What Is New Google Analytics 4/ GA4? How To Setup Your GA4 Property In Easy Steps?

What Is New Google Analytics 4/ GA4? How To Setup Your GA4 Property In Easy Steps? featured image
16 Dec 2023
Nirlep Patel
Digital Marketing

A new version of analytics has been announced by Google recently, we can describe it as the latest default version of its famous data collection and web analysis software. So now what is Google Analytics 4? And what does this latest version mean to the marketers and how is it going to compare with the traditional version?

What is the New Google Analytics 4?

Reporting tool of Google Analytics is largely used by millions and trillions of sites, businesses to trace user interaction across web domains, mobile apps, and APLs offline. Many businesses know about this tool that helps to trace the numbers of web traffic they get, observe important marketing channels with the digital marketer agency, and measure their main KPIs.

But now with the help of Google analytics, Google presents the latest version that is vastly different from the traditional one “universal” Analytics. The latest version of Google Analytics 4 comes with a bouquet of key features that makes it vastly different from the old version.

The biggest difference between the new and old versions is that the latest one uses AI to fill the gaps in data whereas in the old one it may be blocked by cookie-consent rules or blocked javascript and focus on privacy.

Moreover, the user interface for the latest default Google Analytics is vastly different. So here are some of the most important differences that are given by the digital marketers in Mumbai.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google personally describes the motive of the latest Google Analytics as a next-generation approach to privacy-first tracing, x-channel measurement, and AI-based predictive data all at once. If you are applying for Google advanced machine learning models, the latest Analytics can fill out data for website traffic and user behavior without relying on it.

Google Analytics has developed on the same platform for the App+Web system that was released in the year 2019. The cross-channel data is mostly focused on the App+Web version of analytics; it means that it gives the marketers a way to trace users across software, apps, and sites. Its main goal is to shift the way data is shown to focus on the user.

In addition to Google Analytics it is all about events. The main way of these events is that data is presented in the latest Google Analytics. In this latest analytics digital marketer agency, machine-learning processing means that it fills the gaps where businesses cannot understand their complete customer base because of users that select out of cookie usage and data collection.

Browsing companies are becoming miserly for allowing analytics to trace sessions or return users by using cookies for example Mozilla Firefox has blocked analytics and many other sites have begun to use visitor consent to define their analytics tracing.

This Google Analytics 4 has widely come from the latest privacy protection law like GDPR and CCPA, diminishing the stability of traditional analytics. There are many industries that still use this traditional universal Google Analytics which can often run into a problem like missing data due to the cookie consent option required by laws.

Highlights of the new Google Analytics 4

  • This latest Google Analytics 4 develops with machine learning as the main form of data measurement. Using modeling which can conclude from existing data and make assumptions about websites traffic or user behavior. The latest AI-powered insight features are meant to spontaneously highlight helpful information for marketers.
  • Google Analytics 4 has given its whole attention to the marketers, which means it gives a complete understanding of customer journey across devices. And even more focused on measuring end-to-end customer journey, not just single metrics across the devices and websites.
  • This analytics 4 is developed to be future proof and in this system works without any cookie or identifying data.
    It features data streams in alternative to the views and segments used in the old version.
  • The new one has no views in the level section and the old one famously has 3 levels but only Google Analytics 4 has account and property levels.
  • Event tracing in classic analytics requires the development of codes, scripts, Google Analytics 4 enables editing, tracing, and many other events within the UI, which means interaction like click and sites scroll and many more.

How to Setup Google Analytics 4:

  • How to Create a New Google Analytics Account and Google Analytics Property:
      • Step 1
        Login to Google account.
      • Step 2
        Press on the start measuring button.
      • Step 3
        Give the name of your account as mentioned.
        Click next after writing your company name.
      • Step 4
        Write a property name then select the reporting time zone and currency.
      • Step 5
        To combine universal analytics property and Google Analytics property click on the Show advanced option.
      • Step 6
        Switch toggle on and it will turn bright blue, provide the website URL here and select the option to create either Google Analytics 4, and universal analytics property, click next after selecting your answer.
      • Step 7
        Give detailed information about your business by selecting appropriate options like industry category, business size, and how to use Google Analytics with your business.
        Click on create after selecting all the appropriate options to create Google Analytics and universal analytics property under the new Google Analytics account.
      • Step 8
        Check the appropriate boxes to accept the data processing terms as required by GDPR and measurement controller data protection terms of the data. Then click on I accept.
    • Step 9
      Accepting all the terms will bring you to the web stream detail screen where you can find your measurement id. Now you have successfully made Google Analytics 4 and Google universal analytics properties.
  • How To Upgrade To Google Analytics 4 Property Form Existing Universal Analytics Property:
      • Step 1
        Click on admin.
      • Step 2
        This will take you to the admin console of the universal analytics property where you can click on Google Analytics 4 setup assistance under the property column.
      • Step 3
        This Google Analytics 4 property setup assistance screen here you need to click on get started.
      • Step 4
        Get started will pop up on your screen then you need to click on create the property.
      • Step 5
        It will take you where one can see the connected property messages with property ID. Click on the see your Google Analytics 4 property and then it will show setup assistance screen click the arrow under tag installation to go to data streams screen.
      • Step 6
        Once you are on the data stream screen click the arrow under the data stream which will lead you to webstream detail.
      • Step 7

      On the web stream detail page, you can find the measurement ID for Google Analytics 4 property, now you have successfully upgraded to Google Analytics 4 property.

With the technicalities and associated GA4 setup, there is a lot much to explore and implement with repetitive analysis. With the need for upscaling, digital marketers in Mumbai are working on being efficient.

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