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Why Your Brand Needs A Strong Social Media Presence In 2021?

by | Jul 13, 2019 | SMO

Updated! This Post About Why Does Your Brand Need A Strong Social Media Presence Has Been Updated For 2021.


Brands who understand the importance of a strong social media presence have always made social media marketing strategies a part of their digital marketing campaigns.

Even in 2021,  few brands undermine the impact of social media on a brand’s digital presence, or over the impact of social media on a brand’s business.

This blog post will discuss why your brand needs a strong social media presence and the importance of social media marketing strategies.


Why Are Social Media Platforms Valuable For Your Brand?

Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are the new go-to mediums for knowing almost everything- be it checking in on the latest news, discovering new places to visit, or online shopping. It is more accurate for millennials who spend most of their time on social media platforms. So if your brand wants to attract millennials, you must adapt to a robust social media marketing strategy.

Not only millennials but over 3.5 billion people ( around half of the world’s population) are on various social media platforms.

73% of Marketers Believe that social media forms one of the most effective online marketing strategies and has a powerful impact on a brand’s online appearance.

54% Of Social Media Users use social media platforms to search for new products and services.

India stands second in the list of countries having the highest number of Instagram users; boasting around 120 million Instagram users!

The statistics are enough to tell you how important social media platforms and brands need to build a strong social media presence.


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         Top 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Must Have A Strong Social Media Presence


1.Make Your Brand Omnipresent     

Social Media helps your brand become an omnipresent brand.

Today, an average person has almost 8-9 social media accounts alone! So if your brand builds a strong social media presence, it can become an omnipresent brand; in fact, omnipresent marketing is one of the most trending marketing techniques for brands today. You must remember that online users come across more than 5,000 brand messages in a day. That’s a huge number! Social media helps your brand solidify its online presence, and gain better and improved brand awareness. It connects your brand with audiences who are completely unaware of your brand.


2. Increase Brand Loyalty           

   Brand Loyalty is an essential factor why your brands must have a strong social media presence. You will find most of your online audience on various social media platforms. Social media platforms are where most of your ideal audience first discover and interact with your brand.

Today, with the help of various social media platforms, brands can take brand loyalty at a whole new level and make it more personalized.

 2021, demands and aims at developing a personalized brand experience for users and a strong social media presence helps brands achieve just that.

  Brands can increase brand loyalty by creating personalized experiences in many ways, by sharing brand reviews in the form of product reviews as their social media stories or posts. Thanking their loyal customers personally through posts, social media stories, referrals. Having a social community where their audience can speak openly about brand-related issues, opinions, etc. All these experiences help personalize your brand and forms an emotional connection with your regular audience. 

Remember, most of your ideal customers are already on social media, so the barrier between you and your customers is already broken, and you can interact with directly on a personal level. You can go live, whole Q&A Sessions, Arrange Free Giveaways in matters of seconds.


3. Increase Your Industry Collaboration       

Social media have given rise to a new niche of brand promoters known as influencers, and a whole new marketing type known as influencer marketing. Influencers aim at promoting products and services on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Influencer Marketing is one of the most common ways of brand collaboration and helps brands take their presence and business up a notch. In fact, 65% of marketers believe that brands will increase their influencer marketing budget in the upcoming year. Influencer Marketing allows brands to collaborate with influencers having credible exposure within the same industry and opens up a sea of audience form to the influencers list of followers. This practice is better and more effective over hosting webinars or having a dedicated email list.



4. Improve Brand Credibility     

       A brand’s social media presence helps in establishing strong credibility and brand authority in the digital world. A common habit what everyone has nowadays is to check out a brand’s social media performance before investing in its products or services.

Checking out product reviews over Facebook, Googling the brand and checking out Google reviews, Seeing product images and its related comments on Instagram are among the many ways today’s digital audience establish a brand’s credibility. In fact, customers aim to thoroughly scrutinise the reviews and star ratings of brands before purchasing. A social media presence, helps brands take full charge of reputation management and help deal with unsatisfied customers positively. This further adds to a brand’s credibility and establishes a positive social media presence for the brand.


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5. Build A Personalised Brand         

A significant aspect of developing a social media presence in 2021 is to create a Personalised Brand. Almost every brand today aims at being personalised, connective to the audience and humane in nature. Every brand wants to show its audience that they understand their audience’s daily struggles and their products/services help them cope with their daily struggles and make their lives better. For being personalised, brads have to have an aggressive social media strategy, that involves posting content-rich posts, having a consistent posting schedule on social media platforms and experimenting with different content formats. Every social media platform is different and demands experimenting with various content types. Post relevant, consistent and creative content.



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How Do I Increase My Brand’s Social Media Presence?

For starters, you can read this blog posts carefully and also read other social media & branding posts related to it that are mentioned above!       


But apart from this, brands who already have social media accounts must begin by analysing their strengths and weaknesses, creating social media strategies for attracting an online audience, have a consistent social media schedule and maybe reaching out to industry influencers for collaborations.

Brands who have never had a social media presence must begin by creating social media accounts on various social media platforms and then strategizing their further moves.

Stay Consistent And Do Not Give Up!

Our  Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai is always there to help you!

At GBIM Technologies, we find a brand’s true essence and develop social media strategies around the essence.

 Check Out Our Social Media Marketing Services.



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