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We Simplify B2B SEO

Business To Business SEO or B2B SEO refers to the SEO activities and campaigns businesses initiate to gain higher ranks over search engines in the B2B markets. The primary goal of B2B SEO involves receiving as much high-quality website traffic to the business’s website as possible. B2B SEO campaigns must be very specific since they are not consumer-centric but business-centric. The right keywords and strategies have to be implemented to help a business get noticed by other businesses over search engines.

B2B SEO campaigns must be very specific since they are not consumer-centric but business-centric.

Our aim at GBIM is to simplify B2B SEO for our clients and guide and educate them with b2b seo trends, tactics, and strategies.
Our strategic and business-specific b2b seo campaigns help businesses strengthen their online presence and maximise profits via organic search.

GBIM helps B2B companies and B2B SAAS companies drive qualified leads, demands and revenue via a streamlined B2B SEO process with data-driven insights that help meet their B2B seo goals and move forward.

B2B SEO Campaigns

Our strategic and business-specific b2b seo campaigns help businesses strengthen their online presence and maximise profits via organic search.

GBIM helps B2B companies and B2B SAAS companies drive qualified leads, demands and revenue via a streamlined B2B SEO process with data-driven insights that help meet their B2B seo goals and move forward.


Why do B2B CompaniesChoose Us?

Great page experiences and website designs are foundations for developing quality B2B SEO campaigns. Our in-house team comprises experienced and professional developers and UX designers that develop fantastic websites that a client’s target audience loves visiting and interacting with.


We focus on two primary elements- leads and sales. We ensure our clients’ SEO campaigns include highly targeted keywords that precisely match their targeted audience’s intent. This leads to qualified search results, traffic, and leads that result in better sales, qualified leads and ultimately more customers.


We aim only to generate quality traffic via our B2B SEO services. We create quality content that includes the right keywords and makes our client’s targeted audience interested in their service offerings.


Increased Visibility & Growth
By combining relevant keywords with quality landing pages and optimised websites that offer the best user experience, we help increase our clients’ visibility over search engines, ultimately leading to organic growth.


We Focus On Overall Organic Growth.
Not Just Clicks.

B2B Focussed Keyword Development & Strategy
  • Keyword research & development is different for B2B SEO as the primary goal here is creating a degree of trust with potential and existing b2b buyers.
  • With our data-driven keyword research & development process, our clients understand their targeted audiences’ search intent.
  • We use the best keyword research tools combined with our methodology for researching what questions our clients’ customers ask over search engines.
Competitor Analysis
  • Our B2B SEO consultants conduct a website audit and analyse how clients’ websites perform better against their competitors.
  • After analysing the website’s strengths and weaknesses, we then initiate a thorough competitor analysis.
  • With competitor analysis, we discover the latest trends, tools, and campaigns our clients’ competitors have initiated and their impact on the former’s SEO rankings.
  • Our consultants check on all the latest developments, analyse backlinks, and research competitor content marketing strategies before creating a solid b2b SEO plan for our clients.
B2B Social Media Optimisation
  • B2B Companies need a different social media approach compared to B2C companies. Their approach must be strictly professional and more data-oriented than emotional.
  • Our social media strategists work along with our SEO team to conduct a social media profile analysis that helps them understand the pros and cons of our client’s social media profiles.
  • We also help our B2B clients who lack social media presence create new social media profiles over social media platforms that suit them the best.
  • Our social media optimisation strategies focus on building brand awareness, content amplification, building and nurturing business trust and credibility, and building links.
B2B Content Creation & Strategy
  • B22 content strategies must be tailor-made according to individual business needs and targeted audiences.
  • Our content specialists run a content audit to analyse your existing content strategies and identify any gaps in the strategy.
  • Post content audit, our content strategist creates a content strategy that selects the right content types that align with our client’s business and SEO goals.
  • Our content strategies aim to generate qualified leads, content promotion, and amplification that improves our clients’ viability over search engines.
Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Our lead generation and nurturing strategies begin with understanding our clients’ ideal customer profiles. We even help our clients build ideal customer profiles to understand their clients better.
  • Our B2B SEO team then teams up with our content experts to develop keyword-rich content in the form of blogs, articles, and posts, which help support the leads at every stage of the buying process.
  • Our lead generation & nurturing strategy focuses on three primary elements: keyword research, content creation, and optimising existing content.
Landing Page Optimisation
  • B2B SEO Campaigns are successful when organic visitors are converted into qualified leads.
  • Our team develops and optimises landing pages that are compelling, keyword-rich and motivate visitors to take action.
  • We aim to create simple and transparent landing pages that load quickly, support sleek design, offer precise CTAs and are easy to comprehend by visitors.
  • We also conduct regular landing page A/B testing that helps in continuous landing page optimisation. We experiment with different landing page variations to check which one receives the highest conversion rates.
Conversion Optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimisation refers to testing and making changes to a website to improve the visitor to customer ratio.
  • Our consultants carefully monitor user-website interactions to improve website design and UX, which helps make marginal gains in website conversion rates.
  • We prioritise A/B testing as it helps us select the ideal website for our client’s website that guarantees increased conversion rates. We aim to fine-tune and optimise our clients’ websites to help their SEO campaigns perform better.
Detailed Reporting
  • With our real-time reporting services, clients can view the performance of their SEO campaigns in real-time, offer suggestions and even tweak campaigns if needed.
  • Every campaign aspect is communicated in detail to our clients via weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that help them keep a thorough check on their B2B SEO campaigns.

B2B SEO Services That Are Strategic,
Insightful and Aligns With Your Business Goals

At GBIM focus on providing our clients with actionable insights and unified and real-time reporting personalised recommendations that enhance their SEO B2B strategies & campaigns, resulting in high organic traffic, visibility and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEO Work for B2B?
Yes. SEO is a crucial customer acquisition channel for B2B organisations.
B2B companies that have shown solid organic visibility across stages of the buying cycle have witnessed accelerated growth in customers and revenues.
Why is B2B SEO important?
B2B SEO is important for multiple reasons. SEO for B2B is an effective digital marketing strategy that speeds up the lead generation process and can offer companies high-quality leads. B2B SEO also drives most of the website traffic for companies as organic searches usually equate to 95% of all web traffic, helping businesses generate more website traffic than any other digital marketing strategy.
How can I optimise my B2B website?
You can optimise your B2B website in the following ways:

  • Understand your buyers’ persona and create search results that will increase the visitors to your website
    1. Personalise website content according to your buyer personas
    2. Tailor your web pages for high-volume keywords
    3. Use google analytics to see what’s working and what’s not
  • Engage your website visitors from the moment they land on your landing page
    1. Place forms on your most visited webpages
    2. Make website navigation easy
    3. State clear CTAs
  • Try and Educate website users about why they should buy your product
    1. Link visitors to relevant pages
    2. Create articles and blogs to increase website traffic
  • Involve only qualified website visitors in your buying process
    1. Develop strong CTAs
    2. Nurture your leads
Why online B2B marketplace optimisation is important in SEO?
Online B2B marketplace optimisation is essential in SEO. If you do not optimise your marketplace for search engines, they will never get a chance to read the compelling product descriptions you offer or buy/use your products/services. Organic search results act as free listings of your information on the SERP and appear there as Google’s algorithm determines if your content is relevant to the user’s search terms. Hence, it is online B2B marketplace optimisation is important in SEO.
Can SEO help me in creating an effective B2B sales strategy?
Yes, SEO helps in creating effective B2B sales strategies. Besides helping increase organic traffic, B2B seo provides a more affordable source for lead generation. It also ensures that the B2B businesses get the most relevant and valuable traffic displaying the highest conversion quality.
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