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Pay Per Marketing ( PPC ) is a marketing channel where you pay for ads only when users click on them in the Google Search network or other Paid advertising channel.
It is a unique advertising platform where you can only generate high-quality & actual website traffic.

The Google Search Network offers a highly optimized PPC platform management where you can create brief advertisements, product listing & service offerings, video content, and mobile-app advertising displayed on Google Search and Google-Partnered Websites.

Google Adwords, also known as Google Ads, helps you increase website traffic, develop online sales, entice online users to perform said CTAs and create a loyal customer base.

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SEM Company In Bangalore

Bangalore is the cornerstone of the Indian IT industry. Today, there are unlimited businesses, be it SMEs, large scale enterprises, home-businesses, digital companies, etc. They are thriving in Bangalore and competing to be the best business in their industry. In the past few years, the rise of the digital world has seen people rely more on digital marketing campaigns or search engines like Google for knowing more about new, upcoming and existing products and services in the market.

Bangalore businesses need to have a robust digital presence and invest in PPC or SEM Companies to increase their digital footprint.
GBIM Technologies is a certified Google Partner Agency & A Google Adwords management company Creating Business SPecific PPC Campaigns Aiming At Boosting Conversion Rates. We offer a wide range of PPC services in Pune at affordable prices and tailor-made for your business.

Our Search engine marketing team works closely with all our clients, offering a robust management platform to create and manage mind-blowing paid search ads and generating increased profits.
We are considered to be one of the best PPC companies in Pune,
owing to our budget-friendly & business-specific performance-driven & result-oriented PPC campaigns.

Our PPC Services

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search marketing works on the PPC model, where advertisers pay for their ads whenever people click on their ads and visit the website. Google Adwords is one of the most popular and commonly used PPC platforms. Our PPC agency in Pune offers power-packed & performance-driven Paid Search Marketing Services like

  • Developing & Selecting strategies aiming at minimising your CPC and boosting conversions.
  • Consistent campaign monitoring, analysing aiming at maximising your PPC Campaigns.
  • Our PPC Strategies are focussed at increasing not only ad clicks,

but focus on valuable actions such as Product/Service purchases, subscription fill-ups, etc.

Remarketing PPC Campaigns

A significant PPC strategy, Remarketing refers to displaying ads to online users, previously interacted with your website.
Remarketing campaigns aim at maximizing valuable actions (product purchases, etc.) from previous website visitors or online users.
Our remarketing strategies are tailor-made for your business and promise to boost your conversion rates.

Our PPC experts create attention-grabbing ad copies, evoking a sense of urgency within customers attracting them to make instant purchases or other conversion-boosting practices.

Google Shopping Campaigns

A Significant part of the Google Adwords Platform, Google Shopping Campaigns forms a convenient and straightforward channel for promoting your products by displaying product-specific information before online users click on your ad.

It proves to be a great PPC service and can provide quality results. Adopting the said PPC strategy also gives you an edge over your competitors, as your products are highlighted at the top of the page, leading to optimised product visibility & ad clicks.

We assist you throughout your Google Shopping Campaigns.
We help set up your Google Adwords Shopping Campaigns for your E-commerce firms and help you optimize its provided features like using high-resolution product images, enticing ad copies, forcing online users to perform a purchase.

Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimisation

We are one of the few PPC companies in Bangalore, focussing on landing page & conversion rate optimisation.
We understand the importance of high-quality pages and their impact on conversion rates. Landing Pages are as important as your PPC ads.
Our dedicated team of PPC experts, including our content writers, graphic designers curated tailor-made landing page experiences for all your online visitors and guarantee conversion rate optimisation.

We religiously follow the A/B testing method for implementing the best headlines, ad copies etc., resulting in highly optimised landing pages & conversion rates.

Display Advertising

Display advertising services involve creating high-quality display ads for websites, apps, social media platforms implementing banners, flashy texts, audio, images, etc.
Display advertising aims to communicate brand or products/services message, information to online users.

collaborate with our graphic designer, content writers for developing and creating top-notch display ads that are enticing and include a clear CTA.
We ensure you do not overspend on display advertising and implement your display ads on websites preferred by your target audience.
With us, you get the best display ads focussing on optimised customer interactions & brand visibility.

Performance Driven Guaranteed Results

At GBIM technologies, we promise to deliver performance-driven & result oriented guaranteed results aimed at SEO maximisation.

Our SEO services help you optimise your search engine placements resulting in increased website traffic leading to positive ROI figures.

Paid Search Marketing With GBIM Technologies

Build A Strong PPC Foundation

We help you build a powerful paid search campaign foundation by conducting a thorough analysis of your business goals, ideal audience, products/services, values for a clear understanding of your business and designing PPC Campaign aligning with the same.

Our PPC Audits help us get to know you and your business better forming harmonious client-agency relations. 

Our PPC Audits help us construct and reinvent your PPC Campaign Goals, draft an ideal audience list and make your PPC marketing campaigns target and action specific.

Identify & Optimize New Opportunities

As mentioned above, our PPC Audits help us get to know you and your business better. When we know your business in & out,
we help you optimise opportunities, invest in PPC channels that you may have never used before.
We help you display your paid ads on digital platforms best attracting your ideal audience, increasing ad clicks, website traffic & online visibility

Restructure Current PPC Campaigns

What makes us the best PPC Company in Bangalore
is our ability to reconstruct, restructure,
and optimise your current/ongoing PPC campaigns.
Unlike other SEM companies in Pune,
we investigate our client’s past PPC campaign progress, current PPC campaigns, for creating a more powerful & impactful PPC Campaign consisting of several sub-campaigns.

We review your existing landing pages, account structure, selected paid marketing channels and platforms, and then curate plans to optimise them all and add more interesting elements for curating a one of a kind business-specific & ideal audience-oriented highly clickable Paid Media Campaign.

Profit-Oriented PPC Management

Another reason that makes us the best PPC Company in Bangalore is our profit-oriented approach. The paid search marketing campaigns that we create do not merely focus on increasing your ad click and website traffic but bringing profit on the table.
Profit is a significant metric accounting for both efficiency and sales volume, helping you analyse the complete potential of your PPC budget.

Credible & Influential PPC Team

We are proud to have a dynamic PPC consultant team in Pune who help you discover your Paid Search Marketing potential, delivering campaigns that optimise your business turning them into powerful brands over every digital platform.

Every client account has a dedicated & responsible PPC Analyst & Manager heading it, helping deliver real-time work deriving measurable results.

Every account goes through regular reporting, monitoring & tracking.

  • Work With ATransparent, Honest & Accountable PPC Agency In Bangalore

Our SEM Company in Bangalore aims to offer transparency, honesty & accountability for all our clients. We work with every client of ours for finding out the correct approach that works best for their business needs, goals, values offering a consistent PPC Marketing Drive, increasing their profits & revenue.

Why Prefer GBIM Technologies As Your PPC Agency Buddy?

Experience that matters

GBIM Technologies Is One Of The Fastest Growing SEM Agencies In Bangalore. We Have Been In The Digital Marketing Agency Since The Past 18+ Years, Constantly Evolving, Learning & Creating Path-Breaking Business-Specific PPC Strategies.

In-House Expertise

We Are A Full-Service SEM Company, Offering A Wide Range Of PPC Services In Bangalore. Our Highly-Skilled Team Of PPC Consultants Is At Your Beck & Call 24/7.

Leadership vision

The CEOs Of Our Company Are PPC Experts And Work Closely With All Our Clients.

Results that speak

We Offer Tailormade, Budget Friendly & Highly Optimised PPC Strategies Guarentiening Maximised Ad Clicks & High-Quality Website Traffic & Increased Website Visibility.



Where will my Google Ads appear?

Google Ads are stunningly flexible, so you know where to place your ads, how much they will cost you, and also your advertising quality.

How will I get leads from Google Ads campaign?

Several factors are considered to spot lead counts. We aim to create a campaign and optimize it to maximize the return of your input. Being a recognized Google Ads service agency, we have attained laurels concerning running unique campaigns that live up to the performance standards.

Will Google Ads help my business?

Of course. Almost all businesses, brands, and organizations use Google Ads to boost their sales and business. You should know how you can set up and optimize your Google Ad campaign. We are certified and qualified professionals and will do our best to help you set up and optimize Ad campaigns.

How do I measure the success of my campaign?

You can determine the success of your campaign in several ways. We mostly use cost per conversion, ROI or in a few cases how much vulnerability to the business the campaign is generating or building. We will work closely with you to decide.

How Much Do PPC Agencies Charge?

PPC agency charges differ agency wise. PPC agencies usually charge depending upon their client’s PPC campaign requirements & goals and might vary with every client.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good PPC Agency?

A Strong PPC Agency has the following qualities:

  • Google Partners
  • Honest
  • Transparent
  • Ethical
  • Communicative
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Client-Friendly
  • Performance & Data-Oriented
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