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What’s better WordPress or HTML?

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Website Development

Are you one of those who own a business but are perplexed on how to get started with? Many of your friends or closed acquaintances would suggest going for a website, but you do not have any idea regarding this.

Whether an HTML based static website would be beneficial or a WordPress based dynamic. Well, in this blog, I would discuss what is going to be the best for your business in terms of the website.

Before proceeding with any of the things, it is necessary to have an idea of what precisely WordPress and HTML is. If you have a website developer friend, then perhaps you might have a little bit of an idea on this. However, I would prefer starting from scratch.


What is WordPress?

WordPress, in simple terms, can be defined as a Content Management System (CMS) that provides a user-friendly interface to manage your website. It is the most popular platform for website creation and powers almost 34% of the internet (that’s what the website says).


Features of WordPress that are Taking the Internet by Storm

It is one of the most popular platforms that help create a blog, website, or app. With powerful features and beautiful designs, it gives the freedom to build anything a person wants- a business website to a personal one.

It is trusted by the best and provides the user with limitless possibilities to create anything. This has been possible because of some of the powerful features associated with WordPress. These features are as follows—


  • Easy to Update Website Pages
    With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, WordPress provides its users with the liberty to add and modify pages without paying to the developers. It is easy to use and allows easy steps to update and create pages on the website.
  • Numerous Templates to Choose from
    One needs not to worry about the limitation of the template. The platform provides its users to choose from innumerable templates that would best suit their business or preference. The best thing is that it allows any professional from any corner of the world to design, develop and upload the template to the site.
  • Incredibly Powerful Media ManagementHave you ever imagined about the power of WordPress? When WordPress rules 34% of the websites, then there is something special in it; isn’t it?

    Well, you would be surprised to know that with the availability of over 54,000 plugins, it helps you to meet all your requirements. In case your website is lacking any functionality, fret not! Simply install the related plugin to the existing site and enjoy the features.

    Plugins allow the addition of details to the website like photo gallery, contact us form, reservation form, and many more. In short, the use of plugin extends the functionality.

  • Full Control of the Website
    WordPress has taken care of the needs of the users. Therefore, the features have been such that these have allowed a user to add, modify, delete any information, page(s) from the website as per the requirement.With this, the owner has full control of the entire content, domain name, and the related information and data. In addition to this, one can customize the changes required. It is often seen that the owners of the websites have altered as per the website traffic, popularity, visits, and clicks.
  • User-Friendly and Manage on the GoNo matter whether you are skilled at handling website or website content or not, but the platform has been user-friendly for even the beginners.

    The dashboard contains all the requisite features that come in handy in managing and customizing the pages and its content. Other than this, the features also give the user an upper hand in managing the site’s layout, design, and heading.

  • Numerous Themes Offer Gateway to Explore Appearance
    Thanks to the farsightedness of WordPress! This CMS based website design and development platform offer its users a wide range of themes to tune the appearance and functionality of the new website.With the availability of thousands of themes in the directory, a user can also buy premium themes from design marketplaces that house a third-party theme.
  • SEO Friendly
    Amongst millions of websites, it is always a high chance that your website might not come up on the searches. Being searchable means your business exists in the marketplace. Therefore, for all different types of search engines, a website based on WordPress stands promising.The varieties of plugins and tools available help to optimize the website content to rank better. Hence, it offers a great SEO-friendly approach to the website. One can expect high performance from the website.
  • Responsive Mobile SitesIf you want to come in the top searches of the search engine like Google, you need to fare better on all parameters. Being a mobile responsive is one of them. WordPress platform makes sure that the website looks good even when viewed on other devices. It houses some of the finest and best theme designs for you.
  • Built-in Blog Feature
    Being a Content Management platform as well, it offers the users the freedom to update and delete content from the site as well. With the feature of the ‘built-in blog’, the user can update and add information to the site. One needs to create any one of them separately.


Limitations To The WordPress Platform

Amidst all these features, there are some limitations to the platform as well. These are—


  • Vulnerable to Hacking
    Since it is an open-source platform, being exposed to hackers stands potentially the most common and biggest threat. Since anyone can update and add themes, therefore there is no monitoring. Since it has been the popular one, it has been a popular target for hackers.
  • Can at Times Be Expensive
    Though there are plugins, templates, themes available on the site, it can be expensive at times. When you want your website to stand out from the rest, it is necessary to opt-out from the already available free. Therefore, according to the experts, the website, at times, comes out to be costly to keep it regularly updated.
  • Coding while Customizing
    There can be times when you would need to brush up your knowledge on HTML, CSS or PHP while making certain changes. Customizing it uniquely is always going to require coding. But this does not come out to be for the people who know the only business.With a bucket list of advantages and disadvantages, WordPress remains the top choice in the website design and development industry. However, there is yet another way of creating a website. It is based on HTML.


What is an HTML Website?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is a globally accepted programming language that helps in website development. It is used in conjugation with other languages like JavaScript and CSS to give the website the much-required features.

It tags and helps in formatting the content. The tags include the command given to the browser to specify how the webpage would look like.


Advantages Associated With The HTML

There are several advantages associated with the use of HTML as a website creation language. These are—


  • Easy to Code and Use
    The best part of the use of HTML as a programming language is that it uses simple tags to specify the purpose. It helps in coding and making specific changes.Another advantage associated with the use of HTML is that unlike other programming languages, it shows the error code making it easy for the professional to make the required changes.
  • HTML is not Browser Specific
    There is rarely any browser that does not support HTML coding. Therefore, a web developer is not supposed to optimize the website according to the browser.In addition to this, the other benefits of HTML based website are that—

    • HTML is lightweight, and hence, issues of page failing to load are almost null.
    • It is user-friendly, easy to edit and can be used easily with other languages
    • The websites thus created with HTML are static


Disadvantages Associated with HTML

Since the HTML websites are static; hence the disadvantages associated with them are as follows-

  1. HTML websites are costly when it comes to updating and changing. In addition to this, the website maintenance cost and hosting is also high
  2. It takes time to design and develop
  3. Unlike WordPress, a person cannot add/modify/delete the content as per requirement
  4. In the world of eCommerce, HTML websites do not provide the much-required flexibility in selling products as it takes a lot of time and effort to create and design a single page.


WordPress or HTML- Which One to Prefer?

There are different people with their perceptions. Some would prefer HTML, while few will recommend WordPress. However, with each of the platforms, there are associated pros and cons.

Regardless of the technology, it is necessary to keep in mind the ease of access and knowledge to handle the platform. WordPress platform also uses HTML and CSS coding.

In addition to this, there should always be a reason behind the choice. Dynamic pages can also be created with the use of the WordPress platform. What is required before proceeding is to clear the doubts if any exist?

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