Creating share-worthy content that entertains and engages

    Facebook & Instagram Marketing

    It’s an ocean of brands and businesses out there trying to talk to their customers on Facebook and Instagram. But customers remember only those who have a clutter breaking voice and interesting things to say.

    Churning out content for the sake of creating a presence is like a baby making sounds. It wishes to talk but cannot form coherent words. What we do is help your brand develop a unique identity. Then we generate share-worthy stories and content in line with the brand’s personality. The result is consumers actively seek out and engage with you. Pretty much like everyone at a party wants to talk to the hot blonde.

    Why Prefer GBIM As Your Facebook & Instagram Buddy

    Minimum promotions, maximum personality

    Platform centric content

    Analytics driven approach

    Deep consumer behaviour understanding

    General Questions by Clients

    Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

    What is Organic Facebook and Instagram Marketing?

    As opposed to paid Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns, Organic Marketing is absolutely free. But it takes a longer time period to show results. Also, its results stay with the brand for a longer period. Organic Marketing means developing creative content which is in line with your your brand. Nurutring a brand personality that regularly reaches out to and connects with your audience. Over a period of time, your brand develops a strong rapport with the customers so much so that they actively seek you out on the internet.

    Why should I use Organic Facebook and Instagram Marketing?

    Because your audiences are there, no matter what your industry. Nearly 83% of women and 75% of men use Facebook. Thats a whopping number. Your business needs to be present on these platforms if you have to be relevant to your audiences, if you want them to consider your brand and if you want them to finally choose your product your service. Organic Facebook Marketing is the way that you will nurture a strong bond with them in the present so that they give you their business in the future.

    Can I do only Organic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram?

    The correct answer is no you cannot. Paid campaigns are equally important as they provide the necessary initial boost. Organic Marketing on Facebook and Instagram are like a marathon. You have to build up a long term strategy and work on it for a longer time period to slowly but steadily raise your presence on these platforms. At the same time, a good combination with paid campaigns can provide you a timely thrust which can augment your organic marketing efforts.


    What to expect from an SMO agency

    What are the benefits of Organic Marketing on FB and Instagram?

    Both these platforms are the most targetted forms of reaching your audiences. For businesses that know their exact customers, these social media marketing companies deliver amazing results.

    Will organic marketing deliver the same results as paid marketing?

    While paid marketing can give you a targetted reach, organic marketing relies on the shareability of your content to become viral and provide you traction. Hence its important to put out well researched out and creatively executed content.