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Start Reaching A Global Audience With International SEO

International SEO Services

How about reaching out to an international audience and then expand your business’s web presence? Doesn’t it sound amazing? An effective international SEO process can help you out to achieve this by offering a scalable as well as cost-effective means to grow and grasp your chosen foreign target market.

Established in 2005, GBIM Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Digital Marketing and international SEO service providers based in Mumbai. With more than 18+ years of experience in the field, we offer the most effective way to generate leads and boost sales across the world.

Our well trained, talented, skilled professionals are efficient enough to develop the best online marketing strategy in different languages that will be perfectly suitable for the slangs of different areas. We are also specialized to work with you on localizing your website so the native customers can successfully engage with the brand and their natural behavior in online habit and language as well.

Furthermore, our international network of country account managers and the native SEO specialists are dedicated to crafting territory-specific SEO strategies that customized with our approach. As a result, it helps our clients to benefit from having a single agency that will offer them a multi-market agency approach as they are working with some of the location agencies in different countries.

Our Unique approach

GBIM possess an experienced team to deal with technical, link acquisition, and content specialists, and they clearly understand what will work well in the UK, the US, and other parts of the world. With this marketing team of experts, we also do some research and understand the international SEO strategy from the perspective of your business.

Furthermore, our in-house team has a wealth of experience in the domain launches, org restructures, and market entry that will affect the market priorities and challenges that will come from attempting to rank high in different markets. Account managers would identify the bespoke strategy for you, and they will also ensure the desired market and advise on the current day’s competition of SERPs in your business market. Along without native specialists, we also have an array of native SEOs, translation partners, and content specialists who can manage the right relationship with our clients.

International SEO company
Gobal SEO

Our analysis over the global search

Though the website from some market of the country can technically speak, rank overseas, etc., when it comes to the relevance of the website to the international market, it will be a question. Your site will indeed struggle internationally to rank in the Google search when there is no precise targeting for any other region. With our team of international SEO professionals, we can work to show the value and relevance of your website more when compared to your competitors. It means giving apt signals that need to recognize your website and targets that country of your searchers.

Google is not only the search engine to consider in international SEO, but it also retains the majority search market shares in several countries like the US, the UK, India, Australia, Europe, etc. Understanding all these, we keep all the factors in mind and work to bring out the best with our intense efforts.
Areas we focus

Areas we focus

  • International audience analysis
  • Technical SEO audit and solution support
  • Geo-targeting audit and set-up
  • International website structuring and planning
  • On-page optimization
  • Content marketing and International outreach
  • Off-page link audit and link earning
  • Multilingual keyword research

Thus, when you aim to reach globally and invite a global audience for your business, we are always ready to help you with perfect strategies and help in achieving the goals. Just feel free to contact us through call or mail, and we will reach you shortly to discuss the further aspects of the international SEO services. ”

Global SEO Services

Our International SEO Strategies Includes

Competition Research
We take time and research the competitors and the digital techniques they employ so that we can create an efficient strategy for your website.
Content Strategy
We follow unique strategies and produce creative content to satisfy the needs of your audience and rank your website.
Data Analysis
A steady and periodic data analysis is more significant when you need to establish the right strategy to get successful, and we follow it.
International Keyword Research
Keywords are essential for the ranking, and we make keywords from the different perspectives of the global audience.
Multilingual implementation
When you need to have an audience from different geographical areas, the language will be the barrier. We work to gain people from different language backgrounds.
Off-page Plan
We work on different off-page plans and bring out the best one that will be helpful for your business.
Reporting and Strategy
We are more specific about the periodic reports and the strategy we follow.
Technical Analysis
Our technical team is ready to work on different technical factors on the website to rank the site.
Website Structure Planning and Implementation
Different countries require different URL structures, and we are efficient enough to create them.

Why Prefer GBIM As Your International SEO Buddy

International SEO experts

GBIM has international SEO experts who are efficient enough to analyze the website for search engine users from different countries and ensure maximum exposure across the world and offer the best ranking results.

International SEO solutions

We have dedicated account managers who can assist you in developing, implementing, and managing the overall international SEO solutions with more care.

Leading SEO professionals

Our passionate team incorporates the leading SEO professionals who are delivering the best results for our clients for years.

International SEO solutions

So, we could offer custom made international SEO solutions for our clients.

search engine marketing programs

We possess profound knowledge in international SEO, and this will seamlessly integrate with existing search engine marketing programs.

Implementing the strategy

GBIM do not stop with implementing the strategy but believe in following and producing the report periodically and make necessary changes for the betterment of the service.

General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
What is International SEO?
International SEO is the collection of all the activities that aim to improve the website’s organic search presence in more than one language or country. It incorporates, but it will not limit any technical SEO changes that will indicate particular language and country targeting preferences, multilingual link building, and content localization.

International SEO becomes more important when you aim to invite visitors from different countries all over the world to your website. It will build the brand reputation in the international market. In simple words, it is the process where your website gets optimized for your global audience.

We understand the importance of your business goals, and we create some opportunities to reach your end customers all around the world with your strategies. With our skilled professionals on board, we promise that we will deliver top-notch international SEO results for our clients. Our team takes initiatives to improve the overall SERP ranking of the website to reach users all over the world.

International SEO Consultant
International SEO
How is international SEO implemented?
The needs and goals of every business will differ from one another. However, when technically considering the SEO implementation, we follow 5 steps to implement international SEO for your business.

  • We estimate the SEO potential in the targeted countries: We evaluate the international SEO potential by analyzing the rank of the website in different countries. We also work on monthly traffic and analyze the local competitors.
  • Competitive landscape: We work to know about the competitors in the local area and their digital presence. It helps us to know about what your audience is expecting from the local area. And based on their response, we implement several strategies to bring out the best results. Our creative team is efficient enough to work in different areas and bring the right SEO strategy that will suit your business.
  • We work on keywords: We work on the different keywords and follow the right way to implement them in such a way how your targeted audience might reach you. We produce the right content incorporating the right keywords that will help in gaining the attention of the people in the local region.
  • Localize the brand: Localizing the brand is more important for gaining the attention of the people in the local area. Further, we will also work on translation, localization of technical sheets, terms of use, banner, and other content.
  • Work on technical aspects: We work on further technical aspects, like choosing the right structure for the website, deciding on the location of the server, ensuring the correct hreflang implementation.

When all the process gets over, we launch the plan and monitor the working of it regularly. Our intense research and ability to track the SEO will help us to produce the right reports and further changes if any.

How do you do Multilingual SEO?
  • We start with keywords: We make some research and identify the keywords in different locations and languages. We extend our analysis to the audience in the region to know about their interest in similar kinds of business. We translate the words based on the colloquial or slang that people use in that region.
  • We work and make sure of the Google crawl on each language version: Google needs to index it to rank your multilingual WordPress site. We ensure this and work further to make the search engine accept it if it does not do it naturally.
  • We choose the right URL structure based on the language: Though the search engine is flexible with the URLs structure, Google has some tips for choosing the right one. We work here with the technical aspect and bring the correct URL structure for the different languages.
  • We add hreflang attribute: People will search you only in their language, but this will help Google to know your primary language for all the contents.
  • We create a multilingual XML site map: An XML sitemap is like a map for all your content present in the site. It might not be necessary in the case of a single language. When it comes to multi-languages, this is the best SEO principle to enhance it.
  • We configure titles and Meta-information for different languages: Title and Meta description is more important to enhance organic SEO results. We focus and handle with the right words to increase the click-through rates in the search result pages.
  • We use the international targeting report in the Google search console: It is an important SEO tool that helps with Google Analytics and manages the overall appearance of the Google search. We make use of some international targeting report tools that help for multilingual SEO.
Multilingual SEO

What to expect from an SEO agency

How do I target my country specific traffic?
  • Domain name extension: It is always necessary to choose the right domain extension like .com, .org, that gain high ranking. You need to analyze what is being highly popular domain types among your audience and buy the right one.
  • Web hosting server location: If you are targeting a particular country, you need to choose the website based on US clients. Some factors like CDN will help in enhancing the speed in different countries. So, make a note on it and choose the right server.
  • Backlinks: Focus more on the backlinks and use the right content with keywords that will work well for your targeted audience.
  • Submit a website in the local search engine directories: when you need to gain more country based traffic, you can submit a site to target the country-specific audience. It helps you to attract more website traffic.
How to implement international SEO?
There are some steps in the process of implementing international SEO services.

  • Step 1: You need to determine what your content will provide. You need to customize the content based on the location, people, and language you need to establish the international SEO.
  • Step 2: You need to have some SEO-friendly URL structure as it is more significant in this area. It helps to figure the page to show how the number of different searches took place in different countries and locations. Further, you can also add the subdirectories’ as well.
  • Step 3: As it is international SEO, different people will search you in a different language and slang. So, it is necessary to use Hreflang, and this will show the right results based on the queries.
How do SEO work in multiple countries?
When your business invites from different parts of the world, then you need to go with international SEO services. Here, your website and the business will be visible for the people who are looking for your service globally. In this case, you make research on the keywords used by people in different parts of the world. Further, you should follow the right website structure in different countries and handle the right content that matches the needs of the people in their local language. There are lots of efforts and the requirements of the technical aspects behind the international SEO services. Follow each of them appropriately and establish your business among the global audience.
How do I promote my website internationally?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the best way to reach the audience digitally. When you are looking for an international reach, you need to opt for international SEO services. This technique will follow some standards of URLs, contents in several different languages, backlinks, etc.

So, the site will appear in the search results of people all over the world. Based on several other internal strategies, you can further promote your website and increase the rate of conversion. Thus, international SEO service is an enormous process, and we are involved in it and work more carefully on the entire process to establish the marketing goals.

How do you target an international audience?
  • Slang of different people changes from one to the other, so we analyze the right keyword and handle the keywords most appropriate to achieve the desired results.
  • We follow language targeting and create unique ways to grab the attention of people in different locations. Further, we also practice a technique called “hreflang” to connect to all the searches in different locations and enhance SEO.
  • We never involve in machine translations; it offers poor results. We work manually in different areas with some unique strategies.
  • Several URLs will work well for different counties. So, we follow the different URL structure for the audience in different countries.
  • Like people, the website also has its own culture in different countries. Understanding this, we follow different cultures for your site as well.
What is the cost of your international SEO Services?
Generally, the cost of international SEO services will be based on various aspects. It can be fixed only when we discuss the requirements of international SEO services. However, some common factors that will determine the cost of the service would be as follows.

  • Nature of the business
  • Number of countries you are targeting
  • Number of languages we need to focus

Along with these, some specific needs of the business also will be added. Based on the quote, you can choose monthly, yearly, or some customized packages for international SEO services.

What are the signals that help Google see that your site is targeting a specific country?
  • There are different ccTLD, and you need to use it based on the country. So, Google will get it from the ccTLD.
  • Some extensions of the website like .com, .org, .net will be unique for the country. So, based on the domain extension, Google can make out the right country and offer details for the people of a specific region.
  • Generally, subfolders of the website will have the name of the country, and this will directly determine it.
  • The country’s language will be in the hreflang directive in the header, and this will also help Google to determine the country.