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Boost Your PPC Ads Revenue With GBIM Technologies As Your PPC Company

    We Help You Pay Lesser And Increase Your Conversion Rates.

    Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is not only high revenue but also brand visibility generating digital marketing strategy. When you invest in PPC Advertising, it is simple, pay only when your ad gets clicked on!

    It is one of the favourite strategies apt, among several business owners.

    Although Google Ads dominate the PPC ADs world, other PPC channels such as social media advertising should not be ignored, as it is equally powerful and important.

    GBIM Technologies, a PPC Advertising Company In Mumbai, offers multiplatform PPC Ads Services And Management.

    We are a leading PPC Agency in Mumbai with a highly-skilled and experienced team of consultants offering path-breaking PPC Campaigns for our clients.

    We understand and analyse not only our client’s business goals & requirements but also the needs and goals of their target audience, building an audience for their business-specific PPC strategies.

    If You are looking for a PPC Company that is Client-Friendly, Budget-Friendly, and Strives to Deliver Performance-Centred Results, then GBIM Technologies is an ideal PPC Company for you!

    PPC Advertising At GBIM Technologies

    Our PPC advertising strategies are business specific and are customised for your business resonating with your target audience, business goals, and the essence of the products/services you sell. Our client-friendly nature, business oriented & budget-friendly PPC strategies are what make us one of the best PPC advertising companies in India.

    The recipe for an exemplary digital marketing strategy consists of an equal combination of Paid media strategies and Organic Strategies. Our PPC experts work together with our SEO team in order to design a mix of powerful PPS Campaigns and SEO campaigns. Although both the said campaigns do not have an impact on each other, both digital marketing strategies when combined, focus on boosting website ranks, increase brand awareness and ROIs

    Take a look at our PPC Advertising Services:

    Our PPC Advertising Services

    Google Advertising & Management

    Search Ads Display Ads

    Youtube Ads

    Remarketing Campaigns

    Our PPC Advertising Services

    Facebook Ads

    Instagram Ads

    LinkedIn Ads

    Twitter Ads

    Remarketing Advertising & Management

    How GBIM Technologies Works As A PPC Management Company

    At GBIM Technologies We Offer A Well-Structured, Systematic & Organised Approach When Working With PPC Advertising & Management. We provide every PPC Ads Service under one roof. From Your PPC Account Optimisation to your Landing Pages Optimisation, We aim at creating highly optimised, well-balanced, and powerful PPC Campaigns.

    We are one of the few PPC Advertising companies in Mumbai, giving equal importance to landing pages and understanding their impact on your PPC Campaigns.

    With us as your PPC Advertising Agency, you get a customer-oriented, performance-driven, landing page optimised and budget-friendly, high ROI driving PPC Ads Campaign.

    Have A Look At Our Vast PPC Advertising Services:

    Account Setup & Management

    Before starting your PPC Ads journey, our PPC consultants help you select the most-suitable PPC Channels for your business

    Be it Google Ads Or Social Media Channels like Facebook & Instagram, our PPC consultants set up your PPC Account, customise it as per your business goals, target audience, display timings, etc

    Top-Notch PPC Campaign Account Optimisation, Aiming At Fulfilling Your Target PPC Goals

    Competitor Analysis

    We Conduct A Thorough Market Analysis Of Your Target Area, Industry Type, Similar Product/Service Type

    Analysing Competitors Who Have Invested In PPC

    Examining & Understanding Their Strengths and Weaknesses, PPC Strategies Used, What Works For Them What Does Not

    Investigating Business-Specific Terms, Product/Service Trends and Values, Monthly Search Volumes And Other Crucial Market-Related Aspects

    Dedicated PPC Account Manager

    Every PPC Campaign Is Directed & Helmed By A Dedicated, Experienced And Responsible PPC Account Manager

    Client’s Centre Contact Point. Communicating All Campaign Related Workings, Updates, Changes & Plans To The Clients

    Your PPC Account Manager Works With You As A Team, Sharing Similar Business Goals & Values

    Advises & Guides You Throughout Your PPC Advertising Journey

    Helps You Pick The Correct PPC Channel, Build The Perfect Target Audience List And Optimise PPC Campaigns To The Fullest

    Highly Experienced In PPC Advertising & Management

    Customised Data-Driven Ads

    Performing A Detailed Keyword Research Aiming To Know The Specific Keywords Your Target Audience Uses When Searching For Your Products/Services, Or Similar Products/Services

    Data-Driven, Customised, Catchy Crisp-Yet Detailed Ad Copies, Enticing Online Users To Click On Them

    Continuous & Regular Ad Copies Testing For Churning Out The Perfect Ad Copies And Other Specific Creatives As Per Clients’ Business/Industry Type

    Analysing & Investigating Competitor Ad Copies Aiming To Create Unique, Never Seen Before Data-Driven Ad Copies

    PPC Campaigns Tracking, Reporting & Analysis

    We offer a systematic and organised PPC Campaign Tracking Reporting Analysis Approach

    Our PPC Consultants Focus On High Keyword Optimisation Via Monitoring Keyword Search Queries & Adjusting Keywords Continuously For The Keyword Bidding Process

    We Aim At Targeting Extremely Industry-Specific Keywords And Avoid The Use Of Negative Keywords

    We Conduct Regular, Consistent And Continuous Campaign Tracking And Analysis, And Track The Impact Of Every Campaign Elements Such As Leads, Calls, Sales

    We Strive To Know Whether Or Not Campaign Goals Are Achieved Via Tracking The Click Through Rates, Ad-Positions And Cost Per Clicks

    We Aim At Optimising The Revenues Collected For Each Campaign And Strive To Ensure That Our Clients Avoid Spending More Than The Calculated Desired Revenue

    Cross Channel PPC Advertising & Management

    We Offer Cross-Channel PPC Advertising & Management Services

    Our PPC Consultants Advice On A Cross-Channel PPC Approach Depending On The Client’s Business Goals, Industry & Ideal Audience Type

    Our PPC Advertising Campaigns Spread Across Several Social Media Platforms Such As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Etc

    We Sync All Your Cross Channel PPC Campaigns For High Optimisations And A Seamless Campaign Run

    Paid Search Advertising Campaigns & Management

    We Aim At Designing Well Coordinated Paid Search & SEO Campaigns, Boosting Your Overall Digital Presence

    We Incorporate Correct Business-Specific Keywords For Your Search Ads To Display As Soon As Users Enter The Said Keywords

    We Aim At Securing The Top SERP Spot By Designing Keyword Optimised Search & Display Campaigns On Google

    Landing Pages Optimisation

    We At GBIM Technologies Aim At Creating Not Only Optimised PPC Campaigns But Also Optimised Landing Pages, Attracting Users To Perform A Valuable Action ( Product Purchase, Subscription Fill-Up, Etc)

    Our PPC Consultants Believe That Landing Pages Are As Important As Ads In A PPC Campaign And An Important Element For Boosting Conversion Rates

    Our Dynamic PPC Team Designs Highly Visually-Appealing And Informative & Direct Landing Pages, Informing Visitors About The Desired Action To Be Performed

    Why Prefer GBIM Technologies As Your PPC Advertising & Management Buddy

    Experience that matters

    Our Experience Of 16+ Years In The Digital Marketing Industry Has Made Us Experts At PPC Advertising & Management

    In-House Expertise

    We Are A Full-Service Digital Marketing Company Offering All Digital Expertise Under One Roof. From Website & App Development, Digital Marketing Strategies To Brand Management We Offer It All

    Leadership vision

    The CEOs Of Our Company Are PPC Advertising Experts And Work Closely With All Our Clients, Helping Them Succeed in PPC Advertising

    Open working style

    Our Dynamic Team Of PPC Experts Is At Your Service 24/7, Working With You As A-Team. Our PPC Consultants Strive To Curate The Perfect PPC Advertising Campaigns For Your Business.

    Results that speak

    Over 100+ Result Driven Success Stories.

    General Questions by Clients

    Why Should I Partner Up With GBIM Technologies And Invest In PPC Advertising? With GBIM Technologies As Your PPC Ads Agency Expect

    Business-Specific PPC Advertising Strategies

    A Client-Friendly Company

    Our Dynamic Team Of PPC Consultants Promise To Deliver High ROIs, Performance Driven Results.

    A Google Partner Agency

    Our Pay Per Click Advertising Packages Include:

    Planning, Designing & Implementing PPC Ads

    Tracking, Monitoring & Analyses Of Your PPC Ad Campaigns

    Paid Search Campaigns

    Dedicated PPC Account Manager

    PPC-SEO Balanced Digital Marketing Plan

    Multi-Platform Pay Per Marketing Plans

    We help you build strong Pay Per Marketing campaigns that increase your ROI, Ideal Audience, & Brand Visibility.


    What To Expect From A PPC Agency?

    What Is A PPC Management Company?

    PPC Management refers to the process of managing and overseeing a company’s PPC Ad spend, campaign progress and conversion rates. PPC Management companies manage your ad budgets, advise you on how to spend your budget wisely and formulate strategies to minimise your overall ad expenditure.

    What Are The Services Offered By PPC Management Agencies?

    These are the various services offered by PPC Management companies:

    • Keyword Analysis
    • Campaign Monitoring
    • Monitoring the over ROI and using it as a guideline for dictating the amount paid and the scope of ad buys.
    • Competitor Analysis
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Inspecting search term reports closely to learn which queries and keywords are used often for focussing on targeted searches.
    Do I Need To Invest In A PPC Management Company?

    PPC Management companies have significant expertise in various PPC-related aspects and diverse industry-associated contacts and existing connections to established PPC advertising platforms.

    All companies using PPC advertising as their paid search strategy should invest in PPC management companies.

    Businesses that are new to online advertising lacking an in-house advertising team, small firms that lack the staffing and resources needed for PPC advertising must invest in a PPC Management Company.