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    We initiated as a fully-established SEO company in 2005 and since then we started catering our best-in-class SEO services locally in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Gradually, we started spreading our footprints globally such as in the USA, Australia, Singapore, and the Middle East region. For over 15+ years, we have been consistently working in the SEO sector and have been inventing new techniques each day. During this period, we closely examined every minute alteration in the search engine algorithms as well as in the search term and made upgradations in our methods, accordingly. We adapted changes with the changing times!

    Few people believe that SEO cannot generate a number of leads or it cannot help grow business. But, we proved them wrong by offering them our excellent SEO strategies. Since our inception, we have been running successful SEO projects for every business class right from B to B and B to C. This also embraces the E-commerce websites, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Education, and many more sectors. We strongly believe in our business ethics which is our driving force and helps to produce long-lasting results for our valuable clients.

    We follow a very simple work process and apply the ADDI method. ADDI stands for ‘Analysis’, ‘Design’, ‘Develop’, and ‘Implement’. We do a complete analysis of the website, competition, as well as the current market and trends. After completing our thorough analysis process, we use the analyzed data to design & develop a cutting-edge SEO Plan which is then executed by our expert professionals at GBIM.

    We believe that if someone is new to the concept of implementing SEO methods to the website, then it is essential to know the process along with the expected time to get the desired results. To know more about it, CLICK HERE.

    The Best SEO Service Plans

    Are you ready to grow your business and take it to new heights? Well, GEAR UP because we have the top-notch SEO service plans for you…

    Create a lifelong impression of your Ecommerce brand while increasing your site's sales as well as overall revenue.

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    Get your large-scale business rank higher in the search engines with our specialized enterprise SEO services.

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    International SEO
    Optimize your website so that the search engines would find out those countries that are on your hit list.

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    Local SEO
    Promote your products & services to the local customers at the perfect time when they are searching for them online

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    Let the smartphone or tablet users enjoy the flawless experience of your website with Mobile SEO practice.

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    Video SEO
    Optimize your video to get indexed and rank higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

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    Why Prefer GBIM As Your SEO Buddy


    15+ years of experience in the SEO domain


    The CEOs of Company are experts in SEO and work closely with clients


    The in-house team of skilled experts


    Our SEO Management Tool performs Monitoring, Analysis, and Task, Know more click here.


    Our Results – Click for more SEO Case Studies


    100% Transparency and genuine suggestions

    General Questions by Clients

    Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

    What you Different in SEO?

    Our SEO stands out to be different than the rest of the SEO Agencies because we believe in Transparency. Our SEO strategies are unconditionally transparent to our clients, and we give step-by-step intimation and report to them at specific time intervals. We also strictly abide by our principle of loyalty, which is why we could consistently show outstanding results with 100% customer satisfaction.

    Can I Get Quick Results in SEO?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best and one of the most cost-efficient Internet marketing strategies for all kinds of businesses. However, you must know that getting immediate results with paid click advertising Google AdWords is also possible, and SEO is a long-term investment. Hence, most of the SEO agencies might have asked you to sign a contract for a minimum of six months or twelve months.

    Generally, the first outstanding increase in traffic may occur around 3 to 4 months into an SEO campaign. However, it all depends on the time and work you invested,.This way you can start experiencing several additional visitors which may be in terms of hundred or thousand.

    Once you cross a period of 12 months i.e. a year, you can see a rise of 50% traffic. Suppose you have been newly launched a website then your site should have reached thousands of visitors by today’s time. Though this needs some amount of work, it is worth it. Also, SEO is much more cost-effective when compared to advertising on Google AdWords.

    Commonly Asked by People, Where GBIM stands in SEO?

    GBIM is one of the trustworthy names in the SEO industry and is the leading SEO agency in Mumbai, offering amazing SEO services to clients consistently. Since its inception in 2005.

    With its vast experience of 15+ years, the company has been spearheading with its unique SEO strategies, and the in-house expert team of GBIM stays updated with every slight change in the Google algorithm and keep implementing innovative methods in the workplace.



    What to expect from an SEO agency

    How do I know if my SEO company is doing a good job?

    The best SEO company will always have recommendations for better improvement. The company will show that your ranking is improving. And though you may experience slowing down of traffic, your revenue will still go up.

    Is SEO worth the money?

    Absolutely YES! SEO gives you the high ROI (Return Of Investment) and long-lasting results, which is highly beneficial for enhancing your business, be it a small scale or a large scale company.

    How can I check my SEO ranking?

    Log in to Webmaster Tools Account —-> Click on ‘More’ link–> You will see a list of top keywords–> Click on any keyword to see its ranking data. [You can also change the results if you can change the date range and region as per your wish]

    Can I do SEO on my own?

    For that, you should have better guidance and best practice of implementing SEO strategies. You can take an online course and may learn the tactics. But, consulting the best SEO agency would be the best decision to improve your branding.

    Can you do SEO for free?

    There are free SEO tools available on the internet with which you can do SEO for no cost. However, the accurate results from these tools are quite questionable.

    How much does SEO cost per month Or Year?

    There is no such fixed amount. Our basic plan starts from Rs.8,000, and the price varies according to the plan you choose.

    Can you pay Google to rank higher?

    NO. There is no such strategy where you can pay Google to get a higher ranking. Whereas, you can opt for running Google Adwords campaign.

    How long does SEO take to work?

    SEO usually takes a time of 4 to 6 months to see the results. We have to remember that SEO results grow with the passing time.

    How do I know if my keywords are working?

    You can use analyzation tools like Google Analytics to see your keywords are working. Also, in the first three months, if you see the positive fluctuations in the keywords rankings then, it is a good sign.

    What is a bad SEO practice?

    Unethical and outdated SEO practices result in BAD SEO. It can include keyword stuffing, irrelevant keyword, hidden texts or links, etc.

    What is SEO and how it works?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website to achieve organic as well as unpaid traffic from SERPs. Talking about its working, then SEO is the process that organizations opt for to make sure that the website is ranking high in the search engines for a relevant set of keywords and phrases.

    This process will try to optimize your content in the blog or article in such a way that it will show you in the top results to whoever searching for the particular keyword or phrase.

    Are you providing a guarantee on ranking?

    It totally depends on the SEO strategies that are getting implemented. A perfect SEO strategy allows for ranking higher and higher.

    Do we need a point of contact, from the client-side?

    It solely depends on the management team of the client-side. If the CEO or key-position person is running short of time, then it’s always great to have another point of contact who can guide you or discuss with you on behalf of the main person.

    What is On-page?

    On-page SEO/ On-site SEO talks about the practice of optimizing personalized or single web pages to rank higher and higher while earning more relevant traffic through search engines. It is about both the HTML source code of a page and content that can be optimized. It is the exact opposite of that of the off-page SEO that connects to links as well as other signals that are purely external.

    What is off-page?

    Off-page SEO/ Off-site SEO is all about the actions taken outside of your website to give a dazzling impact to your rankings within SERPs. However, an Off-page SEO is an effort made through content marketing, social media marketing, or influencer marketing that help to generate links as well as ratings.

    This way, your site will get a hike in credibility as well as ranking. The Off-page SEO is tremendously valuable as it tells search engines like Google, that whether your website is significant to others on the web or not.

    What does it mean to Google Friendly Website?

    Google-friendly website means giving visitors the information they’re looking for and providing high-quality content specifically on your homepage, which is the most important thing to do. Suppose your pages have much useful information, then the entire content will attract a lot of visitors and can entice webmasters to link your sites.

    What is Mobile-First indexing ?

    Mobile First-indexing means the mobile version of your website becomes the starting or the initial point for crawling, indexing, and ranking by Google in search engine result pages. It plays a crucial role while deciding the rankings of the websites.

    Instead of looking at the desktop version of the page, Google goes for the mobile version of the website for crawling, indexing, and ranking process. However, if you are observing a sudden increase in crawling of the website from the smartphone bots, then cached versions of the pages are nothing but the mobile version of the web pages. It is what mobile indexing means.

    What is a Google algorithm update ?

    Google’s algorithms are nothing but a complex system for deciding the ranking of the website for any query. This system is specifically used to fetch data from its search index. However, it also instantly deliver the best possible results for all kind of queries and concerns.

    Google uses a combination of algorithms and a number of ranking signals to deliver webpages to users that are placed as per the relevance of its SERPs. A major fluctuation in rankings occurs in numerous ways when the google algorithm update is observed.