Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Remarketing

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28 Jan 2021
Nirlep Patel

Facebook Remarketing is a Facebook oriented social media marketing strategy referring to the act of showing customized ads to Facebook users who have engaged with your brands online in the past.

Whenever, a user visits your website, landing page, or social media profile, something called a cookie or a pixel gets added to their browsers, allowing your ads to follow them on other digital spaces with content based on the information in your cookie.

This pixel or cookie follows the user wherever they roam in the digital space. So when this user scrolls through their Facebook feeds, your ads pop up, reminding them of what they are missing.

Survey shows that 95% of social media marketers have named Facebook, the best social media marketing platform for producing high ROIs for their clients. Facebook remarketing is so powerful owing to the specific availability of tracking and targeting data.

Why Make Facebook Remarketing A Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Users interacting with your website can perform two specific actions:

  • Purchase The Products/Services
  • Increase The Website’s bounce rates

Use Facebook Pixels To:

  • Reinforce Your Messages To users who have already viewed specific pages.
  • Display Targeted Ads To Bounced Visitors
  • Cross-sell And Upsell new products/services to past purchasers
  • Encourage visitors to learn more about your products/services or complete purchases.

Facebook Remarketing is the best place to start for using targeted advertisers to increase sales.

Key Elements Of Facebook Retargeting: 

Custom Audiences

Presently, Facebook offers multiple kinds of remarketing settings in the form of custom audiences. With the help of custom audiences, you can target ads to specific audience sections completely based on your goals. Simply put, you can customize your audiences based on your goals and remarket ads only to them.

Facebook offers you four types of choices for remarketing purposes:

    1. Website Visits
    2. Customer Lists
    3. App Activity
    4. Offline Activity

You have the power to create four types of custom audience lists:

Customer List: You can upload a list of your customer emails that Facebook matches to accounts for you to remarket.

Website Traffic: You can create a remarketing audience list based on previous website visits.

App Activity: Create a remarketing list of people who have interacted with you via apps.

Offline Activity: Remarket Audience based on offline activities such as calls, store visits, etc.

All the above options form a diverse way of getting audiences back to your website for increasing conversion rates. So when someone likes your post on Facebook, you can remarket to them.

When someone visits your Instagram account but does not follow you, you can remarket them. When someone purchases from your website, you can remarket them too. Your options are endless!

Beginners Guide To Facebook Remarketing: 

Setting Up Your First Facebook Remarketing Campaign

  • Remarketing Website Visits
  • Open your Facebook business manager and navigate to the audiences section, seen under the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Custom Audience” that you will find under the “Create Audience” dropdown.
  • Select “ Website Traffic” as your customer audience type. It will let you customize audiences based on website traffic.

You can select from multiple remarketing options.


Standard Remarketing settings

This setting targets all your website traffic and visitors within the last 30 days. You can customize it for deeper segmentation by clicking all website visitors drop down to select from more options.

You can add frequency measures for making people understand more about your products. This means that your remarketing audience will be made up of only those people who have visited your products or pricing pages more than once.

Remarketing Social Engagements

Via Facebook’s updated engagement style audiences, remarket to anyone landing on your Facebook and Instagram Profiles. Create a new custom audience list but this time uses facebook sources instead of your own, such as lead forms, events, Instagram accounts, etc based on engagement.

Select options suiting your business needs. In case you are not sure where to start, select the “ Facebook Page” option and customize which action you want to target on your page.


Analyzing Facebook Remarketing Campaigns

Once you have launched your remarketing campaigns on Facebook, it is time for you to analyze and optimize your campaigns. Consider the below listened KPIs for analyzing your Facebook Remarketing Campaigns:

  • Cost Per Clicks
  • Frequency
  • Conversion
  • Conversion Value

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