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Videos are the new text. Whether it is for internal communications or external marketing, audiences are preferring videos over other means of communication. The reason for this changing paradigm is videos incorporate audio-visuals effectively to convey the core message more forcefully and memorably than a conventional text or audio ad.

Traditional sales pitch presentations or decks are being rapidly replaced by explainer videos. The biggest advantage of explainer videos is they can easily explain even the most complex product/service concepts using eye-catching graphics within a couple of minutes. These videos attract a large number of views on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

GBIM specialises in visual storytelling. We offer end-to-end services starting with developing the script of the video and cover the entire production in-house including shooting, animation, graphics, background audio, voice-over, dubbing, etc. So all you have to do is tell us the goal of that video and we give you a powerful the finished film within your budget.

The best Video Production Services Plans

Corporate Video
A corporate video is simply a video produced by a business or organization for promotional, instructional, training or other purposes.

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Explainer Video
Have you ever opened a website or clicked on a link and arrived at a landing page, only to be greeted by a short video explaining the product, service or the business idea?

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General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

Why do I need professionally made videos when there are so many free video making tools?

Free software and online tools can help you piece together a video but it will be based on one of their several templates. These platforms don’t have teams to personally understand your exact needs. It means there’s no customisation of the explainer video. There’s no customer support offered for videos that you create on their platforms. This means even a small edit like inserting or deleting a small section on the video would mean working on that platform again. In many cases, these platforms are confusing to operate and may require you to recreate the entire video again from scratch. Lastly, many of these video platforms insert their logo watermark on your explainer video which cannot be used for marketing or other purposes.

Process to Produce A Video
What’s the process you follow to produce a video?

Whether it is an explainer video or a corporate video we are producing, we follow a well-defined linear process that we have perfected over the years. This process helps create memorable content time after time. A typical process begins with understanding client requirements. A script is developed considering the requirements. After approval, we create a draft Voice over recording for review and timing purposes. The next step is important and involves storyboarding the script. Once we get your signoff on the storyboard, we initiate the animation and finally get a professional Voiceover Recording done. Finally, we showcase the explainer/corporate film to you and hand over the master.

How can I ensure that I get my video as soon as possible?

Creating a product, explainer or a corporate video needs teamwork between you and GBIM. You can help us create a superb video for you in record time by doing any or all of the following. Try and put together a draft script of what you’d like to communicate to your audience using the video. It’s a great starting point for our team and lets us work faster. Secondly, we advise you to book ample time in your calendar for regular reviews of the script, the voice over, the storyboard, and video. That way, we can incorporate all the feedback in real-time and get to the final stage faster. Don’t forget to share some reference videos so that our team can pick up the thread faster. When possible share a brand guidelines document so that we use correct brand colours and company approved fonts. This will ensure that your video is 100% compliant with your company image.

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What to expect from a Video Production agency

How long will it take to develop my explainer or corporate video?

It depends on the length of the video and other factors like the complexity of the animation, whether a shoot is needed, other collaterals that we may have to make like logo, clips, etc., the availability of the voice-over talent, etc. GBIM has a record of always delivering quality videos within the client’s timeframe.

How much will it cost to develop my video?

Again, it depends on the complexity of the project, duration, collaterals, external services that we may need like VO artists, etc. We have always provided realistic estimates before beginning work and have a record of always sticking to the budget presented to the client.

Can I provide you with the script for the video?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide you with only the production services for your pre-approved script. If you desire, our team of creative writers will review your script too before we start production.

Where can I use the explainer video?

Explainer videos are multi-purpose tools. You can use them for marketing on social media platforms, on landing pages of your website, special campaign microsites, internal communication like sales, training, inductions, etc. GBIM video team specializes in all these types of videos. We understand the difference between each of these videos and how to make a crisply edited video that serves your unique business goals.

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