A Comprehensive Guide To Coupon Link Building For E-Commerce Websites

A Comprehensive Guide To Coupon Link Building For E-Commerce Websites featured image
16 Dec 2021
Nirlep Patel

Identify Pages For Your Link Building Campaign:

So for a link-building campaign let’s begin with researching and identifying what keyword you are going to select for your link-building campaign. You are going to do this by analyzing the SERPs and the top-ranking pages, then you need to identify what types of content that rank for these searches.

Is it transactional or directional or informational? Or it is a coupon page or an e-commerce category page. One of the effective ways for keywords is by checking what works for a high-traffic, successful e-commerce category webpage.

You can either look for an industry leader like retail me not or smaller websites whichever fits you the best a digital marketing strategy works well for such choices.. These steps will help you to decide what kind of pages you want to develop for your links.

Determine Your Anchor Text Profile:

Developing an optimized but not over-optimized, This anchor text profile is an important step in link building to ignore landing in blazing water with google. While using similar optimized anchor text across your campaign seems to be unusual to google and you may earn a manual action report or penalty on your website.

Coupon code link building works a little bit differently from other link-building strategies. Usually, accurate match anchor text i.e “coupon codes for Walgreens” looks unsure as it is usually associated with anchor text manipulation.

But for coupon codes, the rules are a little bit different. An accurate match is accepted by everyone as long as the link includes the Nofollow attribute. Or else it might trigger a manual action. Anchor text distribution is not perfect. Alternatively, the keyword vocation, as many vocations, has a different signal weight.

Here Is How To Do It:

  • Search for a website or a webpage like Groupon, retail me not.
  • Copy the uniform resources locator (URL)
  • Paste the URL into ahrefs search bar set to prefix.
  • Filter the result by the best pages by incoming links
  • Click anchors in the menu on the left.

In a median anchor text profile, you expect to see a distribution between brand, relevant Call to action anchor texts along with some URLs. as you inspect these top-ranking Pages You want to combine and categorize the anchor text into these broad categories.

Create a natural link profile you will aim to mirror this distribution of anchor type in your Link-building campaign. If you want a more detailed breakdown of this step, please check Out the advanced approach to selecting anchor text.

Prospects For Sites To Place Your Context:

Now that you have created your anchor link profile, it’s time to find suitable websites that can help place your content.

You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Some good old fashioned manual research
  • By using an influencer outreach platform
  • Prospects for sites to place your context:

Now that you have created your anchor link profile, it’s time to find suitable websites that can help place your content. You can do this in a couple of ways, and the agency for digital marketing covers as follows:

  • Some good old fashioned manual research
  • By using an influencer outreach platform

Manual Research:

If you are considering DIY your link-building campaign, you can do your research to find the websites and blogs you want to aim for outreach. As you are weighing your alternatives, make sure to evaluate the website for attachment to google’s E A T standards. This content should be closely connected to your suitability.

In case you are not aware of Google search operators these tips will make your search a lot easier. Search operators are special commands you can use to purify your search. For example, to search the websites that allow you to submit coupon codes, you can look for web pages that have “submit” and “add” and” coupon” in the title.

In what case your search query would look like this:
“Keyword” intitle: submit intitle: coupon

There are some operators that you may find helpful for coupon link building are:

  • Inurl
  • Intitle
  • related

You may use this method to find blogs that discuss coupons and any brands that you have links to. Just reach out and ask them to link back to your web page.

Influencer Outreach Platforms:

If this manual prospecting sounds like a chore, you can use a pitch box that can help you find websites. Outreach platforms can go to a greater number of websites, all the organized useful contact information you will need for outreach.

Write Your Pitch and Reach Out:

Now the time has come to pitch to the websites you have identified for your link-building campaign. This is the most confusing step where people tend to struggle the most, which is not so surprising. Just imagine all the cold emails you have received in your life.

Now try to remember how many you have replied to. The answers are probably low. Bland, templated emails are usually because you can send hundreds of them faster than you can write just a few individualized emails. The problem is that you risk exhausting your prospects list for just a few opportunities.

One of the Studies published in a fast fast company detailed an experiment where the researcher sent out thousands of emails, split testing different optimization strategies to see what worked for the surplus rate for open and replies.

Of those thousand emails and ten email copies and subject line variation, only 12 people responded. Only 1 of those responses, the author reports, was helpful. A reply rate of only 1.7 percent is bad by any metric, and it goes to show that no matter what effective digital marketing strategy you use there is no replacement for personalization.

As you begin to reach out make sure to tailor your text to the people you are contacting. Be sincere and specific.

Here are some general rules of thumbs when it comes to cold outreach:

  1. Contain a specific reference to the people’s past work to show that you have been paying attention.
  2. Be straightforward about your ask and what it requires from them. Provide the information they need.
  3. In case you may have lost your email in the shuffle, don’t be afraid to follow up. While there is no agreement on exactly how many emails should be in your sequence, sending at least three emails in total should give you a chance to win their attention.

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