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Brand Designing Services

Your potential or existing customers physically interact with your business through brand touchpoints like Brochure and Stationery. This interaction has the potential to create a positive image in the customer’s mind. If not done well, it can be a potential turn off.

Brand touchpoints cover several aspects. However, GBIM helps your business with perhaps the most important one – Brand Designing Services. It covers designing your company Logo, Brochure and Stationery. The logo is the visual representation of your brand and hence we at GBIM ensure that it is unique, memorable and helps define your brand visually.

We know that a brochure – whether digital or any other form is a powerful sales tool. Brochures narrate your sales pitch and convince your client long after your salesperson has left. That’s why brochures designed by GBIM brand designing team are simple, visually appealing and unique.

At GBIM, every single piece of stationery design is a fusion of a deep understanding of your brand, international design principles and our years of experience. All these elements put together ensure that your brand persona is conveyed through every physical interaction with your business.

The best Brand Designing Services Plans

A brochure is like a sales pitch on paper. It has the power to convert a prospect into a client.

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Corporate Identity
Your business stationery is an extension of your business’ identity. Think of the stationery as a smart.

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Why do you need a professionally designed logo you may ask when there are dozens of online tools which can help you design your logo in minutes?

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General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

Why do I need paid brand designing services when I can use readymade logos and design templates available online?

There are hundreds of free logo and design templates available online. Please bear in mind they are available to everybody who searches for them. You can face two problems if you use readymade designs. Firstly, any logo or design template that you use will always be at the risk of becoming common as other people can easily take that up and use it for their own purposes. It can be very embarrassing to find out that your logo or stationery is exactly the same as another company. It shows a lack of seriousness towards taking the effort to craft your own brand identity. Secondly, readymade designs may not correspond to your brand. It is very important that each of your design elements is on brand and conveys your brand persona and values. It is not possible in readymade templates. Professional Brand design services ensure that there’s consistency in your designs and they are truly unique and belong only to you.

Paid Brand Designing Services
Company Logo And Brochure Designs
What will happen to my existing company logo and brochure designs?

Companies refresh their brand collaterals from time to time. In fact, it is important to do so as it shows that our company is moving with the changing times. These visual cues serve as reminders of your refreshed brand values or your continued commitment to your goals. A study of consumer behaviour reveals that an abrupt change in the look and feel of your brand sends a wrong message. Consumers can possibly take it in the wrong sense too leading to loss of customers in the long run.

The GBIM design team undertakes a deep study of your existing brand collaterals before designing for you. We design your logo, brochure and stationery essentially so that the new collaterals look like a logical evolution of the existing ones. Changes made are in line with your brand philosophy and with a resemblance to existing ones. Its called the philosophy of ‘Comfortable Change’. We ensure that not only does your brand look new and refreshed but also there’s high customer acceptability for the same.

How does GBIM go about the brand designing process?

GBIM follows a standardised process to arrive at a customised solution for every client. Following the standardised process, we have a detailed client conversation followed by making the customer fill up a brief format which helps capture your brand values and philosophy accurately. This becomes the starting point for our creative team who use their experience, design principles, a deep competitive study to arrive at the first iteration of your logo. This logo design is backed with solid rational reasoning. After finalising the logo we create your stationery and brochure simultaneously. We offer completely technical consultancy like the quality of paper, size of brochure and stationery, kind of printing services that can go on them. We also provide reference images and illustrations that can be used. Finally, if you wish we also connect you with relevant vendors who can provide you can execute these collaterals.

Brand Designing Process


What to expect from a Brand Designing agency

How long does it take for creating a logo?

We generally provide the first cut of the logo after 15 days of the client brief. However, this timeline changes depending on client requirements and design complexities.

What will be the cost of creating a new logo, brochure and stationery?

It generally depends on the complexity of the project and the client brief. GBIM team ensures that we fit our services in your budget.

Why is design consistency important across logo and other collaterals?

The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding — whether via words, design, offerings or perspective. Your brand can build awareness, recall and develop trust and loyalty with customers through brand consistency.

How to know if your logo design is good?

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Is it easy to read and understand?
  • Does it stand out and catch your eye?
  • Does it tell your brand story?
  • Is it differentiated enough from your ‘competition’
  • Will it stand the test of time, and look just as fresh in several years?
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