How To Advertise On Quora – Getting Started With Quora Ads

  • December 26, 2020
  • Nirlep Patel
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Social Media Advertising Agencies often overlook the importance and visibility of Quora as a digital marketing platform. Quora is always underestimated and rarely used by social media agencies in the digital marketing plans of brands/businesses.

Quora advertising forms an important part of social media advertising services and must be included in the digital marketing plans of brands/companies whose target audience prefers using Quora.

Let us have a look at What this distinct social media platform is and how to start with Quora advertising.



What Is Quora?


An American question-answer based unique website, Quora can have the answers to all your questions! When was the universe created?

What Are The Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mumbai?

What Should I Do With My Life?

You have the freedom of asking all kinds of questions over the quora platform, avoiding the abusive and obscure content.

The Quora Platform is simple, create a Quora account and start asking, answering, following, editing, or organizing quora questions.

You can choose to answer any question posted by fellow quora users, ask any question, from personal life queries, news questions, geographical, historical, and even self-improvement questions!

You can offer advice answers to psychological questions asked by users or help a user solve a simple math quiz, the choice is yours.

It forms an interactive question-answer based website.

Quora tries to create an online space where users can share and gain knowledge, interact with online users, add and build their social network, or just vibe in general knowledge.

The choice is yours. Apart from just asking and answering questions, Quora is an online community where the users can follow topics, comment on answers, and employees working in a specific field can share their knowledge, displaying their company as an industry leader.

How To Advertise On Quora-Getting Started With Quora Ads.

Like its fellow advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Bing As, Twitter Ads, Quora to allow Brands/Business to advertise their products/services over the Quora platform.

Quora offers to be a self-service platform enabling users to create ad accounts, and begin running their quora ads, provided businesses/brands comply with the quora advertising guidelines. Click here to know the quora advertising guidelines.

Quora ads get priced on a cost per click basis and several factors such as :

  • Respective CPC Bids
  • Campaign Budgets
  • Targeting Factors
  • Estimated Rate Of Actions, Quora Users Take On Your Ad.


Quora proves to be a strong online social media advertising platform due to advertising benefits offered by it:

  • Targeting Options:

Quora ads provide you with four categories of targeting options to make your ads, as user-oriented, detailed, and specific as possible.

Targeting options like:

A. Contextual Targeting:

Display Ads that are keyword, topic, or question specific. You can topic-target, question-target, or keyword-target your Quora ad depending upon the aim of your ad.

B. Audience Targeting:

You can use the target option for your ads for making them user/audience-specific.

Example: Website Traffic Targeting, LookAlike Audience & ListMatch Audience.

C. Behavioral Targeting:

With the help of these targeting options, your ads can get displayed depending on their question history, interests. It controls which users see which ads, depending upon their taken actions over the quora platform.

D. Broad Targeting:

The most preferred targeting option. Displays ads across quora aiming to maximize potential impressions.


Quora Ads


The Quora Ads Format:


Quora sets specific ad formatting limits for each of its ad elements. Quora ads must adhere to theQuora Ads content policies and guidelines and must be formatted properly, free from grammatical errors and punctuation errors.

The Quora text ads contain five distinct elements, namely:

  • Business Name: 30 Characters Maximum
  • Headline Sentence: 65 Characters Maximum
  • Text Body: 105 Characters Maximum
  • Clear CTA: 1-16 Characters displaying the most popular offers
  • Display URL: 30 Characters Maximum


  • The Custom Conversion Option In Quora Ads:

Via Quora Advertising Pixels, advertisers can track specific Goals & Events, allowing them for thorough ad campaign conversions.

All you have to do is, take the pixel snippet code from the Conversion Pixel Tab and add it to the page where you track conversions. The code transmits the collected data back to Quora for you to measure activity, track conversion, and optimize it as per your preferences.

  • Quora Ads Self Service:

Advertisers have the liberty to design native ads, text-based ads, target users via interests, geographic locations, device platforms.

With its self-service feature, Quora does not capitulate valuable and finite workforce manually sell and target ads, giving advertising revenue the freedom to grow on its own.

  • International Targeting:

With geographical targeting, the advertiser is allowed to target zip codes, cities, states, countries.

Quora also allows language targeting, where quora ads can be displayed in different languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese expanding the ads’ global reach.



How To Advertise On Quora- The Quora Auction


For ensuring to display only high-quality and relevant Quora Ads, Quora conducts the Quora Auction, where advertisers offer bids for securing ad placements.

Let us take a look at the important auction elements:

  • Auction Factors:

The Quora Ads optimization algorithms use a variety of factors for determining the auction winner.

The various auction factors include:

  • Ad Relevance
  • Bid Price
  • User Click Rate Expectations
  • User Feedback On Ads
  • Whether Or Not Conversion Action Is Taken On Your Website.


  • How Does Quora Determine Ad Winners?

For each ad placement, Quora considers all the eligible ads from advertisers depending on the ad budgets, status & specified targets in their ad sets.

The winner of the ad auctions has the highest value needed for the particular ad placement. In case there are more than one ad placements available, every advertiser is eligible for winning one ad placement per page.


  • Ad Placement Factors:

There are various ad placement factors considered, based on which your ad gets a place on any given page and displayed to any given user. Quora highly values the highest-performing ads.

Ad placement factors like:

  • Ad engagement rate
  • Ad Bid
  • Ad user experience

Are considered for determining an ad’s placement over the quora platform.

Quora Ads Services


How To Advertise On Quora-Creating Your First Quora Ads Campaign


  • Create Your Quora Account:

For getting started with Quora ads, it is imperative to create your Quora ads account. Create Your Quora account first by logging into the website via Facebook, or your email for creating your Quora Profile. Locate and click on your side profile icon on the top right of the Quora homepage.

Click on create ads from the drop-down menu.

  • Interact With The Quora Ads Manager:

Your Quora ads manager is the headquarter for your Quora ads management. It has four tabs:

  • Manage Ads
  • Billing
  • Account Settings
  • Conversion Pixel

The Manage ads section further has two broad options:

  • Spending Summary
  • All Campaigns


  • Know Your Spending Summary

Under this section, you will come across 4 labels on the left: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Spend. You can click on each option for displaying an interactive graph showing you the respective timely trends. By placing the graphs next to each other, you can judge the relation between various ad spend elements.

  • Understanding Campaign Metrics

The All campaigns option, allows you to study your campaign metrics and campaign performances. It displays various metrics like:

A. Delivery

B. Ad Impressions

C. Cost Per Clicks

D. Conversions

E. Spend

F. Remaining Budgets


H. Conversion %

  • Every Campaign Has Three Definite Structures:

    1. Campaign
    2. Ad Set
    3. Ad

You can view your campaign performance, analyze it, analyze your ads, whole campaigns, and much more for optimizing your Quora Ads Campaigns to the fullest.

  • The Conversion Pixel:

A significant Quora feature, the conversion pixel, forms the second most important tab for quora advertisers. It enables you to track the conversion impact of your Quora Campaigns on your website.



Creating Your First Ad Campaign:


  • Create The Campaign:

Click on the Create Campaign Button within the ads manager, for creating a new campaign. After clicking on the said option, you will see a page loaded with several fields.

Name your campaign and then set your daily campaign budget.

Quora ads let you check whether or not your conversion pixel is working. Click the Quora Conversion Pixel to go on the conversion pixel tab. The Recent Views on the pixel section situated at the bottom of the page confirms the working of your conversion pixel.

Decide your campaign running time and click on continue for creating ad sets.

  • Create Ad Sets:

Start with naming your ad sets and later set up the target criteria. Type in topics you would prefer targeting.

For ideas, click on Import And Map Keywords To Topics. Click on continue after typing the topics to see a list of topics.

After selecting the topics, click on Import topics to continue.

You can then select your location, desired platform, exclude locations/questions for making your Quora campaign personalized.

Set your selected CPC, after creating your campaign.

  • Create Ads:

Create your ads by filling out the following fields:

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Landing Page URL
  • Display URL
  • CTA


  • Measured Performances:

After launching your ad, measure its performance as per your conversion metrics.

  •  Pay For Results

Similar to other PPC models, pay for only the results.



How To Advertise On Quora- Tips For Optimising Quora Ads


  • Confirm Whether Or Not Your Audience is On Quora:

Sign up for a quora business account for knowing whether or not your audience prefers quora. Your Quora business account allows you to start collecting audiences to check if Quora should be included in your digital marketing strategy.

This technique helps you to save your time and budget and helps you build a strong digital marketing strategy.

  • Thorough Research On Quora Question And Topics For Targeting Users With Quora Ads:

After knowing your Quora audience and making quora a part of your digital marketing strategy, it is now time to conduct a thorough quora research. For creating a strong Quora campaign, start researching the quora questions and topics for targeting your campaign ads.

Use the search feature option on quora, to search questions and topics for research on audience volume and audience favorites.

Ensure to choose questions with a large number of followers for your question-target campaigns and also questions with many views.

Try to save relevant but low-value questions and check back to know if the audience volume has increased or not.

Follow your competitors privately to know what the question and answers users are asking about your competitors, for using the information for creating a Quora ad copy that fits with your competitor’s questions perfectly.

  • Research Quora Topics For Better Ad Targeting:

The recipe for creating high-quality Quora ads is research, research, and pure research!

Research the below-listed campaign topic themes for your Quora ad campaigns:

  • Your competitor’s topics
  • User Behaviour/User Preferred Topics
  • The Trending topics matching your business/brand.

Researching quora topics helps you analyze what users like viewing on quora helping you target the right topic channels and create impactful quora campaigns.



Getting Started With Quora Ads- The Quora Retargeting Feature


With the help of the quora retargeting feature, you can bring back your website visitors via quora ads.

Create a list of users who have visited the different parts of your website, on the quora ads manager and then target online visitors via Quora ads. A very significant feature, it will help you regain your audience that prefers using Quora regularly.

Owing to its unique advertising value, social media advertising agencies must make the Quora Advertising platform a part of its social media services.

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