What is Geofencing AKA Location-Based Service Marketing?

Targeting the right audience at the right time is what marketing is all about. And marketing the right message at a perfect time is also an ever wandering challenge for the marketing industry.  Recently, the smartphone hype has helped businesses over a vast scale to cater to the potential audiences at the desired rate.

But ever wonder, direct targeting the people who visit your competitor’s location or the one who visited your store? Well, why not? Geofencing is the key.

So Now, What is Geofencing?

Geo fencing is a location-based service marketing that within an app or some software program uses the GPS, Wi-Fi, or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Cellular Data. This provokes the sending of triggered messages in the format of SMS, E-mail, or app-based (in-app or push) notifications. The prompting happens when a particular mobile device enters, exits, or is simply parked in a specific geographical location.

A specific geographical location can be marked in the map of a particular area, and a digital barrier is made up. Geofencing is when a specific mobile device comes up to that area. It communicates with mobile devices and sends triggered messages or notifications.

The geo fenced region could be anything from a store to an area, a specific event or a neighbourhood, or an entire city. Marketers get the strategies by capturing the geo fences, gaining business targets, and planning an effective digital marketing strategy.

How Does Geofencing Actually Work?

Geofencing start can be via understanding your customer’s locations and the vicinity of your target audience. Being grateful to the smartphones, the locations can be easily tracked down and can automatically be set up.

With the right networking solutions, the digital marketing company can get you the customer’s locations with factors of Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth connectivities, and GPS data interconnected with the smartphone devices.

Advantages of Geofencing?

There are three highlight advantages of the precise targeting and content-based ads delivery method – The Geofencing.

  • The precision of your targeted content is impressive and supports brand identity.
  • Geofencing allows suitable content delivery at the specified time.
  • A cost-effective method of marketing that compliments your already set up marketing strategies. 

Why Should You Adapt Geofencing in Your Marketing Strategy?

If the targeted audiences show potential to your business when sectioned and segmented via location factors, geo fencing is definitely worth your business. It can be one of the most affordable and effective services for your fanned out business. 

First things first, a potential target market with a goal-oriented approach is to be taken. Next, the strategy is planned with the locations you need geo fencing to be fitted on. But how can geo fencing be taken down to locations? There are few strategic combinations as follows:

Target Places with Associated Products and Services 

Is there somewhere your target audience may go to find your products, but they aren’t your competitors? So geo fences can be set up around the places where potential leads could be there that can be associated with your products.

Anyone who goes to the specific area is captured by the geo fencing tool and triggered with the pop-ups.

Target Event Places that your Potential Audience May Attend

Events are a great way to capture a massive audience in a lesser amount of time. And choosing events of your niche and target market interest gives you the space of conversion attraction for your business.

Target Places where your Products are Sold

Are your products sold in some other locations like franchises or superstores? You can get the geo fencing at such locations to create brand awareness and retain customers.

Targeted superstores or malls can lead to a recurring crowd that raises brand familiarity and higher purchase chances than other competitors.

Mark, your Direct Competitors

Creating the geo fencing around competitor’s locations can get you a direct customer target of a potential purchase. And such marks can be put up with extras and deals to gain their attention and divert sales as the interest in the industry is already expressed.

Locations that your Target Market May Frequently Visit

This is a generalised strategy where essential locations of supermarkets, parks, cinema halls, and sober places of visits are set up for geo fencing. Thinking, what does this have to do with my business? The nearby spaces can be utilised for such practices, and local audiences can be captured, gaining awareness.

Geofencing can be a potential key to promoting your content and making most of the campaigns and the other products or services launches. It compliments your system of marketing tactics and adds revenue with brand awareness and identity over time.

Is Geofencing Right for Your Business?

If you’re considering the strategic marketing with netted tactic that includes the following, Geofencing is right and the most optimal marketing technique for your business:

  • It helps you reach a potential audience based on the location of their interest.
  • Flexible enough to adapt to strategic changes and monitor accurately.
  • Measurable results and definite return on investment (ROI).
  • Multi-purpose marketing advantages include brand awareness, attracting new customers, customer loyalty, exquisite deal-breakers, and much more.

If your business is any of the above, then yes! Geofencing is the right and the most innovative addition to your digital marketing strategy. 

The Final Word

The working as mentioned above and perks associated with the Geofencing aka location-based service marketing tool is undoubtedly a marketing tool of profit interest. Truly embracing the latest perks of digital marketing and the usage of Geofencing in them can turn out to be a proven direction for your business.


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