Site Architecture – 4 Ways A Silo Structure Will Boost Your SEO

Site Architecture – 4 Ways A Silo Structure Will Boost Your SEO featured image
25 Aug 2021
Nirlep Patel
Website Development

In this digital world, having a website for the business is important. A website acts as the transmission portal between the business and the potential audience and the front face of any business. Almost every business nowadays relies on a website to grab maximum audiences. At the same time, it’s important to generate engagement and drive transformations for attracting the desired traffic of the audience towards the website content. Hence, it’s become necessary to ensure that the website is organized well with differentiated features. 

Moreover, an influential way of clarifying and making the navigation process easy in a website is to develop the silo structure for the website. Before moving further to the topic, let us understand what is a silo structure deeply through this content. 

What is a silo structure? 

A website architecture where the content is governed logically is called the silo structure. Silo structure comprises the hierarchical assemblage with different topics and sub-topics. It means that you can create a category and subcategory on your website and then publish the relevant content for it. But for a successful silo structure of your website, you need to have a high level of organization. Like you can focus either on a niche or on a theme overall. Then you can develop the content for its sub-categories and can make each category look different from one another. Through these hierarchies, you can formulate the content, particularly for each topic. 

Moreover, if the website is created in this way, you can have a great effect on your website content and SEO which will boost the traffic engagement, conversion, and more of your website. 

According to a report it’s found that silo structure can have the overall support in your content creation activities. Because more than 72% of online marketers put focus on effective content creation as their most effective SEO strategy, hence it can be said that a website structure plays a crucial role in the success of the website. Now let’s walk on to discuss the topic further. 

How does a silo structure boost your SEO? 

1- Silo structure improves user experience 

If you have even the smallest problem with your website, then it might result in making your audience leave the site the next moment they arrive. That’s why having a website with structured content is important. 

When your potential audience understands what your website and business are all about and if they get the necessary information they are looking for at your website, they will not leave the website the moment they arrive. Instead, they will spend more and more time towards knowing what your site is and how it can be valuable for them. With a silo structure, the site navigation process will become easy and helps in improving the user experience and grabbing more traffic. 

2- Silo can create the keyword relevance and context 

The relevancy of any keyword is crucial in the site indexing process. While doing site indexing, search engines will consider and check the keyword relevancy with the content. Along with the keyword, the search engines will also look for the content which will be posted on a website. For instance, the post about how to make healthy salad must fall into the category or keyword recipe. Also, this post needs to be fit to the website as well. Like the website can be related to health and hygiene. To be viewed by the online customer, it’s important to have proper keyword relevancy and content should be perfect for the posting site as well. 

With a proper silo structure, the content and keyword will be optimized for the website theme and categories. If you place the keyword appropriately, the chances of being visible online will be increased. 

3- Easy in interlinking 

When you are adding or creating the backlinks for your website, it’s important to ensure that these links will discover the useful content which users are searching for throughout the site. Here a silo structure is beneficial in creating the link between the top categories of posts to their sub-categories. Hence these backlinks are crucial because it helps the search engine bots to trudge the entire website of your business. And as soon as crawling is complete, the likelihood of articles and posts will rank according to the SEO. 

4- No overlooked content 

With the help of interlinking or backlinking of content in your website, you can improve the chances of overlooking content by the search engine. The search engines will use many links to find the proper content on your website. While the best practices of backlinking will suggest linking and discovering the content within the site with the silo structure. In this way, you can ensure that your interlinked contents are relevant, meaningful, and contextually updated. While if your website has silos that are linked with other links, then you can link to the top-level sectors. 

Final Words

With this content, it can be concluded that the more adequate your website structure will be, the higher rank you will get in search engine results. If you take care of your site architecture, you can achieve the site results you are longing for. While there will be no other site structure other than a silo structure to organize your website and enable you to achieve your desired results. 

While developing the site with a silo, it’s crucial to know that a silo structure has two types: a physical silo and a virtual silo. Moreover, a silo structure works on the primary idea of providing a clear structure to the website and organizing the content in such a way that people can navigate it easily. Many websites are running currently with silo structure to optimize and improve their performance and for boosting off their SEO strategy

If you are struggling to grab the desired traffic on your website due to its structure, then shift to the silo and take advantage of this prominent website structure.