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Good websites are not just visually beautiful layouts. They are your company’s face in the online world. It is the first point of engagement for people. A good website will help you create better reach and tap into global opportunities.

A good website takes into account different factors like the brand guidelines of your business, the industry in which your business operates, competitors websites, advances in website technologies, its ability to be optimised for search engine crawling and much more.

With over 18+ years of experience, GBIM has created hundreds of websites for leading brands across several industries. We have a team of passionate designers who have created business sites, flash websites, eCommerce shops, landing pages, personal blogs, portfolio websites, single-page scrolling websites and mobile-friendly websites.

All our websites are based on technically strong wireframes. We ensure that our every website is Search Engine friendly. Our websites meet basic requirements like responsiveness and allow easy crawling of search engines. Lastly, we don’t believe in creating a ‘One size fits all solution’ that’s why each of our websites is a masterpiece – pleasing to the eye and yet on the cutting edge of technology.

The Best Website Designing Services Plans

UI stands for User Interace. Its a very important element of design for a website or app.

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Remember the last time you had a pleasant experience using your favourite app or a website.

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General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

What is your Website Designing process?

GBIM follows a scientific process which we have perfected after working for 18+ years in the industry. This process ensures that we convert requirements into results.

  • We start with an initial conversation with the client to understand the client brief.
  • In step 2, we share a Discovery form with the client which helps us understand your thoughts and emotional connect points with the website.
  • In the next step, we design and get your approval on the wireframe.
  • The next step is gathering content for the website. It may also mean we writing the content for you.
  • Then we get onto the visual design stage. Finally, we put it all together and make a beta website and take your feedback on that. We incorporate that feedback and finalise the website.
  • The last step is your website going live.
Website Designing Process
Features Of A Good Website Design
What are the features of a good website design?

There are many ways to judge the design and performance of a website. Some of the best practices that we follow at GBIM are:

Brand continuity – We ensure a continuing string of brand themes and elements are weaved into the new website. Fast load times – We ensure that your website loads in 4-6 seconds as any slower than that leads to customer drop-offs.

Mobile Compatibility – We ensure that your website looks and behaves fantastically on mobile screens too. Easy to read: We advocate easy-to-read fonts and placements so that your website is easy to read and navigate.

Why shouldn’t I try free website design tools like Wix, WordPress?

You should absolutely try these tools. You will realise that you will have to design your website based on the templates provided by these tools. That means you cannot develop a website according to your brand. Our expert team of website designers at GBIM can easily customise every single aspect of a website template of your choice. Our team is also equipped to create a brand new design from the ground up also. But our teams focus not only on design but also ensure that the website architecture meets the technical requirements of being accepted by leading search engines. It is difficult to ensure those technical requirements when you are using free tools. Working with professional website designers ensure that you have a totally unique and technically sound website.

Website Design Tools Wix, WordPress


What to expect from an Website Designing agency

Can you write content for my website?

Absolutely. GBIM has a team of passionate SEO writers who specialise in writing content that is engaging for your customer and at the same time great for being picked up by leading search engines.

What about the maintenance of my website?

Leave that to us. GBIM offers website maintenance services at economical rates. Our customer service is responsive and one f the best in the industry. With GBIM, you can be assured that your website will always be up ad running.

Can you offer me a complete website design package?

We would love to. Once you entrust GBIM with developing your website. You can breathe easy as we will take care of your domain name booking, hosting booking, actual website UI/UX design, testing and website maintenance. You can focus n other business areas while we hade your website process end-to-end.

How long will you take to design my website?

It varies greatly with clients. A custom microsite can take as little as four weeks and a large, complex B2B website can take three months. The timeframe for implementation varies on complexity and the number of web pages and blog posts.

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