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    Why Google Penalized Your Website? Top Causes Behind The Google Penalty

    • March 12, 2020
    • Nirlep Patel
    • 8 min read

    Google is one of the major search engines in the world, handling a whopping over 70% of the world’s online traffic. Only after Google, Bing is a major player. But what do you think Google will accept anything you post on your website to gain more popularity and make your content viral?

    Then you must fool yourself. Being an Artificial Intelligence system, Google works faster than what we assume. It is a fact that Google or its so-called bots monitor every move we make on our website to increase our search engine ranking.

    Google is an authority in the worldwide web and to maintain that authority, we all have to follow certain rules and regulations which is known as Google Algorithms. If we won’t follow these algorithms, surely Google will Penalise our website.

    You may find google penalty checker tool useful, which helps in recovering our website from penalty. Even sometimes we forget to follow them, but we have to work as per the rules set by Google.

    Google keeps on updating its Algorithm for the sake of better search results. With regular updating conditions of Google, it regularly announces an important warning. This focuses on the information being provided on the internet to the users.

    Google Is Against Black Hat SEO Techniques –

    Google is now on a mission in which it wants to ensure that every user on the internet gets accurate and appropriate search results that uniquely produced and from the valid publishers. Google also checks the intent of the content, and type of content one is publishing on its platform.

    Google is strictly against duplicate content and fake information, and to curb these problems it continuously keeps updating its algorithm and its Webmaster policies .

    But there is a dark side related to these terms which are known as Google Penalty . Therefore, your website is might facing many of the consequences. Now, the penalty is imposable for well-deserved reasons, but you can’t sit down and watch the disaster.

    You need to take certain strict actions and here we came up for you to grab some attention towards this issue which is becoming very normal for the website owners. This blog will help you understand everything such as what are google penalties , types of google penalty, and How to recover from Penalties from Google .

    What Are Google Penalties?

    Google started updating its algorithm and policies by the year 2000. That was the time when the toolbar extension got released. Back then, the toolbar update was a one-stop solution for your SEO practices. Since then, the SEO industry has gained more recognition. That was the time when people get to see the Page Rank in a sorted and actual form.

    Over these years, Google kept on updating the quality of search results, as we know Google for its authentic search information. For some past years, it began to deplete the content which reflected the poor quality and shows duplicate content .

    It started showing useable and informative contents on the SERP. That’s how penalties got its way to our websites. Many Google updates penalised websites which were working fine, but in the eyes of Google, there was some issue which needed to be resolved by the owner.

    As they released the Penguin update in the year 2012. It made its record of multiple results on a single search result page. That made to remove some poor- quality contents sites immediately. This made website owners think twice before publishing any post. You can take the help of Duplicate Content Checker Tool to reoptimize your existing content with duplicity.

    After that incident, SEO experts are working hard to be very specific about their posts and started following the best SEO practices . They keep themselves updated with the latest Google’s SEO strategy , algorithm, Webmaster updates , etc. So they can stand far away from the Google manual penalty.

    How To Check Google Penalties?

    You might receive a penalty as automatic or manual. When you receive a Google manual penalty , you will be informed about it. Sometimes you don’t even get notified if the main reason for penalty is algorithmic activity.

    These penalties might demand experienced SEO professionals for your website who can follow best SEO practices to rank your website as per the Google Algorithm and take out your website from the penalties .
    Here Are Some Clues For Algorithmic Penalties :

    • Your website is not getting ranked with your brand name. Even if this is the case then the least we could expect is to rank well with specific keywords.
    • Any page of your website slipping back and coming in the result page number 3 or 4 without you doing anything.
    • The Page Rank of your website has been dropping its PR for a long time.
    • Your website has been removed from Google’s cached search results.
    • Searching for your website address gives out no results.

    These were some clues for algorithmic penalties now let’s get to know about automatic and manual penalties.

    Automatic Penalty

    Whenever Google updates its policies, some websites can see a drop in their organic traffic and some will see a boost in the organic traffic.

    If you want to check, then directly log in to your Google Analytics and start reviewing your organic traffic reports. If you notice a huge drop in your traffic after the release of the updated algorithm, then you might have been hit by this issue.

    Manual Penalty

    Whenever you notice any negative impact on your website’s ranking on the SERP after Google’s search Algorithm update, this can be a manual penalty. Google manually reviews websites and makes intentional penalization if Google notices any black-Hat SEO practices to gain more traffic and ranking.

    Why Google Penalized Your Website?

    Google possesses a huge online reputation, and this is the reason it is the leader of the online world. Google is continuously working on improving and filtering the indexed content every once in a while. You can’t be left out because it leaves a hint so you can catch the latest update.

    You can get some idea of why Google penalized your website by reading this post. Below are the points that you need to check google penalties in your website .

    • Paid Backlinks:

    Backlinking enhances our search ranking, but what if you are busy buying those links? If you are buying bad links to cheat Page Rank, then this may be the factor of google penguin penalty.

    are prohibited on Google. As it is a major black-hat SEO technique, Many of the SEO experts believe that paid links help to enhance SEO in a short period of time.

    • A Huge Amount Of Reciprocal Links:

    There was a time when the substitution of links was working as innocent marketing tactics. So, check if you are attempting this kind of action in bulk. We should always ignore two-way backlinking as it comes under Grey-hat SEO.

    • Content Duplicacy:

    It is the common mistake that we make while posting any content. So, use the tools such as Turnitin, Copyscape to make sure you don’t upload any kind of copied content. As if you don’t pay attention to this point, then it will cause Google penalties for duplicate content and no-one wants to face that.

    • Too Much Use Of H1 Tags:

    If you design your content properly, then it helps in SEO. As it helps, the search engine it is prescribed to use H1 or Heading 1 tag only once.

    • Links From Sites In A Different Language:

    Have you bought any different language links from a foreign client? Then this is the reason your website is getting a Google manual penalty . However, Google says that linking to another language won’t work for you as the users of your website are familiar with a single language.

    • Keyword Stuffing:

    Keyword stuffing is never a good idea as it leaves a negative impact on Google and content seems more artificial. Surely you will gain much traffic and instant ranking, but in the long run, Google will penalise your website. If you are using a keyword too much in your website, then you will get the keyword stuffing penalty from Google . Too much use of keywords shows that your content is not up to the mark for Google. Carefully use five meta keywords per page on your website.

    • Use Of Footer Links:

    Some web designers that you hire embed footer links for navigation. This may land you some google penguin penalty on your website.

    • Absence Of Sitemap Data:

    Google makes uses of XML sitemap for your website to parse the structure and design of your website. So, keep updating your XML sitemap as it gives Google a sign for all your updated and new pages.

    • Hidden Links:

    All the links that you are using on your website should be visible so that readers can get useful information. Any tiny hidden detail is considered being the reason for suspicion for Google.

    • Broken External Links:

    Broken links can seriously penalize your website permanently as it is against Google Policy and not user-friendly too. If you are not updating broken links, then Google bots will get an idea that you think little about the users. So, monitor links and try to remove all broken links available on your website.

    • Excessive Use of Anchor Text:

    In the year 2012, Google released the Penguin update, which discouraged the use of anchor text linking. So stay away from excessive use of anchor text.

    • Neglecting Hreflang :

    The term Hreflang is specially designed to notify Google, that you are using duplicate content. This duplicate content might target different languages and different localities.

    • Website Time Out:

    Slow websites are enemies of Google and Users. There are many of the times when your hosting provider troubles your website. This is when your website goes down. Sending users to a dead end. By continuous time out issues Google might remove your website from indexing.

    • Use Keyword In Domains:

    Domains are not harmful as long as you use keywords in them. Google takes this thing as anchor text manipulation. So refrain from these kinds of practices.

    • Use Of Too Much Affiliate Links:

    Google doesn’t hate affiliate links, but if you use too much of them, then this is a red alert for you. Don’t even use them with any mask because it is Google, it knows everything.

    • Slow Speed:

    If the site you own is creating bouncing back visitors, then Google takes that as a sign. This happens when your website loads too slow. There might be many problems behind it.

    • Spammed Comment:

    Many of the websites have spam detection systems, but many of the comments still make their way on your website. So moderate the comments from time to time. If you don’t have time to do so, then keep commenting off. If your website depicts any advice about spammy content, then this can cause you trouble. Be welcoming to the google penalty.

    Now you know the reasons why Google charges you with Google penalties . This doesn’t end here, but there are many more reasons Google is sending penalties to your website. No-one can tell the exact reason why this is happening with your website, but there are some common reasons. So be aware of them.

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