Google December 2021 Product Review Update

  • December 31, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 4 min read

Google has introduced a novel search algorithm update known as the December 2021 product reviews update. This is the second that Google is presenting a product reviews update this year, the first one being in April. This particular update is curated to better reward product reviews that present in-depth research instead of thin content that essentially alludes to several products. Google elaborated that reviews produced in a manner that presents insightful analysis and unique research are rewarded. It refers to content created by enthusiasts and experts that are well-versed with the topic in consideration. 

Practitioners of SEO in Mumbai must keep up with the changing knowledge. Herein, Google elucidated that if one makes any changes between now and the previous update, there are visible improvements to one’s website or web page rankings since the preceding update. Google assures that one has made positive changes to one’s content; the progress made in the latest release is evident. 

Google further mentions that the search company is equipped with an increasing number of feedback from users regarding the type of review content regarded as valuable and trustworthy, propelling one to present an enhanced product review guidance. Predominantly, it is seen that users think that the reviews are reliable based on evidence of products genuinely being tested and would like to have increased options to purchase the product in question. 

Further, concerning advice for practitioners of SEO in Mumbai, Google presents two new best practices in association with the current update. One extends the feasibility of increased multimedia in the purview of one’s product reviews. Two, to present links to several sellers instead of singularly. 

Product Review

Google rolled out two of these specific items, that is: 

  • Presents evidence akin to audiovisuals, or similar links of one’s own experience and the product, to aid one’s expertise while reinforcing the genuine credibility of one’s review.
  • They are further rolling out links to multiple sellers to present the reader with an option to purchase from their choice of merchants.

What Is Being Presented Now: 

Google announced that the update in question would be rolled out for use among English-language pages and would require three weeks to complete. Google product reviews update points towards promoting review content that is better and more superior to the template information that one typically comes across on the web. Google further elaborates that these will effectively promote product reviews within its purview of search results rankings.

Content Quality

Here, Google cannot punish lower-quality product reviews with thin content that essentially surmises several products in the most immediate sense. Herein, extending such content with the result being a demoted ranking since another competitive content is promoted more than your own is propelled to seem like a penalty. In a straightforward, no-nonsense setting, Google does not grant a penalty to one’s content but simply rewards that website that offers more relevant and interesting review content; as a result, they garner a high rank that supersedes your own. This is something that every SEO practitioner in Mumbai must bear in mind and pay heed to. Notably, this particular update is only relevant to product review content and not other content categories. 

Prevailing Insight On Product Reviews Updates:  

Here Google alludes, when elaborating on the update, that an umbrella focus is posed to providing users with content that enables provisions of relevant analysis. These, paired with unique research and content produced by experts or subject enthusiasts who are well versed with the topic, are highlighted here. This is not far from the two cents that the core update recommendations presented earlier elucidated. Nonetheless, a few more insightful questions are raised here that can be of value concerning product reviews. SEO specialists from Mumbai need to grasp that Google recommends one’s product reviews to be consisting of the given domain while answering the questions enlisted. 

Product Insights

  • Express expert knowledge about products and where they are appropriate for use.
  • Display or depict the product, in terms of physical appearance, how it’s used? This should comprise data other than the standard specifications given by the manufacturer. 
  • Supply quantitative measurements on how a product measures up among multiple performance domains.
  • Elaborate on the points that set a product apart from its prominent competitors. 
  • Take a look at the comparable products to consider, or explain the best-suited products for particular or distinct uses or circumstances.
  • Converse on the positives and negatives associated with a specific r product, depending on the research put into it.
  • Throw light on the product and how it has undergone evolution compared to previous models or releases to present suitable improvements, handle issues, or inversely assist users in making the right purchase decision.
  • Point out the distinct and determinant decision-making factors for the product’s category and focus on how the product performs in said areas? For instance, a car review while deciding that fuel economy, handling, and safety, account for the critical decision-making parameters. Further, these are essential to learning the rating in terms of performance in particular areas.
  • To highlight critical choices regarding a product’s curation, design, and effect on users apart from the manufacturer addresses.

Moreover, Google has further associated its blog post released earlier this year to allude to an enhanced product information offering for shoppers. Any SEO specialist based in Mumbai, Delhi, or elsewhere is concerned about ranking their client’s product review content. It is paramount to heed these updates’ impact on the prevailing content, both before and after. As a result, an inductive plan is curated based on whether one’s organic traffic declines, improve, or stays constant and value. 


In the long term, to ensure that one’s product review content is insightful and worthwhile, it is essential to make it distinct in its offering. It registers as a valuable content offering on Google’s radar compared to the content put forth by one’s competitor that prowls the web. A momentary lapse in momentum or quality control can prove costly when others are ready to take over your spot. Therefore, it is essential to be informed of the updates on the dynamic market front to keep on the top of the ladder, i.e. the web rank. 


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