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    What Is Google Adwords PPC?

    Google PPC Ads is an online advertising platform curated by Google allowing advertisers to advertise their products & services over Google & Google Partnered Websites. Based On The PPC Advertising Model, Advertisers bid on keywords needed for their ads and pay Google only when a user clicks on their ad.

    Although the PPC AdWords process sounds simple, it can be complicated when not managed and used correctly. Your Google Ads Campaign Success depends on multiple factors such as bidding on the correct keywords, targeting the right Google Ads channel and much more. 

    Partnering Up With A Google Ads Certified Agency helps you skyrocket your Google Ads campaign and gain higher ROIs. GBIM Technologies is your go-to Digital Marketing Agency for curating high-end, performance & result driven Google PPC Ads campaigns.

    With us as your Google Ads agency, expect:

    1. Increase Website/App Traffic & Build A Powerful Brand
    2. Powerful PPC Results & Consistent Ads Campaign Monitoring and Reporting
    3. 100%  Work Transparency, Honest and Open Communication & Ethical Working
    4. All Google PPC Campaigns Are Managed By Our Dynamic Team Of Highly Experienced & Skillful Google PPC Experts Who Are At Your Service 24/7.

    Google Ads Services

    Google holds 73.34% of the search engine market share in the world. If your business doesn’t show up in the Google Search Network, then it’s pretty much sure that you are missing out on business opportunities.

    Your business can show up by way of textual ads placed on the Search Engine Result Pages whenever a user searches for a keyword associated with your business. The second way is through video ads placed before, during, or after Youtube videos. The last option is through targeting those users who have visited your website but haven’t made purchase conversion with the desired transaction, also called ReMarketing.

    81% of users search online before making a purchase. With such a high conversion ratio, it is not surprising that there’s intense competition to get featured right on top of the search results. GBIM has 15 years of experience working with Google Ads. With GBIM, you can get assured that your business ads will not only rank high but also will be discovered by the right customers time and again.

    GBIM Technologies is a Google Certified PPC Adwords Agency. When you choose us as your

    Google Ads PPC Agency, we help you:

    1. Ace Your Google Ads Campaigns
    2. Ensure Originality & Creativity In Your Google PPC Online Campaigns
    3. Smooth & Thorough Campaign Monitoring & Reporting
    4. Performance Driven & Guaranteed Results

    This Is How We Help:

    1. We Perfect Your Google Ads Message, Curate Unique & Creative Google Ads, Optimise The Timing & Targeting Of Ad Placements
    2. We Have Developed A Full Proof System Of Tracking & Monitoring Keyword Performance,  Ad Groups, And Landing Pages
    3. We Perform Constant & Consistent Testing Aiming To Improve Campaign Performances Based On The Data Received By Analytics.

    Our 5 Step Google PPC Campaign Management Includes:

    1 We Ensure To Follow The Best Practices For Your PPC Adwords Campaign Structure And Checking And Revising It Consistently.

    2  Managing & Designing Your Campaign Budgets & Bid Audits

    3.We Follow A Detailed Process Of Keyword Refreshing & Analysis

    4.We Examine & Optimize Your Landing Pages, Ad Extension & Ad Copies Regularly.

    5.Evaluating & Refining Your Audience Targeting For Displaying Ads Only To Your Ideal Audience, Thereby Increasing CTRs.

    We have a firm grip not only on how to craft engaging ads but also understand how to make the most of YouTube Ads, Display Ads, ReMarketing types of ads. Paid Google campaigns are our forte.

    The Best Google Ads Services Plans

    The Google Display Network is a network of websites, applications and videos that reaches almost 90% of internet users.

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    Google Ads Remarketing is a game changer for online advertisers. It is a technique offered by Google which allows you to display your ads..

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    Every second 63,000 people across the world are doing a google search. Thats the number of people who are active on Google every second.

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    Youtube is the second most popular website in the world. In fact, did you know that Youtube is a search engine itself. Nearly 300 hours..

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    Why Prefer GBIM Technologies As Your Google Ads Buddy?


    Experience that matters
    Digital service providers since 2005,Our 15+ Years of Experience Has Made Us Experts At Everything Digital.


    In-house expertise
    All digital expertise under one roof. Our Dynamic Team Of Google Ads Expert Who Strive To Design The Perfect PPC Adwords Campaigns For Our Clients & Are At Your Service 24/7


    Leadership vision
    Our CEOs Are Digital Marketing Experts Themselves And Work Closely With All Our Clients.


    Open working style
    100% transparent transactions and genuine suggestions, We Update & Grow Continuously To Provide Our Clients With The Latest & Advanced Google PPC Campaigns.


    Results that speak
    More than 100 result-driven success stories

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    Have a look at our outstanding work process and get a factual evidence from our valued customers. We present you our 'CASE STUDIES'....

    General Questions by Clients

    Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

    How do you ensure that my Google campaign stands out from the competition?

    ‘Keywords’ are the essence of any highly successful paid advertisement on Google. Your ads will be triggered in front of the right audience only when they are associated with the right keywords. GBIM has perfected a proprietary system of researching and arriving at the most appropriate keywords giving an edge to your campaigns. Due to our in-depth understanding of Google’s algorithms, we also know the best bidding strategies that assure that you get the best keywords and hence a successful campaign.

    How to choose whether to go for Search, Youtube, Display, or ReMarketing?

    Each of the search methods in the Google Search Network is useful for a different stage in the sales cycle. Search is beneficial if you wish your business to found on Google search engine result pages. YouTube serves video ads that are more powerful because of the audio-video message. Display network ads can be used right at the top of the funnel as an awareness tool. Lastly, ReMarketing is a powerful tool when customers have interacted with your app/website but have not converted. These ads act as a reminder to users to go back and finish the transaction.

    Should I advertise on Google or Social Media?

    Both Google and Social Media complement each other, so advertising on both is an absolute must. Google Search and Social Media may form different entry points for your customer in your sales funnel. For example, a person may enter the funnel through a google search, while others may start their interaction by clicking on a video ad during a YouTube video. A perfect media plan will have an intelligent mix of both. The GBIM team can help create a perfect online advertising mix using the best of both.



    What to expect from an Google Ads agency

    What Is A Google PPC Agency?

    A Google PPC Agency specialises in planning, developing and implementing Google Ads Campaigns across Google Partnered Website, social media sites, apps & Google Search engine. They not only design ads but also track, monitor and review ad campaigns, manage their client’s Google PPC online budgets and help them optimize their Google PPC online campaigns to the fullest.

    How Long, Does It Take For Google PPC Campaigns To Work?

    The magic with paid ads is that unlike SEO, you can see immediate results. You come to know whether your ad works or not quickly depending on the metrics you have set for your campaign. You can generate daily, weekly and even monthly results.

    What Are The Characteristics Of A Perfect Google Adwords PPC Agency?

    A Perfect Google Adwords Agency :

    1. Has Excellent Digital Expertise
    2. Provides Guaranteed Results
    3. Excellent Track Record
    4. Mobile-Friendliness
    5. Continuous Campaign Monitoring Reporting & Analysis
    Is there an alternative to Marketing on Google?

    There are other search networks like Yahoo and Bing. However, even when put together, both have approximately 25% of the market share. While Google alone owns 75% of the search engine market. So the answer is no, you cannot skip advertising on Google search network.

    How much does it cost to run a paid campaign on Google?

    It depends on factors like the duration of the campaign, the type of campaign, the width of the target audience, the intensity of the ads, and the desired geographical reach. The GBIM team can help you to craft a unique advertising strategy best suited to your budget.

    How long before I start seeing results on my campaign?

    It depends on the campaign goal and the type of campaign chosen. If all Google algorithm parameters are met, the ads begin to serve immediately. It may result in immediate reach, while campaigns aimed at a specific transaction may take time.

    Is organic marketing sufficient for my business?

    Organic marketing helps set the tone for your business. It helps your business get discovered over some time. However, Google Ads is more goal-oriented, like generating awareness, app downloads, sales conversions, etc. It can also be used to create awareness about your business in a short time. So the answer is that organic and paid marketing both go hand-in-hand.”