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What Is Enterprise SEO And Why Do You Need It?

by | Sep 19, 2020 | SEO, Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO refers to various search engine strategies that are applied to improving the online presence of your company. There are a lot of websites owned by large scale businesses that require specialized strategies to direct traffic towards their websites. It helps in boosting the revenue of large institutions. 

Difference between Enterprise SEO and small business SEO

In the case of small businesses, the SEO strategies are applied on small websites which consist of a few to hundred pages. Here the focus remains on including long-tail keywords so that the content remains unique and the competition is reduced.

In the case of an enterprise SEO, specialist enterprise SEO teams are needed to handle thousands of pages where each page is created for the promotion of an individual product. Short tail keywords are used while handling websites of large companies. The keywords used are highly competitive. The strategies are formed at the corporate level.

Benefits of using enterprise SEO

  • Connect with your customers 

The SEO strategies focus on creating high-quality content and reaching out to your target audience for better revenue production. The teams work to produce a good result. The team specialized for marketing collects the data about products which are utilized maximum by the customers or the ones in which they are most interested. 

The SEO team is responsible for analyzing this data and then using it for generating the most effective keywords for your website. The content or blog posts are then created based on these keywords. All teams work in collaboration with each other to provide maximum benefit to your business.

  • Promote your brand 

The enterprise SEO teams focus on promoting your brand locally. It is important to attain success in local markets because that is when your brand’s name will be known to everyone. The team of enterprise SEO works hard to improve and enhance the presence of a business on the local level. When this happens then only business is thought to have attained a large level of popularity and success.

  • Improved brand image

Customers usually search for branded products and services. They usually check the reviews to get an idea about the company. There are a lot of things that are controlled by you to attract customers. These include your profiles at social media platforms and the conversations aided through the website. 

There are some third-party websites too that play a vital role in shaping the image of your website. Their reviews can affect your business. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have control over your search results. The enterprise SEO services make sure that only positive reviews are generated so that your revenue can be boosted. The data reveals that up to 40% of revenue is increased through online reviews.

  • High-quality content

The teams always focus on generating a supreme quality content which is genuine and different from others. The keywords are selected accordingly. When you write informative content, it becomes clear that you are holding expertise in your niche. Popular and authentic newspapers may publish your content and hence improve your brand reputation. The brand becomes a famous and trusted source of service. The trust of people leads to building a great online reputation.

  • Protection from Broad Core Algorithm Updates

Many websites get affected upon the release of an updated broad core algorithm. Depending on the amount of modification, the sites can be affected either positively or negatively. If you are in contact with a reputed and experienced enterprise SEO team, you are likely to be benefitted from search algorithm updates. The team enhances the overall quality of content and user experience. The search engine prefers websites that provide relevant content to its customers.

  • Backlinks from other websites

Backlinks play an extremely great role in promoting your business online. When you produce good quality content, big and authentic publications post your content on their websites and provide a link to your page and therefore add more value to your backlink profile.

When you publish or post content written in great depth, the bloggers tend to write through your posts and provide a link to it. Hence, people are automatically directed towards your page. This is also a great way of promoting your brand at every level.

The major elements of an SEO strategy that make a business successful are an appropriate selection of keywords, SEO optimized templates, automation, and constant content creation. You can use generic and branded keywords to let customers know more about your products. 

Marketing automation brings about a 14.5% boost in sales productivity. It saves you a lot of time. Use of well responsive templates is a must and built on low weight codes to lessen the load on servers. Content is always the king. The content should be relevant and unique.

How can you apply enterprise SEO in your business?

  • Make sure that your website is good for crawling so that users can navigate easily through it. Make use of 301 redirects so that visitors cannot see the errors prevalent on your page. Remember to add a search bar to find products easily.
  • Use striking distance keywords that can help your website attain rankings between positions 11 to 20. You can work on improving the meta-description, readability, keyword targeting, and title tags. Backlinks would result in increasing productivity too.
  • Visual searches also aid in boosting online presence and reaching out to a large number of audiences. Always keep a track of what your competitors are doing. This helps you in analyzing your work too.
  • Always keep a track of the indexation status of images when making visual search a part of your SEO strategy. Optimize the images and update product inventory. Clutter can be removed from images and the aesthetics can be maintained which will be unique to your brand only. This will also make it easy for the search engine to find your website.
  • Provide internal linking because that makes the task of crawling easier for search engines to find new pages. This will also lead to improved rankings. 
  • Make sure that the page loading speed of your website is fast enough. It should not take more than 2 to 3 seconds to open. If the site speed is not quick enough, the users may not land on your page ever and this will result in great loss for your company.

The enterprise SEO firms use a lot of tactics like featured snippets, voice search, link building, social proof, and much more to enhance your search rankings. It is important to invest in advanced SEO strategies to expand your business at a greater scale and edge out your competitors.

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