When it comes to SEO, we as SEO experts tend to stress ourselves a lot more than we should. We think that every opportunity should be grabbed and that everything that shows some sign of boosting a website presence on the search engines is worth it.

While there are multiple ways to boost a website, not everything can be helpful and effective. Despite that, there are a few things that we cannot stop obsessing about thinking that it will be of some use; in reality, it doesn’t.

Regional Landing Pages

When a particular business provides services to multiple towns and cities, they tend to create a landing page for each location. Thinking that it would garner attention from local users, there is a lot of effort that goes into creating them. While in most cases, the web content remains the same, and just the location becomes different, there is the issue of duplicate content blocking the search engines. When it comes to targeting a local audience, including local customer reviews, talk about the benefits of opting for your services in the area to make things personalized and distinct.

Being present in regional directories

It is said that the more directories that your business is a part of, the more attention it would receive. Well, it is something completely wrong. Not all business directories online are valid and are visited by the masses. It is only a few trusted ones that people follow, and that is sufficient. When you focus on quality more than quantity, you get a better hold of your business on the Internet and not spam it.

Voice Search options

Voice search is something that has stopped receiving much of an attention from users. When it was introduced, people found it interest, but with time, things have changed. It is usually for the search for local places as that of restaurants, amusement areas, etc. Not everyone uses voice search to look for products and services from websites as typing and looking for other options seems to give better results.

Excessive use and tracking of keywords

While you may use keyword research tools for your website and get a list of keywords relevant to your business, it isn’t necessary that you pick every suggestion. Excessive keywords that are similar to each other doesn’t make much of a sense. It is suggested that you only focus on a certain set of keywords that are relevant and not the ones that don’t make much of an effect on your website. Lesser keywords are easy to handle while making you get more attention to your website.

Guest Posting

While guest posting helps you retrieve backlinks for your website, there are times when it leads to spam. The reason behind such spamming is posting on multiple sites from the same IP address. The results aren’t something that is natural and looks forced while not bringing about genuine responses. Guest posting doesn’t help with SEO as it isn’t given much importance by the search engines.

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