Promoting Facebook Group Engagement: How To Build A Loyal Community

Promoting Facebook Group Engagement: How To Build A Loyal Community featured image
17 Apr 2021
Nirlep Patel
Social Media Marketing

All business/ brands have a Facebook Page, its a standard marketing and advertising tactic, but very few of them have Facebook Groups. A Facebook page represents your business’s official profile, whereas a Facebook group refers to a virtual community where people discuss and share their passion for similar interests. Facebook groups provide a path for brands to form nurturing communities and engage with their customers on one basis. Creating a Facebook group should be a significant aspect of your Facebook social media optimization strategy. Facebook groups build a sense of loyalty and friendship among the group members since they are usually private and accept group members only on request. This gives a sense of exclusivity to the existing members. Brands can also analyze their loyal customer base via these groups and focus on garnering more group members via various marketing strategies. 

How Do I Make My Brand’s Facebook Group Turn Into A Loyal Community And Increase Engagement?

Let’s have a look at the top 10 high performing tips for building a loyal Facebook group community and increasing engagement:

  1. Make sure Your Group Members Can Easily Interact Within The Group:

Always ensure that your group members can interact with other members effortlessly. To break the ice, ask members to introduce themselves in the group. It is an excellent way for members to get to know each other and to start meaningful conversations.

When your group members introduce themselves, they feel valued and consider their fellow group members as friends as it is easy for them to engage with them in the future.

Another way of building a loyal community is sending personalized messages to your group members, paving the way for them to engage within the group.

2. Welcome All New Group Members:

A positive and bonding group activity, by welcoming the new members of your group, you automatically build a connection with those members from the first day itself. This connection promotes the members to engage more and share their thoughts easily in the group. You can see the new members who have joined your group via the discussion view. There is also a clickable link with a strip of thumbnail photos displaying all new members added to your group. You can customize your post, welcoming all the new members and post it in your group.

3. Ensure To Post Polls, Survey and Quizzes

An exciting way of promoting group engagements and increasing loyalty is by posting polls, surveys or quizzes. This not only increases engagement rates but also adds a fun element within the group. Via these informal channels, group members can express their opinions, build conversations and increase engagement rates instantly.

4. Post EDU-TAINMENT Content

EDU-TAINMENT Content refers to Content having a combination of education and entertainment and works for best for Facebook. Remember, the frequency of your posts have nothing to do with your engagement rates. Your ideal frequency of posts should be around 1-2 posts per day. Make your posts compelling and on the lines of edutainment. Your posts must entertain your groups and at the same time educate and update them on the latest happening within your industry or some brand-related information. Invest time and effort into the type of posts you want to create, as Facebook algorithms will only consider your posts as high quality if they receive high engagement rates.

5. Use Facebook Group Insights

Group insights is a unique way of measuring the engagement level with your group members. Via the tool, you can understand how your group members like to engage with your group, see the most active group members and identify the posts receiving the highest engagement rates.

With such essential data in your hands, you can easily manipulate your Facebook Group strategies and align them with your present goals. You can click on Group Insights placed on your group dashboard’s left side and know your current engagement status. Group insights also help you identify your group’s critical contributors based on the number of new posts they create or the number of comments they post in the group. You can click on the More Member Details Option on the right-hand side of the dashboard for knowing the top contributors of your group.

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