2019. The number of mobile devices including mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. crossed the number of desktops in 2015 itself. The world is fast moving towards mobile devices. This is even reflected in Google’s ‘Mobile First’ approach to new technologies.

In this mobile first world, successful businesses are seamlessly extending their websites to provide a feature rich mobile experience. Creating a responsive mobile application for your business means extending your geographical reach of your business. It also means being available for your customer at the right time. Lastly, mobile apps are more powerful as they use hardware features like GPS, mic, speaker etc. to provide an enriching experience to your customers.

GBIM has an expertise of more than a decade in building mobile apps for Android as well as iOS. Following a well defined method we offer a full range mobile app development experience starting with understanding your specific business requirements to employing the latest technology to develop a highly engaging mobile app. The aim of our Mobile App Development services is to consistently produce apps which are not only liked by your customers but also rank high in the respective App stores.

Mobile App Services

Are you ready to grow your business and take it to new heights? Well, GEAR UP because we have the top-notch Mobile App services for you…

Android App
Right from startups to multi-millionaire dollar enterprises, every business wants to be on Android today. The reason is the explosion of mobile phone ownership.

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iOS app development is an important part of most business plans. The reason is that consumers on Apple devices have a track record of loyalty towards the apps and don’t download and simply uninstall them in a short period.

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Why Prefer GBIM As Your Mobile App Developers Buddy

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Tech support
The team assigned to your app will always be available to answer your queries through the development process

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Efficient project management
To ensure timely delivery of your app within the projected budget with minimum project risks, all our apps are executed using international project management techniques.

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Security and Compliance
We address industry-specific security requirements and BCP standards from Day 1 of the project.

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Experienced App developers
Our team of app developers have an average experience of 6 years in app development and bring in a lot of insights to every project.

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We provide custom-made dashboards and reports that help you understand the performance of your app and make the most of it.

General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

What are the steps in the Mobile App Development process?

After receiving a client requirement and before submitting a finished mobile application we go through a number of iterations with our clients.

  • Business analysis Business Analysts work together with our client to understand your business to determine high level features and functional requirements of your mobile application?
  • UX Design The design team then develops a prototype considering a well defined user experience.
  • UI Design The look and feel of the app is designed keeping in mind international design cues, your brand guidelines and competitor apps.
  • Back end Our team of developers create an app on the back end which works with the front end of the app to interact with the database.
  • Mobile App development The final coming together of the app happens at this stage. We work closely with the client and receive and incorporate feedback into the app in a series of iterations. Every iteration results in a working demo.
  • Testing We spend hundreds of man-hours testing the efficiency and the working flow of the app, ensuring a smooth and stable experience to your customers.
  • Support and Maintenance We provide ongoing support packages where we take care of all version updates, version changes, addition or subtraction of features etc.
Mobile App Development Process
Android And IOS App Platforms
Can I develop my app for only one platform? What are the pros and cons of Android and iOS app platforms?
Although the sheer number of Android devices are more than the iOS devices but still it makes sense to create your app for both platforms. Here’s why

  • Its relatively easier to submit an app to the Android platform due to its lenient requirements. The same is not true for iOS which means its more expensive and time consuming to make an app for iOS.
  • However, paid apps have a phenomenal response on iOS as compared to Android. Android has many competing free apps, so it makes sense for businesses to be present on both.
  • Apps on Android need not be updated regularly and is extremely low maintenance. iOS apps on the other hand needs frequent updates to keep up with updating OS.
    Majority of users use the latest version of iOS which means backward integration is never a problem with iOS.
  • As you see there are several Pros going for both the platforms. It is generally said that go to Android to establish reach and iOS for building your brand and revenues. Hence, GBIM suggests businesses to ensure their app works on both platforms.


What to expect from an SEO agency

What is Local SEO? Can I remove it?
Local SEO is the location-based SEO service that helps businesses to get the desired visibility and increase their awareness with a location-based search. Local SEO is one of the most important tools of SEO that helps businesses to get the desired digital exposure. This SEO strategy is ideal especially for those brands with multiple locations. It facilitates SEO location wise and makes your local business online. One of the greatest advantages of local SEO is its ability to help the people found the business or brand as per the location.
Yes, you can remove the outdated local SEO page based on the analysis of current pages. It is beneficial to remove the unwanted pages and update your Local SEO page location wise to enable your target audience to found your brand/business online.
How can I check my SEO ranking?

Log in to Webmaster Tools Account —-> Click on ‘More’ link–> You will see a list of top keywords–> Click on any keyword to see its ranking data. [You can also change the results if you change the date range and region as per your wish]

Can I do SEO on my own?

For that you should have a better guidance and a good practice of implementing SEO strategies. You can take an online course and may learn the tactics. But, consulting the best SEO agency would be the best ever decision to improve your branding.

Can you do SEO for free?

There are free SEO tools available on the internet with which you can do SEO for no cost. However, the accurate results from these tools are quite questionable.

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