What Is Content Optimization? (And How to Accomplish It!)

  • April 01, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 4 min read

Content optimization forms an integral element of your digital marketing strategy. More than 90% of businesses use content marketing strategies for connecting with their ideal audiences resulting in around 4.4 million blog posts being published daily!

With so much content spread over the internet, it is essential to maintain uniqueness within your content to be recognized by Google and add an impetus to your digital branding strategies. Google Ranking Algorithm applies several filters for choosing and presenting only the most relevant content to its users. Therefore, content Optimization has become an essential digital marketing strategy that can result in a business’s success.

This blog post will help you learn the concept of Content Optimization And How You Can Accomplish It For Your website.

What Is Content Optimization? 

Content Optimization refers to optimizing your content and making it SEO-friendly to acquire optimized traffic and conversion.

It ensures that your content has the right keywords, multimedia elements and other essential elements required to get displayed over search engines.

Content Optimization can be executed in the following ways:

  1. Implementing Appropriate Meta Tags
  2. Writing An Attractive Meta Description
  3. Improving Content Readability Score
  4. Including Relevant Internal Links
  5. Improving Keyword Relevancy Score
  6. Adding Primary Keywords And Synonyms Of Seed Keywords.

Why Is Content Optimization Important?

With optimized content, your website’s chances increase in obtaining higher rankings over search engines that result in increased website traffic increased sales & profits.

  1. Content optimization includes adding the correct keywords, writing enticing meta descriptions, including relevant internal links, all critical SEO elements that, when appropriately optimized, fetch high SEO rankings for your websites. That’s why content optimization forms a significant part of your SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies.
  2. Optimizing content simplifies search engines process to understand your content, making it rank easily on the first page of almost every search engine.
  3. The practice targets users at every stage of the buyer journey
  4. Content Optimization improves your content’s overall quality, making every article on your website target a specific segment of users.
  5. You can generate a higher ROI from your content marketing campaigns. This practice helps you plan out the ideal frequency of posting new content on your website, and since the performance of every content is measured, you generate higher and optimized ROIs.

Content Optimization leads to more clicks, greater visibility, improved search engine ranking, more purchase, conversions and leads, making it one of the most invested digital marketing strategies.

How To Accomplish Content Optimization?

  1. Use The Skyscraper Technique

Use the skyscraper technique for creating high ranking content. This technique involves analyzing all the content created by your competitors on a topic you are working on. Gather all relevant information on a topic that you need to write on and make your article/blog even more detailed, well-explained and readable and helpful than the current top-ranking ones. You might stumble upon a topic that you would love to write on. You can review your competitors work and turn the topic into an infographic or a blog post, depending upon the unique touch you want to add to your content.

2. Conduct A Content Audit

Conducting a content audit helps you know your weak and strong spots for your content. Sometimes, you can write articles or blogs that are exceptionally written but yet do not get as many views or user engagement rates as you would like. There can be specific content gaps that you are unaware of your competitors are taking advantage of and creating high ranking content out of similar topics. This leads to search engines like Google giving their posts more importance and higher rankings over yours.

A content audit is a step by step blueprint for understanding your content gaps and knowing what to change and what to keep. Remember, optimized content can make your content marketing strategy snowball as every updated page adds a value to the page it is linked to.

3. optimize Content For Voice Searches

Statistics state that voice-based shopping will amount to a whopping $ 40 billion business by 2022. Voice search is the future of the internet and cannot be ignored.

Optimize your content for voice search in the following ways:

a. Include Long Tail Keywords & Question Keywords

b. use a conversational tone in your content

c. optimize your content for local searches

d. ensure your website is mobile-friendly

e. try and answer multiple similar search questions.

4. optimize The SEO Of Your Content

SEO cannot be neglected if you want to accomplish content optimization!

Optimize the SEO of your content in the following ways:

  1. Implement relevant meta descriptions for making it easier for search engines to understand your content.
  2. Try to follow a strategic approach towards your internal linking strategy
  3. Improve keyword relevancy by adding seed keywords, related phrases and synonyms.
  4. Update Your old content with latest data-centric information.

Content optimization looks like an easy process but cannot be done alone by a business trying to improve its content over the web. Content optimization needs a strategic approach with a detailed blueprint stating a step by step process of content optimization. You should invest in a digital marketing consultant for optimizing your website’s content. GBIM Technologies has a dynamic team of digital consultants in Mumbai that have worked on optimizing the content on several websites and will help you accomplish your content optimization goals.

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