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Whats new in google shopping ?

by | Feb 5, 2021 | PPC

Google Ads Pricing & PPC Packages 

Google Shopping is one of the amalgamations of Google Search and Google Express which recently released and marked the presence in September 2019. It is just like any other shopping services provider which facilitates the consumers or buyers to browse, compare, and ultimately buy the products. 

What is Google Shopping?


It is an effort by Google to provide a hassle-free and seamless shopping experience to the users of the browser without having to go here and there. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Google Shopping a Comparison Shopping Engine. It is simply because the results displayed as a thumbnail of each product’s price and retailer’s information. Whenever you search for any product on Google, you will see a shopping tab in the search results page. 

It is a one-stop destination to all your shopping requirements. You will find a wide range of products to choose from and a lot of popular brands all under one roof. Moreover, just like any other shopping site, you will have access to filters to refine your search as per brand, colour, size, and many other relevant aspects. 

With Google shopping gaining popularity over many other shopping platforms, the search engine decided to provide excellent user experience to their customers. Hence, it continuously brings a lot of updates to its online shop. 

This article talks about the recently brought changes in Google Shopping for you to have a clear brief to the online advertisers. 

So without wasting more of your time, let us just begin. 

  • The shopping ads are now available on Google Images as well.
  • Showcase shopping ads. 
  • Smart shopping campaigns as per the Google Ads Pricing. 
  • Shopping actions. 

Let us understand each one of them in detail now. 

1- Shoppable Ads on Google Images 

It is one of the recently added ad formats by Google to expand the reach of its feature and allow the ultimate buyers an option to directly shop from image search. This will not only benefit the retailers with increased conversion rate but also the consumers or buyers. It facilitates the consumers in a way that they search for something on an image search of Google and will see an ad by the retailer of similar products. So, the buyer will eventually find what he/she is looking for and will buy the product directly by clicking on those clickable image ads. 

2- Showcase Shopping Ads 

It helps retailers and advertisers to enhance product visibility across several platforms including Google shopping. With the increase in the use of mobile usage and impression reach, it becomes important to align the requirements and ad display. Hence, Google recently introduced showcase shopping ads to show relevant ads as per the search query. 

3- Smarter Shopping Ads 

With the integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies, Google now knows where to showcase the respective ads. Be it Google images, Google Search Page, Display (web), or Youtube. 

4- Shopping Actions 

With the recent update of Shopping Actions with Google Shopping, the users are now able to shop for a particular brand on multiple surfaces of Google with a universal shopping cart quick checkout. Once placed, the order is then delivered to its mentioned destination. 

As promised, you now know what all are the latest updates in Google Shopping. Now you will be able to plan your PPC Packages as per the marketing budget set by you along with the demands of the customers. 


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