What is the minimum pricing needed for Google AdWords?

  • February 08, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 4 min read

Google Ads Pricing 

Google Ads Campaigns or PPC Advertising campaigns are one of the most excellent ways to drive quality traffic to your sites  and increase the ultimate conversion rates. Undoubtedly, there are several ways in which you can enhance your brand visibility, spread brand awareness, increase conversion rates, and enjoy higher ROIs with digital marketing. But, Google Ads Campaigns tops the list. 

PPC Advertising Campaigns works efficiently, then optimizing your website as per the Google algorithms. SEO is useful but is time-consuming to fetch some results. While considering Google Ads campaign, it is clearly the most effective and efficient way to fetch traffic economically and in no time. 

There are many ways in which Google Ads are better than SEO, and those are mentioned in the below sections of this article. 

  • It works faster and better than Search Engine Optimization. 
  • Facilitates enhanced brand awareness. 
  • Improve the reach of the campaigns with the help of Gmail. 
  • Remarketing becomes simple with Google AdWords. 
  • Allows you to track and measure the performance of your Google AdWords campaign in the most systematic manner. 
  • Allows you to unlock and explore the fullest potential. 
  • Provides you with a competitive edge over other players of the market. 


How Much Google Ads Cost?

The answer to this question will differ from company to company. Every business has set a predetermined marketing budget and spends accordingly. Moreover, it also depends on what are the marketing objectives of businesses. For instance, a few companies would prefer advertising their offerings via Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing. While some of them would invest a large portion of their marketing budget only on PPC campaigns. 

Furthermore, Google Advertising Campaigns provides you with the flexibility to increase or considerably reduce your marketing budget as per the demand, time, or bid fluctuations. However, your total AdWords cost  will depend on the CPC (Cost-per-click) of the relevant and targeted keywords. 

The total costs might rise a little if the businesses plan to seek professional services from the PPC advertising agency. You must hire a well experienced and reputed PPC company to take care of your PPC management.


What All Factors Contribute Towards The CPC of Your Google Ads?

The cost-per-click or CPC is affected by several factors. Some of the factors can be changed or managed by you. But, some factors are by-default. You must note that all these factors contribute towards deciding the success of your ads campaign. It is because your success will depend on the quality of your ads and it will be affected by the keywords you are targeting. Hence, the entire process is simply interlinked. 

Factors that affect the CPC of Google Ads or in other words Google Ads Pricing are as follows:

  • Budget 
  • Bid
  • Industry
  • Market Trends 
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Keywords
  • Ad Schedule
  • Ad Rank
  • Targeting Settings
  • Quality Score.


One of the excellent benefits of Google Adwords using Google Ads Pricing technique is that you have to pay only when an individual clicks on the ad. Overall impressions and reach won’t be held accountable for the payment. 

Here are a few tips for you to manage your Google Ads Pricing to the core. 

1- Set Your Budget in Accordance To Your Budget 

Every business has a different goal to meet. Setting a budget to meet those goals is important and should be taken seriously. For instance, for some companies, the ultimate aim is to fetch traffic on their sites while others intend to take the visitors the desired call-to-actions. Hence, the budget, bid prices, and CPC would vary as per your ultimate requirements. 

Furthermore, Google offers several biding techniques that you can choose from. The techniques include Cost per acquisition, Cost per mile, or Cost per click. 

2- Integrate Your Analytics & Google Ads 

If you integrate your Google ads account to your Google Analytics, you will have a clear idea about how your campaigns are actually performing. what all changes came in the traffic graph, conversion rates, bounce rates, traffic sources and countries, and likewise several other elements. 

Not just this, once you integrate the two, you will have a clear idea about which campaign is working the best for you and which requires certain modifications and in what terms. This way, you will be able to enhance the overall quality score of the campaigns and efficiently manage the Google Ads Pricing and budget.It will give the fair idea of changes in the post that will contribute to increasing the quality score.

3- Stick To Your Budget 

Don’t overboard the boundaries set by your budget. Every business is unique in its own ways so are their budget boundaries. Hence, it is highly recommended to stick to the budget set. However, the overall daily budget can be varied, with a margin of 20%. Hence, you should plan your bids accordingly. 

4- Target Your Locations Wisely 

Location targeting is one of the most crucial things that decides the accuracy and efficiency of your Google Ads Campaigns. Location targeting comes into picture when you have a local store in a particular location. Moreover, if you are an E-commerce platform, operating worldwide, then location targeting would have a limited set of benefits. 

5- Opt For Long-tail Keywords

Short tail keywords don’t prove beneficial in both Search Engine Optimization as well as Google Ads Campaigns because of high competition. However, using long-tail keywords will help you to define a particular need and attract more engagements. For instance, if you are a PPC company based out of Navi Mumbai, then you should use long-tail keywords like “PPC Company in Navi Mumbai” or “Best PPC Agency in Navi Mumbai”. 

Now when you are thorough about what things you need to know to manage your Google Ads Pricing, you can begin with your campaign stress-free. 

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