Why Data From Attribution Model In Google Analytics Plays An Important Role For Your Business?

  • March 03, 2020
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 8 min read

What Is Attribution Model?

Attribution models are rules which determine how credit and conversion are attached to various touchpoints. Attribution models are essential in business as they can measure the effect of different customer touchpoints.

It also shows how they interacted through different channels before they finally purchased the product. The models allow you to understand to what extent the customer’s journey is affected by your marketing strategy.

The data provided by the attribution models allow marketers to plan future campaigns. And review how the previous campaign benefited by determining which advertisements were more beneficial. That in terms of profits they attracted and influential to lure more clients.

How To Choose Attribution Model For Your Business?

Companies should be careful with the choices of their attribution as a wrong choice of their attribution will result in the faulty analysis of the whole campaign. Attribution tools help in determining the success of your digital advertising campaigns and other different channels of marketing.

There are various models of attribution in business. They are undoubtedly helping business in one way or another. Firms can now achieve their goals by analysing these models.

Attribution model in google analytics can confuse if you have never used them before. They allow changing the way you give credit to the marketing channels depending on where they are located the conversion path.

Importance Of Attribution Model in Google Analytics:

The model precisely reveals which touchpoints in your customer’s journey impacted your decision to convert. It allows you to know which channels influence buying decisions. This allows you to credit the different channels accordingly.

Whether most of your time you spend it on marketing your content on any channel, you need to be able to influence of each channel on the decision of buying. So you can know which channel to mainly focuses on.

Understand Attribution Model In Google Analytics:

Attribution model in google analytics includes allocating appropriate value to all the touchpoints in all online channels. So you may know which efforts are giving the most returns in sales. It gives us the most crucial data, even though both vanity metrics and open rates have proven to be easy to track.

Understanding the impact of all your channels is important in the following ways:

  • It helps you to allocate your budget wisely.
  • It gives you an understanding which of your marketing activities are working.
  • You will be able to discover the number of optimal interactions that are needful to make a sale.

To be able to test the attribution model working for you, you must first understand the entire customer journey. This can be very challenging as it is not easy to measure the impact of all the steps in the buying cycle.

Google Analytics Dashboard:

It is a collection of widgets that allows you to be able to visualize your data easily and faster. It gives a great deal of information about how a website performs.

Marketers use the data in the google analytic dashboard to decide on strategies of promotions, website designs, and how to set business objectives. The displayed data summarizes your business, though you could change the time to get the performance of your business in different durations.

The dashboards display the following information;

  • Active Users
  • Number of
  • Sessions and their durations
  • Bounce rate
  • Acquisition sources

Attribution model gives credit to your goal conversions by use of the interaction attribution model. Goals in digital analytics could be things like;

  • Making purchase for an e-commerce site
  • Submitting contact information form (for marketing sites)
  • Completing a game level for a mobile gaming app

Assigning a value to your goal will allow you to be able to keep track of the revenue you collect from your conversions. It allows you to compare goal conversion and measure the changes and the improvements evident in your site.

Google Analytics Attribution Beta:

Google Analytics attribution beta helps marketers to see how higher and mid-funnel interactions affect conversions and avoid or ensure no cross-device and cross-channel problems. This channel allows assigning credit to the true sale path.

It is mainly intended for users who want to go beyond the last-click attribution and simultaneously access the data-driven models. It allows its users the visibility or full access to their customer’s journey in all steps of and across all touchpoints.

That it offers clear visibility enables its users to make better marketing decisions. As you do not add any tracking system to benefit fully from this unique model.

Google Analytics Cross Channel Attribution:

This model uses more advanced analytics to give the right credit to every marketing point cutting through all online channels to lead to the needed customer action.

The google analytic cross channel attribution is based on giving the credit where it deserves. This keeps track of their media and marketing efforts by showing how they impact the business.

Following the right procedure, channel data provide insights on how, when, and where marketing influences customers across the channels and devices.

Marketers can then use this information to tell the rate of customer interactions and whether they liked it. It allows marketers to do much more with the information they get as they will be able to understand their customers better.

Time-Decay Attribution Google Analytics:

Marketers are mostly interested in conversions. Turning traffic, leads, and all the audience you get is a great achievement. As it fulfils the main goal of the business is to catch that goal conversion opportunity. This means that you must know which channels can generate more conversions for you.

The timedecay attribution google analytics is no doubt the right attribution channel for that. This is because it gives you an increased credit to every channel that brings a customer any closer to the real conversion.

This is achieved because each last touchpoint receives the most credit, and the first touchpoint receives the least credit. This model is most effective for determining the channels that often bring conversions are at the top-of-funnel channels.

After you get to know which channel is bringing more conversions, you will be able to spend more budget and time on the channel which will prove to be more effective.

The effectiveness will be measured based on;

  • Traffic generation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Lead generation

Data-Driven Attribution Google Analytics:

The data-driven attribution google analytics allows you to put in your end goals and be able to weigh each channel based on their effectiveness in achieving their desired goals.

This model accords or gives each channel the weight it deserves to have in achieving your main goal, which is conversion. Unlike other models, it uses both technical algorithms and weighted credit to tell which channels are bringing business.

Knowing the channels which are bringing you more business will allow you to do way with the channels which are not benefiting you much and focus on the one which is bringing you more money.

Multi-Touch Attribution Google Analytics:

It refers to the Martech attribution solution model. This is a model that tracks many touchpoints through the funnel and also assigns revenue credits to the touchpoints. They attribute values to many touchpoints.

The model assigns credit to revenues and sales across customers’ journeys. It is an advanced attribution solution that provides the marketing strategy value in the down-funnel metrics which matter to business revenues.

The multi-touch attribution model uses weighted modelling to assign a certain percentage of the value credit for many touchpoints as defined by the model chosen by the organization.

First Interaction Model:

The first interaction model gives credit to the first touchpoint, despite whether the marketing campaign directly influenced the sale. The first click in this model matters a lot.

It is a great model when you are still trying to find out which strategies and methods bring you more customers. After you get to know which channel brings you more clients with the help of this model.

You will be able to increase the budget on the channels which are bringing more customers faster. This will help manly lure people to purchase your products even after just seeing the advert once as the single click on it and land them to our business page.

How to track attribution?

Tracking attribution is not a task to do as it is associated with many challenges. The following factors, however, if put into considerations can help you track your attribution correctly:

1] Define Your Goals:

starts by defining the goals and objectives you want to achieve. Whether you are aiming to increase the number of new customers gained, increase traffic to websites, or increase revenue generated by marketing, setting realistic and measurable targets will help you chart objectives that will contribute to a successful outcome.

2] Customising Your Channel Labels:

There are many channels on google, though you can define your channel depending on the criteria you are analyzing. You could, for instance, set specific keywords as the main framework to used to track an attribution, which will help to optimize your SEO campaigns.

It is a simple task to do with a tool easy to use as it only requires little time and effort to familiarize to get used to its various features.

3] Selecting Your Method Of Tracking Wisely:

There are many types of reports options available with google analytics which provide different functionality from the other. Besides, having a look at the basic overview and the path length analysis, you can also have a look at the following:

  • Assisted conversions- each channel has a value which it gives or adds to the experience to the customer
  • Top conversion path- the unique channel bee used and its values
  • Time lag report-the number of days it took for the customer to covert

4] Diving Deeply In The Conversion Path with Assessment:

Over one channel may convince a customer to buy your products. You should be able to analyze the conversion paths besides using this feature to determine how your targeted campaign or marketing activity is benefiting in terms of rates of conversion.

5] Do Detail Analysis Of Generated Reports:

If your experiments run for days, weeks, or an extended amount of time, assessing the outcomes of these experiments and influence of your selected model on the outcomes will allow you to measure their impact of funnel optimization strategies related to the overall objective.


In conclusion, we can say that there is a right attribution model as the perfect for your business is the model that gives you valuable information to increase your profits. There are many trends and opportunities in business presenting in many ways, offering a chance for your business to grow.

You can, however, focus on a few strategies and measure their effectiveness and draw a conclusion from your findings and analyse which strategy works well for you in your business.

To successfully do this, you must be able to give credit where it deserves. Choosing the perfect model for your business may not be a walk in the park. However, you needed to be sure you settle for the channel which rightly tests the marketing touchpoints a customer passes through in their journey of purchasing the said products.

Remember, the main aim of the model is to determine which channel and strategy greatly impacted the customer’s decisions to purchase a product or influenced the client’s take the expected step in your business.

The models successfully store credits for different touchpoints, allowing your team of marketers to draw a conclusion based on the successful campaigns which brought more revenue or profit to the business.

Make a wise decision on the best Attribution Model In Google Analytics, and make sure that you have to hire Google Analytic Services you will enjoy its long-term benefits.

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