What Is Creative Advertising? How Creative Ads Shock The World.

What Is Creative Advertising? How Creative Ads Shock The World. featured image
12 May 2022
Nirlep Patel
Google Ads Guide

Creativity has the power to make even the most boring advertisements spicy and exciting. The creative element in advertising makes digital users like, share, comment on the ad, and eventually even visit the said product website to purchase the product displayed in the creative ad.

But you must remember that creative advertising is no joke and requires serious brainstorming.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a guide that’ll help you understand three primary points:

  1. What is Creative Advertising?
  2. Importance Of Creative Advertising
  3. Creative Advertising Ideas

A. What Is Creative Advertising? 

Creative advertising when the creative team come together to curate an advertising strategy or campaign strategy that effectively and creatively narrates the story of a brand or any non-profit organization.

Usually, creative agencies perform several creative functions for their clients, such as:

1. Strategy & Design
2. Technology & Media
3. All creative operations and expert lead

Creative agencies produce meaningful, conceptual and creative work for their clients that attracts the target audience and increases brand awareness, visibility and profits.

Now, let’s move on to the importance of Creative advertising.

B. Importance Of Creative Advertising

A shocking fact for businesses and brands lies ahead

1. Memorability 

Did you know that almost 84% of your advertising budget can go to total waste! Feels bad to hear this, right?
Only 15-16% of advertising is recalled and attributed towards the brand. And with a plethora of ads popping everywhere every minute, standing out is a challenging task!

Creativity is the best way to be compelling and attract your users who have an attention span of just seconds.

2. Effectiveness

When creating advertising or creative ad campaigns that are executed effectively and strategically, they have the power of a tremendous ROI that is much higher than non-creative ad campaigns.

If you don’t believe us, Google searches it and check out popular creative advertising campaigns and their impact. You will get your answer!

3. Brand Love… Is What Matters 

When your brand is advertised via a highly creative ad campaign, your audience sees it in a different light. They view your brand as high-quality and worth their attention. And it’s simply because they love the creative twist in the campaign—this increases brand love.

And brand love is what increases brand loyalty and revenues.

4. Less Media Spend 

Creative advertisements are highly likely to be shared organically and require less media spending. This holds true for social media platforms.
Almost every one of us has once shared a creative advertisement on our social profiles that we’ve found interesting!

Well, You have helped that brand increase its audience reach and brand awareness. And also helped reduce its media spending!

C. Creative Advertising Ideas: 

We’ve listed 3 creative advertising ideas that have captured our attention and hearts!

1. Zomato:

Zomato, India’s premium food delivery, dining and restaurant app, is known for its creative advertising campaigns. The primary reason for their massive success is their unique method of attracting today’s youth by catering their ads on current, relevant and hip topics.
Their ad campaigns revolve around relevant and exciting trending topics

Be it their Every day is Earth day ad or their famous Game of Cones Ad

2. Maggi:

Maggi will always be known for their creative advertisements that click emotionally with the audience.
To celebrate its billion-dollar brand’s 25 anniversary, Nestle India managed to gain the attention of both adults and kids. Through their campaign Meri Maggi and Me, they asked fans to share their Maggi -related stories, which were memorable and unique to them. These stories were amazing, nostalgic and emotional.

3. Cadbury:

Cadbury’s Not just A Cadbury Ad featuring superstar Shahrukh Khan was another big hit in the advertisement world. Released last year during the pandemic struck Diwali, the ad aimed at helping small businesses during the festival.
The ad hit more than 1.37 million views on youtube. Well, We can go on with more examples, but we want your business to be a part of our examples where we talk about how your brand’s creative advertisements touched the audience’s heart. Your brand, too, can be “that brand” that stirs up its audience’s emotions via creative campaigns. How can you achieve that? The answer’s pretty simple. Partner up with GBIM and get noticed, loved and viewed! For more than a decade, being in the business has made us creative experts, and we know exactly what your brand needs. So if you are ready to become a “Big Brand”, contact us today!