• January 23, 2023

9 Myths About Ecommerce SEO And Why to Ignore Them

Perfection in the world of digital marketing is highly improbable. But it's also essential to strive for it. Even if you are a smart marketer, you may make terrible decisions at some points if the decision is based on misconceptions or assumptions. As SEO strategies are evolving all the time, it is highly important to develop strategies based on facts and not some myths that can lead to devastation. You should learn about these Ecommerce SEO myths to refrain from making costly mistakes.

⮚ Myth #1: You should target maximum customers irrespective of niche

eCommerce brands tend to believe that when the audience is small, the conversion rate will be smaller. But the inverse is the actual truth. If you maintain a specific approach to the niche potential clients, you will face fewer direct competitors to gain the attention of the audience. This will always aid in finding more relevant potential clients to increase lead generation. When you target a niche, you are not lowering the price of the products or offering any discounts. You are just approaching the correct audience and addressing them in the right way to gain maximum attention.

⮚ Myth #2: Quick results are possible

When an SEO marketer claims that the person can get you to the highest rank on the SERP within a week or two, don’t be too happy. For the professional can be a con- artist who is trying to make financial gains through misinformation. Even if the marketer manages to get you a high rank by utilizing the fresh crawlers, the rank will dip far behind once the deep crawlers detect the con. It is, therefore, crucial to research the agencies and the professionals before hiring the company for SEO.

⮚ Myth #3: Advertising and eCommerce marketing is identical

Now, this is a common misconception that can land you in trouble. eCommerce marketing will introduce a product or service in the market.
  • The process aims to educate the target audience about the product and its uses.
  • It's essential to identify the target customers first and then develop the marketing strategies.
  • Marketing aims to enhance the visibility of the brand.
But advertising is all about communicating positive messages about the product or service from the brand. It is one of the ways to implement marketing. Although it’s the most costly form of marketing, the impact is not always satisfactory.

⮚ Myth #4: Social media marketing is pointless for aged customers.

Many people believe that marketing a product, especially for an eCommerce platform, should consider the age of the target audience. But in the present context, when the internet has broken all barriers of time and distance, targeting audiences by age seems to be pointless. The social media platform is a space to interact with both the younger generation and the older adults. Even if they are not using social media regularly, older citizens are always trying to gather information from search engines to learn about products and brands. The top professionals will use Ecommerce SEO marketing tactics to reach out to these older generations too and broaden the potential customer base.

⮚ Myth #5. Quantity is more effective than quality

The next time someone says this, please remind the person that Google also highlights the quality of content instead of counting the number of posts on your site. The search engine crawlers will assess a few parameters like
  • Use of high-quality backlinks
  • Use of multiple bullet points
  • String use of keywords across the contents
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Use of headers like H1 and H2.
Also, ensure that the content is not a duplicate. Google can penalize you for duplicate content or poor-quality posts.

⮚ Myth #6: Frequent keyword use enhance content quality

Keywords are critical aspects of content. but that doesn’t indicate that you won't even think before using them in the content. Although it's vital to use the keyword across the content, ist also important to monitor whether you are overusing the keyword. Google always perceives such keyword stuffing as a manipulative and untrustworthy way to earn customers. So, while writing the content, you should use the keyword naturally without being obsessive about the number of times you are using the keywords.

⮚ Myth #7: Links are irrelevant

Earning the high- quality backlinks from credible sites is always impactful to strengthen the rank of your website on the SERP. These links act as trust signals. So, the domain authority of your website will be higher if you are gaining more backlinks. But you should also remember that the links should be of good- quality. Linking to low-grade sites will only lower the impression of the potential visitors about your website.

⮚ Myth #8: It is a one-time play

And this is yet again, another big myth that you might have been believing in, till now. eCommerce platforms can utilize SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your company on the SERPs. So, the initial target is to secure a high rank on the SERP to gain maximum visibility. Search engines keep on updating their algorithms regularly. You need to work with the top professionals who will make sure that you maintain the rank on the SERP consistently. The SEO process is not for one-time results. It should be consistent so that you keep on earning more and more revenue through the application of the changed tactics of SEO.

⮚ Myth #9: eCommerce SEO tactics aid in quick revenue generation

The application of Ecommerce SEO strategies will let people know about your existence. But it cannot inspire everyone to buy right from the launch of the website. And that’s where you will need the assistance of expert SEO professionals. You cannot just develop a website and let the related customers find you. You need to reach out to them. The customers are strangers who will know you through the website. Ensure that you are working with experienced professionals. Effective strategies for eCommerce site optimisation are mandatory to experience the intended effects of SEO. Spending more on advertising is unnecessary if you can utilize the strength of SEO.
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