What Is Brand Mantra? And Why Is It Important?

What Is Brand Mantra? And Why Is It Important? featured image
28 Feb 2013
Nirlep Patel
Branding Services

What Do You Mean By Brand Mantra?

Brand Mantra or Brand Essence is what emotionally connects your brand with audiences. A Driving message, brand mantra is a short sentence made up of 2-5 Words encapsulating your brand’s vision, outlook, and emotion. Developing A “Brand Mantra”, is an important step in the brand-building process.Let’s take a look at some famous brand mantras:

Nike: Authentic Athletic Performance

Disney: Fun Family Entertainment

BMW: Ultimate Driving Machine

So you see, a brand mantra describes the brand’s feeling, when the audience reads or hears it, an instant image is created in the audience’s mind. When you hear “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, most of you will picture a luxurious car filled with comfortable amenities and offering a crazy and comfortable driving experience.

That is what a brand mantra does. It evokes an emotion and brand imagination with your ideal audience.


What A Brand Mantra Is Not

A Brand Mantra Is Neither A Tagline Nor A SLOGAN!

People often confuse Brand Mantra with A Brand’s Slogan or Tagline.

Brand Mantra is an internal manifestation, like an internal resolution or “mantra” chanted by all your employees and you that connects you with your brand and helps you create better branding strategies.

Let’s retake Nike’s example.

Nike’s Brand Mantra= Authentic Athletic Performance


Nike’s Tagline = Just Do It.

See the difference?

Taglines usually aim to evoke an action from the audience.

Brand Mantra aims at evoking emotions within the audience.

Brand Mantra forms the very essence of your brand.


What’s Your Brand Mantra?

Creating a Brand Mantra can be an overwhelming process and can end up confusing you more than helping you!

Do not worry as the below-listed tips will help you discover your Brand Mantra

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Developing a brand mantra is not easy. It needs team effort, dedication and lots of brainstorming! You can start by sharing ideas, words, topics around which you want to develop your brand mantra.
It will help if you start by zeroing on the feeling that you want to evoke within the audience. Since it is a team effort, ask all your employees’ suggestions, be it your accounting team, HR department, or even your interns. The creative and marketing department takes the final decision, of course, but carrying out this little exercise will help you know what your employees also feel about your business. It can be an excellent team-building activity.

2. Organise Your Ideas & Discuss

Once you lock in a few ideas, it is time for you to start discussing it with your branding team and start further shortlisting the best Brand Mantras. You can choose your brand mantra from the shortlisted ideas by voting.

Remember to choose brand mantras that are inspirational and not just mirror your Brand Slogans or ad copies or just capture brand positioning. Brand Mantras are actually what you and your employees think and feel about your brand, that is communicated to your audience. Remember that when your audience reads your brand mantra, they will connect it with your feeling towards the brand, so make it Good.


3. Vote, Vote, Vote!

You can follow the below-listed criteria for voting: The most convenient way of selecting your brand mantra from the shortlisted brand mantras is voting.

  • Vote for a brand mantra that you feel is desirable by your brand’s community and target audience. Vote for a brand mantra that correctly delivers the brand’s essence to the audience is simple & easy to understand.
  • Vote for a unique brand mantra that differentiates you from your competitors and is catchy yet straightforward.

Confused About What Your Brand Mantra Should Feel Like? Or Don’t Have A Brand Mantra Just Yet? Don’t worry as we help you discover your Brand Mantra.

Our Branding Services help you decode your Brand Mantra.



1. Emotional Connection

What differentiates a brand mantra from Brand Message or Slogans is the emotional connection it aims at building with your audience. It is not only about forming an emotional connection with your audience, but your brand mantra also resonates your employees’ emotions towards your brand.

2. Reflects The Feeling Behind Your Products & Services

You want your brand to be associated with emotions so that every time your audience looks at your brand’s products/services, they feel the same emotions and become loyal consumers of your brand. Every time they see your products/services, but every time they feel a particular emotion associated with your brand, they think about your brand and rush to buy your products/services. Let’s take Disney’s brand mantra, Fun Family Entertainment.

When you read it, positive emotions are evoked within you, and you actually feel like visiting Disneyland with your family.

Similarly, every time you might feel low, you will tend to think of Disneyland as it is branded as the happiest place on Earth.

3. Helps You Solidify Your Brand Over Digital Platform

Brand Mantra, just like Brand Slogans, Logos, Messages etc. helps improve your brand positioning and make it stronger for digital platforms. Many brand owners do not feel the need of creating a brand as they undervalue its importance over digital platforms. This is untrue, as your brand mantra is depicted in every aspect of your digital performance. It is depicted by your digital marketing agency, your Customer-brand interactions, social media stories, etc.

It is an emotion that must be instilled within your ideal audience and forms the driving force of most of your digital marketing strategies. In fact, it helps you generate stronger digital marketing strategies.

Always follow a systematic and organized process that starts with discovery and continues with research – For developing a powerful brand mantra. Your brand mantra helps you take better decisions while creating various other brand elements such as your brand logo, mark, colors, etc.

It helps you to build a brand, creating value and influence with current and future customers.