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Social Media Advertising is a paid form of advertising where ads served to users on leading social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These platforms use their registered user information to serve ads to only the desired audiences. It ensures highly targeted advertising that has the potential to generate results faster than organic marketing.

In cases where the required target profile aligns with the demographics of the platform, social advertising can provide huge increases in conversions and sales with a lower cost of acquisition. The most significant advantage of Social Media Advertising is that it generates almost instant results that are great for businesses like e-Commerce, where every website visit matters.

GBIM is an expert in helping you set up and run your advertising campaigns on leading social media platforms. We provide full-cycle support starting from converting your business goal into campaign objectives, designing the campaign, publishing it on platforms, and lastly, analyzing it for efficacy. We continuously optimize your campaign using research, A/B Testing to arrive at a campaign that delivers exceptional results.

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising
Create a long-lasting branding of your business with us on the most leading social media platforms

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LinkedIn Advertising
Get recognized by the professionals and boost your business with our outstanding SMO strategies

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Twitter Advertising
The most trendy SM platform where you can reach potential customers and our best class SMO services will help you out

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General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

Why do I need Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising spends have almost touched USD 45 billion in 2020. Businesses increasingly prefer social media advertising due to the following reasons.

  • Reach – Almost 3.6 billion people are hooked on Social Media today. Advertising here means you can reach out to your customers where they are.
  • Pinpoint accuracy – Social media platforms allow advertisers to target their customers as widely or narrowly as they wish across several parameters like age, gender, geography, interests, etc. There’s hardly any wastage of your marketing dollars here.
  • Unbeatable ROI – The per customer acquisition cost of social media advertising campaigns can be just a few dollars when done right. It is hugely lesser than that of conventional media.
  • Analytics – Social Media Advertising offers a level of customer insights using advanced analytics that is not possible in traditional advertising. You can measure which ads are working and why. It helps in reinforcing your campaigns with things that resonate with your customer.
 Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising for business
Can I do Social Media Advertising in-house?

Many businesses think that creating business accounts on online platforms and regularly posting content is enough. However, a professional social media advertising agency can provide manifolds business compared to your in-house efforts due to the following reasons:

  • Costly – Social Media Advertising needs a team of designers, writers, and SEO experts. Maintaining a dedicated team can be a costly affair, as compared to hiring an agency.
  • Not the same level of expertise – Social Media Advertising agencies are at the cutting edge of new developments in advertising patterns as they execute projects daily.
  • Instant capability – Hiring an agency gives your company instant expertise into the nitty-gritty of online advertising, helping you deliver results right from day 1.
  • Scalability – An agency can instantly upscale the team in line with your growing business, thus providing a seamless experience. You may lose efficiency or business by the time you can hire new team members in an in-house setup.
What are the components of a good Social Media Advertising strategy?

Several factors decide the effectiveness of your Social Media Advertising strategy. A reputable agency will generally include the following steps while formulating a robust strategic plan for you.

  • Goal setting – Breaking down your strategic level business goals into small, manageable goals for Social Media Advertising.
  • Defining the target audience – Defining your target audience in as much clarity as possible, including demographics, likes, needs, interests, etc. helps choose the right media and a host of other options.
  • Budgeting – Companies are gradually allocating more and more funds towards Social Media Advertising due to its higher ROI. Here you will decide how much to designate for each goal.
  • Research – A lot of research goes into selecting the right keywords, blog topics, video content that is currently being consumed by the user. Also, your competitor activity gets closely monitored.
  • Choosing platform – Each platform has its inherent strength and uses in the customer journey from interacting the first time to finally making a purchase. A mix of the right platforms is essential to ensure that your expectations from Social Media Advertising are met.
  • Analytics – Tracking analytics reveals what kind of content and promotion strategies work – along with the ones that don’t – enabling you to adjust and improve.
Social Media Advertising Strategy


What to expect from an Social Media agency

How much does it cost to start a Social Media Advertising Campaign?
The exceptional part about Social Media Advertising is that it is extremely flexible and allows you to decide your budgets. This way, you can be sure of always staying within allotted resources.
How long before the campaign starts showing results?
If the campaign is correctly defined, designed, and published, it has the potential to start generating Reach, initiate conversations, and bring conversions right from Day 1. However, it depends on many factors. Our experts from GBIM can help you with a clear timeline after discussing the campaign.
Which is the most powerful social media platform?
LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, each of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Each platform is suitable for a different context and ad type. Hence each of them is equally powerful in its unique way.
How do I know which social media platform to focus upon?
You should choose a social media platform based on three factors. First, choose the platform where your target customers are most concentrated (usage, groups, etc.). Secondly, you should select one where your target customers are most accessible (preferred media, ad targeting, etc.) Lastly, go where your target customers most actively engage with ads (testing required)
Should I have a website in place before I start Social Media Advertising?
It is advisable to have a website as it adds credibility and builds trust in customers who interact with your ads on social media platforms. Your customers can also be redirected to your website to complete transactions or know more about your services, so it’s essential to have a company website.