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Web Design Services

We create visually stunning websites with our expert team of designers that engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.

The bagging experience of around one decade, GBIM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has lifted up itself as a proficient web marketing service provider. The company came into being in the year of 2005, with two extremely dedicated and ‘workaholic’ persons – Nirlep and Dharmesh. From a mere startup, we have now become one of the most trusted web marketing service providers in India.

With our extreme dedication over the years, we at GBIM have earned the reputation of being one among the best Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai.

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Responsive Design

Technology moves in mysterious ways, and so too do your audience. On-the-go engagement isn’t going anywhere, so let them take your website with them. Consumers are tech savvy. Mobile devices have overtaken desktop as the preferred tool to explore online, and website design needs to either adapt or die.

We chose to adapt.

Our websites work intuitively across any device. With a barrage of technological options available, we design the same website multiple times to ensure it works perfectly across any mobile device.

We recently re-designed Expert Aesthetics.
It’s in a pocket near you.


Corporate Websites

A corporate website directly communicates your culture and values to your audience. An extension of corporate identity, we help you put your best face forward.

Think of your website as the online face of your company: it reflects brand, ethos and values, just like your marketing – except its interactive. If your website is clunky and hard to navigate, it sends the message that your company also holds those characteristics. We’ve helped makeover big businesses to ensure their online presence is a true reflection of their identity.

Let us help yours, too.

See what we did for Udeyraj Electricals Pvt. Ltd.


Some of our clients like to sell things online. We’ve helped them increase their sales through keen data analysis and skilful re-design. Sound sexy? It is. You’d be amazed by what we can tell you about your client’s behaviour online.

You’ll be even more impressed when we show you how to increase their spend and conversion through a few design tweaks. We know where – and how – to look for consumer trends and deal breakers online to change an Abandoned Cart to a Payment Confirmation.

If you’ve got the goods, we’ve got the know-how.

Check out our recent collaboration with iconic Mumbai’s Kidswear label, Pink Chick


Education & Government

Over the years, we’ve built a range of functional online tools for both government and educational institutions that facilitate online communication. Since the dawn of the age of Enlightenment, technology has helped bridge the gap between government, education and the masses.

We recently build an Online platform for NATIONAL AVIATOR’S GUILD and Education Site for Mumbai Music Institute.


Our portfolio includes the Chairside and HDR Impex. We love working with both, but it’s the Chairside gets get us thinking outside-the-box on game-changing ideas. Have you got a big idea you know will change your industry online?

We’ve worked with a slew of startups who come to us with a vague idea and leave with a fully-functioning, integrated website that reimagines their niche.

Our team has extensive experience working with start ups from conception to birth, guiding entrepreneurs every step of the way. Ready to launch?

Take a look at our latest start up project, Chairside.


Content Management System (CMS)

Our website’s are custom designed and developed around a user-friendly CMS, which means you have control over the essential aspects of your online space.

There’s a range of open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) available that give you the ability to regularly and easily update your website content without the need to understand a single line of code.

From WordPress and its e-commerce plugin Woocommerce to Prestashop and Magento, it’s easy to find a platform that best suits your project’s needs.

Their simple, user-friendly interface combined with powerful functionality means there’s a CMS waiting to operate any project.

Sit down with our team and find out which one is right for you.

Sound too good to be true? The future is now.
Let us show you what we can do for you.

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