Instituted in 2005, we stand out in the crowd, and we’ve set a benchmark in the digital industry. Being situated in the heart city, Mumbai
PPC Outsourcing
Whether you are an advertising agency looking to expand your limited services to include PPC management or a small business that wants to intensify online presence without investing much effort then PPC Outsourcing is for you. When you task a specialised Agency to offer PPC Management services to you or to your client on your behalf then it is called PPC Outsourcing. It is also called as White Label Outsourcing, because agencies offer these services to your clients under your brand name. GBIM offers PPC Outsourcing services to more than 75 satisfied clients from across the world. You gain instant access to our more than 19+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. GBIM is a Google Certified Partner with access to the best bidding strategies, AI and ML tools that help us provide you with winning PPC campaigns across Search, Display, Video, Sequential and ReMarketing. As your PPC Outsourcing partner, we consider ourselves as an extension of your marketing team and work towards achieving your marketing goals with our expertise and unmatched service commitments. GBIM helps you with outsourced PPC Management services which are cutting edge as well as scalable.
Why Prefer GBIM As Your SEO Outsourcing Buddy
Why Prefer GBIM As Your PPC Outsourcing Buddy
  • Proven methodologies We combine proven methods with innovative ideas to provide a high yielding campaign every time.
  • Google Certified PPC experts All our team members are Google PPC Certified
  • Cost Effective Solutions Our expertise lies in providing a solution which is well within your planned budget
  • Scalability GBIM offers flexibility and scalability within a short period of time to best suit your business requirements
  • White label outsourcing GBIM has consistently provided white label outsourcing to leading agencies from across the world.
General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us and why you should outsource digital marketing solutions from us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services?
Outsourcing your Digital Marketing Services to a white label outsourcing agency makes great business sense.
  • 1
    Cost savings — Outsourcing digital marketing services which you do not provide can be more economical than hiring a full team dedicated to that function.
  • 2
    Saving time — By letting experts handle digital marketing functions, you and your team can spend more time on business development and the stuff you’re good at.
  • 3
    Fill in the gaps — By outsourcing, you can fill in the expertise gaps of your agency. We can provide services that you already don’t.
  • 4
    Innovation — An agency is always updated with the latest trends in digital marketing areas like PPC, SEO etc. This ensures that your clients get nothing but the best service.
How Does Outsourcing To GBIM Work?
  • Getting onboard – Tell us what services you would like us to provide and we will get back with a quote. Upon finalising of cost we officially become your white label service provider.
  • Client brief – The GBIM team will understand all your client requirements either from you or interact with your client with your permission and first hand understand their key requirements.
  • Services delivered – The expert team at GBIM gets to work and handles all the work using our 19+ years of expertise. Your team is kept in the loop with key developments.
  • Reporting and Analysis – GBIM generates analytics report with your brand name to be provided to the client.
  • Customer Support – The GBIM team is available 24x7x365 for any tech support for your clients and will interact as a member of your teams.

What Is The Right Time To Outsource My Digital Marketing Efforts?

Your business will tell you when its time to outsource some of your digital marketing areas.


Employee Clues

You and your team are unable to find sufficient time to perform the new marketing function after handling your core responsibilities.


Client Queries

When your clients are happy with you, they will want to entrust more work to you and start asking if you can provide them additional services. It is the right time to look out for an outsourcing partner like GBIM at this stage.


Your Competition

If your key competitors are providing certain services which you are not and you don’t have sufficient time to scale up, then outsourcing will help you quickly fill the gap and offer that service.


Your Business

If you have set greater revenue targets then it maybe a good idea to offer outsourced service to your clients as it will require minimum time to start generating this revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is White Label Outsourcing?
When you source PPC Outsourcing services from an Agency and provide them to your clients under your own brand name, it is called White label outsourcing.
What is the difference between Outsourcing and Offshoring?
Outsourcing is getting worked from outside your organisation. Offshoring means getting it done from outside your country. Outsourcing can be Offshoring but not vice versa.
What are the services offered in a PPC Outsourcing package?
PPC Outsourcing packages generally include search engine advertising, Google shopping ads, Remarketing ads, Video and Display ads, Mobile ads, landing pages creations, analytics, etc.
Why is PPC important in the marketing effort?
PPC or pay-per-click advertising helps your business gain higher visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing. Research has shown that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors.