Why Choose An Agency For PPC SERVICES?

  • December 11, 2020
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 9 min read

Do I Need A PPC Agency? a question that haunts the minds of almost every business owner. Opting for Paid Ads as your digital marketing strategy and investing in a PPC agency can be a big decision for businesses. Selecting the perfect PPC agency is another huge decision.

PPC ads are complicated, involving a lot of planning, development and elements. Successful PPC campaigns do not happen overnight and require immense hard work and creativity and strategies.

Businesses preferring to manage their PPC campaigns independently through in-house PPC experts and businesses hesitant to choose PPC agencies for paid ad campaigns must read the post to know why to choose an agency for PPC services.

Why Should I Choose An Agency For PPC Services?

PPC Campaigns can be difficult to comprehend and require guidance from agencies PPC agencies help you discover the potential your products/services hold in terms of Paid Ads and how to ace it.

  1. Improved ROIs:

Hiring a PPC manager can be a very long and tedious process over hiring a PPC agency. Once hired, the PPC manager has to get familiar with your business model, write ads from scratch, decipher the keyword bidding process and much more. You also have to invest in their salaries, employee benefits, etc. If they do not churn out the desired results, you will experience a greater loss than when hiring a PPC agency.

Hiring a PPC agency gets you the needed PPC ads experience from the start. They help you get easily affordable cost per clicks, click-through-rates and worthy ROIs for your investment.

  1. Maximises Keyword Selection Process:

Choosing the perfect keywords for your ad is one of the toughest jobs when working on PPC Campaigns. You can easily bid on wrong keywords or high amounts of wrong keywords and create an ad full of incorrect keywords.

A PPC agency knows the perfect keywords for your business ads and the complicated process of keyword bidding. They will target the keywords best suited for you, generating better results.

  1. Professional & High-Quality Ad Copies:

A professional & high-quality ad copy forms a crucial part of impactful PPC campaigns. Google Ads has a character limit for their ads. You have to persuade your ideal audience in this limited ad space. This is a tough job and requires professional help.

PPC Advertising Agencies will help you create relevant, specific, creative and crisp ads that resonate with your ideal audience and fits with the chosen ad platform.

4.Landing Page Optimisation:

Landing pages have to be on-point, creative & powerful. A landing page has several important elements like CTAs, Images, Forms, Contact details, etc. Landing page optimization can get complicated when you manage your PPC Campaigns.

Landing page optimization is a complex process, requiring the help of an experienced PPC Agency to produce optimal conversions. PPC agencies can identify industry best practices and insights learned while working with other clients and help optimise your landing page to the fullest.

5.Sophisticated Campaign Monitoring & Reporting:

Working with a PPC Advertising Agency saves you from reading infinite campaign reports and campaign monitoring!

Since campaign monitoring & reporting is a part of what a PPC agency does, you will receive well written, updated and sophisticated campaign reports. You will be able to see whether or not your campaigns are giving you the desired results.

Handling your own paid search campaign does not give you detailed insights as there are times where you can find it difficult to decipher campaign data, hampering your PPC campaign.

6.Keep Up With The Latest Trends & Updates:

Paid Advertising world evolves and changes constantly. What was trending last week might not be trending the following week, new techniques, elements, developments are added almost every day, making it difficult for a business to keep up with.

Hiring a PPC Agency solves this problem as it is their job to know the various developments in the world of paid advertising. They help you keep up with the new changes, curating campaigns or altering campaigns keeping in mind what’s trending and what’s not.

A PPC agency does not involve a single person working on your campaign, but a whole team giving you different viewpoints and suggestions. When you have a PPC Manager you receive a one-track suggestion which can be stagnant at times.

7.Full Focus & Attention:

Managing your PPC campaigns independently can produce disastrous results. Irrespective of the responsibilities given to your In-House PPC Manager, there are innumerable additional tasks added to the list only overwhelming you and your PPC Manager and leading to unsatisfactory results.

It is common for businesses to hire a single Digital Manager who is also in charge of the company’s other digital elements such as SEO, Website Management & Social Media. With so many responsibilities on one’s plate, mistakes and misjudgements are bound to happen, affecting your PPC campaign results.

When you hire A PPC agency, you never face such problems as these agencies give their 100% focus only to PPC campaigns.

A PPC Agency is solely hired to manage and develop a company’s PPC campaigns, with only PPC campaigns as their sole responsibility you can expect fantastic PPC Campaign results. You further do not have to worry about your PPC campaigns, unburdening yours from additional responsibility.

 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

How do you know if a PPC agency is perfect for your business?

Ask the following questions to know whether or not a PPC agency fits your business:

  • Why Should I Hire You?
  • What Is Your Experience?
  • How Many Years Have You Been In Business?
  • Do You Know My Industry Type Well? Have You Worked With Similar Businesses Before?
  • How Do You Manage Your Pay Per Click Accounts?
  • How Do You Strategize For PPC Accounts?
  • Will I Be Involved In My PPC Campaigns?
  • How Will Communication Between Both The Parties Take Place?
  • What Are Your Performance Monitoring & Reporting Strategies?
  • What Are The Specialties Your Agency Offers?
  • What Makes You Well-Suited For My Niche?
  • Do You Offer Design/Development Services?
  • How Do You Charge For PPC Accounts?

  In-House PPC VS PPC Agency- How To Decide?

Many business owners are confused whether they should hire an In-House PPC team or invest in a full-fledged PPC agency.

In- House PPC Agency and Full-Fledged PPC Agency have their pros and cons, have a look to decide which is more suitable for your business:

  1. Experience & Skills:

PPC agencies have a combined skill set and experience as compared to In-House PPC staff.

When you hire a PPC agency, you get an entire team to work with who individually have their unique experiences and skill sets, helping your PPC campaign grow. Further, PPC Agencies keep themselves updated with the latest trends, news and developments of the Paid ads world giving them an edge over In-house PPC staff.

  1. Professional Knowledge:

Again. PPC agencies have an army of PPC professionals, each well-versed with various PPC elements. When working on PPC campaigns, this army comes together designing the exact PPC campaign you want and also giving their suggestions to it.

Your PPC campaigns can never go wrong when you hire a great PPC agency. Further, PPC agencies have what we call “insider knowledge”, having been in the same industry and interacting with other PPC agencies in the process. This is missing in an in-house PPC staff. Their professional knowledge is limited, limiting your PPC campaign growth.

3. Costs:

Maintaining A In-house PPC agency can be costlier than hiring a PPC agency. When you have inhouse PPC agency, your PPC agents are your employees, you have to provide them with employee benefits, software expenses, training expenses, resource expenses, etc. Loss of PPC team members can hamper your PPC campaign growth.

With a PPC agency, you do not have to invest in resources, employee training or even software as they come equipped with it all.

4.Scalability & Flexibility:

PPC Agencies are more scalable and flexible compared to an In-House PPC team. While working with a PPC agency, you have a team of workers working on your PPC campaign, in case any additional factor needs to be looked at, additional people can be assigned to your PPC campaign. This practice is not possible with In-House PPC agencies. In-house PPC agencies have limited resources and can not divide their attention to many things.

When it comes to flexibility, PPC agencies are highly flexible, offering diverse specialities such as Paid Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Email Advertising, Web Design, Copywriting and many more, giving them an advantage over In-house PPC agencies.


You know you have made the right choice when your selected PPC Agency possesses the following qualities:

  1. Offer Standard & Additional PPC Features:

A standard PPC agency must offer the following standard features:

  • Correct PPC Channels To Target
  • Intuitive & Detailed Keyword Analysis
  • PPC Monitoring & Reporting
  • Standard Campaign Optimisation
  • Competition Analysis

An efficient PPC Agency will offer additional features such as:

  • Split Testing Process (A/B)
  • A Dedicated & Honest PPC Manager
  • Regular Meeting
  • Cross-Platform Management & Reporting
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Regular Meeting

If your chosen PPC Agency does not offer these services, then you have selected the wrong PPC agency and need to select a one containing the listed services.

GBIM Technologies fits the bill perfectly, offering all the listed services as well as additional expertise PPC service. We promise to deliver Performance Driven results and regular campaign monitoring.

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  1. Expert Customer Service:

A high-quality PPC Agency offers a superior level of customer service. A very underrated element, customer service is one of the services one must judge before zeroing on a PPC Agency.

For a strong agency-client relation, customer service must be high graded and smooth. Miscommunications can create problems between agency-clients, hampering PPC campaigns in the way.

PPC Agencies must assign a PPC manager to every PPC client account, ensuring a smooth campaign run. Further communication via:

  • Telephones
  • Emails
  • Live- Chats

Must take place. PPC agencies should give telephone communication priority as it is quicker for solving problems.

3. Mobile-Friendliness:

Nowadays, almost 80% of your target audience prefers mobile devices for surfing and online activities over laptops or desktops. It is therefore important for your selected PPC agency to offer mobile compatibility for PPC campaigns.

The selected PPC Agency must centre PPC campaigns around the mobile interface as and when necessary for their client. They must optimise your website and PPC Ads around the mobile interface and ensure they run smoothly even over mobiles. A PPC agency that fails to do so is not the correct one for you.

4. Understands The Importance Of Dedicated Landing Pages:

The right PPC agency understands the importance of creative & dedicated landing pages and makes sure you have one. They understand how important the landing page is for your PPC campaign and design full optimisation plans for the same.

They make sure that it is not only the ad click that matters but customers not bouncing from the landing page and making an actual valuable action (product purchase, form fill up, etc) is equally a must.

  1. Thinks Outside The Box and Breathes Innovation:

You do not want your selected PPC agency to design the same old typical PPC campaigns that every other competitor of yours is doing. You want a fresh, innovative, never seen before PPC Ads Campaign.

Pick a PPC Company that is always trying and experimenting with new things. It means that they are actually putting some thought in your campaigns and not merely following the herd.

Experienced PPC agencies will provide you with suggestions benefiting not only your PPC campaigns but also other areas of your business. Great PPC agencies will help you succeed and also make suggestions and give ideas for the overall growth of your business.

  1. Passionate About PPC:

Passionate PPC Agencies live and breathe PPC. They are passionate about their work and aim at creating impactful PPC campaigns. Great PPC agencies invest their time in building a strong business relationship and growing continuously by updating themselves on the latest PPC trends and news.

  1. Great Campaign Monitoring & Reporting:

A great PPC management company emphasises on great campaign monitoring & reporting. They are enthusiastic and regular when sharing reports and updates on your PPC campaigns. They prepare detailed reports letting you know every detail of your PPC campaign and its impact.

Good PPC agencies collect as much data as possible throughout the campaign duration for figuring out how to generate the most successful leads and gain knowledge on market insights. By developing a thorough system of campaign monitoring and reporting they determine what works best for your PPC campaign and what does not.

GBIM technologies tick all the above-listed boxes, proving to be a successful PPC Agency.

Our PPC Ads campaigns are innovative, budget-friendly and impactful. We strive to develop strong business relations with all our clients and offer excellent customer support. Our dynamic team of PPC professionals are passionate about their work and have designed path-breaking PPC campaigns.

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