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Seo Consulting Services

GBIM started as an SEO company, Our roots lie in the SEO world and nobody understands the Importance and Impact of SEO better than us. Our dynamic team of SEO consultants aims to thoroughly inspect the potential of e-commerce websites, Social Media Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs, Homepages, etc. and the kind of impact it has over Search Engine Results.

Every website aims to rule the SERPs and want to have the best possible SEO techniques and services to ace the Search engine results. For doing so, websites sometimes overuse or use the wrong techniques for acing SEO, harming their SERP rankings. Our team of SEO experts focus on SEO techniques and services well-suited for your website. Every website or webpage, depending upon its nature, requires various SEO tools and services. Our Understanding of providing customised and website-specific SEO Services is what makes us stand out from the crowd!

Our Area Of Expertise

Our SEO Consultants are all-rounders having a vast area of expertise. Being a 15+ year old company, we have invested in
through professional SEO Consultants whom we call as The SEO Wizards.

Our Area Of Expertise Lies In

The list is infinite!

Our Area Of Expertise

Our SEO plans are created keeping in mind the needs and wants of different industries and are industry-specific and location-specific too. Take A look at our mix up of SEO plans:

E-commerce SEO Plan

Designed for E-commerce websites, the various SEO tools and strategies contained in the said plan will help your E-commerce website boom in the SEO world. Whether you are an old, new or an upcoming E-commerce website, Our E-commerce SEO plan will suit your needs, goals and wants. Click Here for Plan Insight

Enterprise SEO Plan

You cannot have only traditional SEO methods while working with large enterprises. It is why we have created Enterprise-Specific SEO Plans for large enterprises wanting to improve their rankings and Internet Appearance. We are proud to offer top-notch services to top enterprise and companies locally and nationally. Our holistic approach towards Enterprise SEO is proven to give higher conversion rates, stronger digital appearances and higher ranking rates as well is what makes us different from other SEO companies. Click Here for an Insight on Our Enterprise SEO Plans

International SEO Plans

GBIM has created a strong digital presence in countries like Australia, Singapore, USA And the Middle East. A global company or any company wanting to create a global footprint must have a strong digital presence. Our International SEO Plan promises to develop the correct SEO essence needed by your website for an International Exposure. Our bespoke international SEO strategies promise to create a strong global digital presence for your company. Our Strategies Involve MultiLingual Keyword Research, International Audience Analysis, Geo-Targeting audit and set up and much more. Click Here For an insight On our International SEO Plans

Local SEO Plans

We understand the importance and impact of Local SEO on local businesses, Our local SEO plans are created tailor-made for a local business like:

    Hotels & Restaurants (Click Here to know more)

    Salons & Spas (Click Here to know more)

    Doctors & Clinics (Click Here to know more)

    Educational Institutions (Click Here to know more)

    Fitness Centres (Click Here to know more)

  and Many More..

  All our bespoke local SEO strategies are business-specific, guaranteeing increased conversion rates and higher visibility. Click Here For An Insight On Our Local SEO Plans.

Mobile SEO Plans

Today, Mobile SEO has become a separate field in the SEO world. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs have gained prominence and need a specific set of SEO strategies and tools. Websites must be Mobile Responsive and Friendly. Desktop and Mobile websites have different ways of ranking on search engines, making it crucial for websites to ace not only website rankings but also mobile rankings. Our distinct strategies like Goal Tracking, UI & UX design, Technical Analysis and may more guarantee high rankings and increased digital visibility for mobile interface websites.

Video SEO Plans

Our Unique Video SEO Plans promise to improve your Company’s digital presence over video Search Engines like Youtube, etc. We are Your One-stop destination for everything related to Video SEO. Unlike our competitors, GBIM has an in house team of skilled animators, videographers and producers for creating high quality and visually appealing videos. All your video-related work is done under one roof and promises to gain higher ROIs.

Our Unique SEO consultant strategies 

Our SEO strategies contain 6 essential elements:

  SEO Audit

  Keyword Research & Analysis

  Competitor Analysis

 On-Page and Off-Page Strategies

  Content Optimization

  Link Building Strategies

Our SEO Consultancy Process

We believe in following a simple process. All our SEO Consultants follow a tailormade SEO Process.

We follow the ADDI Method where:

A  Analyse

D  Design

D  Development

I  Implementation

Every project of ours goes through the
above stated 4- step process.

Our SEO consultants first perform a thorough analysis of the said project. They analyse the website architecture, strategies used, etc. After analysing we then move on to the Design stage where Our SEO consultants and the said clients together work on unique website designs. The development stage involves developing content for the said website and using various business or industry-specific SEO strategies other organic strategies as well as paid strategies; as per the client’s requirement. The implementation stage is where everything comes together and is put for display and tested for greatness.

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our SEO Consultancy Process.
General FAQS on SEO Consulting services

Why is it important to Hire An SEO consultant?

If you want to practice authentic organic SEO techniques and practises for your website then hiring an SEO consultant is a must. Hiring an SEO consultant saves your time as you no longer have to involve yourself in SEO related work. SEO consultants take care of all SEO related work of the websites. Hiring SEO consultants also produce better results for your website visibility, conversion rates extra and save your money and resources. SEO consultants know the right tools and techniques required for SEO optimization, saving your money and resources. You will rank better on search engine results and have an improved digital presence after hiring an SEO consultant.

What are the responsibilities of a Good SEO consultant?

The responsibilities of SEO consultants vary depending upon the type of clients and projects they handle. Typical Responsibilities of an SEO consultant include:

  Performing SEO Audits

  Performing Keyword Research and Analysis

  Content Creation and Analysation

 On-Page and Off-Page Strategies

  Tracking Reporting and Analysing Website Analytics, PPC campaigns and other organic campaigns

  Developing and Implementing Link Building Strategies

  Recommending changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors for improving SEO position for target keywords

What are the attributes of good SEO Consulting Services?

A good SEO Consulting Service has the following attributes:

  Professional Team

  Uses Fresh and Latest SEO Tools and Techniques

  Follows an Ethical Methodology

 Provides Honest and Realistic commitments

  Has Tailor-Made and Customized Billing Packages

  Is Flexible

  Planned And Regular Communication

What are the various SEO tools used by SEO Consulting Services?

Every Good SEO consulting Service will use the following tools for high SEO optimization:

  Keyword Tools like Aherfs, KWfinder, etc

  Google Search Console

  SEMRush: SEO Marketing Tool

  Free SEO Tools like SpyFu, Answer the Public, etc

  SEO Analyser Tools. Example: Siteline

  Developing and Implementing Link Building Strategies

   Recommending changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors for improving SEO position for target keywords

Every SEO consultancy Service uses these tools. They can either be free or paid.

What are the benefits of hiring SEO Consulting Services?

Hiring an SEO company can be beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, SEO services come with professional SEO tools guaranteed to improve your website rankings. These are professional services that know the workings of various SEO tools, analyse your website thoroughly, spend an infinite amount on themselves to make them SEO advanced. Further, SEO companies guarantee better tracking, analysation and reporting of websites saving your time and efficiency. They also build a strong network in the digital world and are cost-effective.

How much do SEO Consultants charge?

It depends on an SEO consultant’s experience, skills and area of expertise. And it also depends upon whether you are hiring an SEO Consultancy or Only an SEO consultant. Charges vary as per projects and requirements.

How long will it take to show results of an SEO consulting service?

SEO is a long term investment, do not expect quick results. It all depends on your time and investment and can take up to 6 to 12 months for actual results to surface.