• April 20, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 2 min read

It is the rule of nature to evolve with time, be it us humans or even digital beings, everyone has to evolve. Keeping this in mind, Google has decided to rename google Webmasters Central to Google Search Central.

On 11th November 2020, Google through its Google Webmaster Central Blog announced that it was rechristening Google Webmasters Central to Google Search Central. Apart from giving a reason for the name change, Google announced some new changes as well.

We are in 2020, the future and the word Webmasters has become outdated. Today digital professionals prefer terms such as search engine optimiser, online marketers, bloggers, etc. over webmasters, leading to Google Webmasters Central being named as Google Search Central.

Google aims to help people push the digital envelope by telling them how to improve their website visibility. To make the process simpler, Google has decided to consolidate all its help documentation, including blogs, google search information related to index, crawling, search guidelines, etc. Will be shifting to Google’s new website which has only focussed on web developer documentation in the past. The Search Control Help Centre will include only search console related documents. The Google help forum too is being renamed from “Webmaster’s Help Community” to “Google Search Central Community”. The big move will take place in a few days.

The Google Search Central Blog ( Google Webmaster Central Blog) will also be joining the movement and shifting to the new website. Not only the Central Blog but even the other 13 localised blogs will be joining the movement.

The move is going to bring in the following benefits:

1.Simpler Discovery of related content

2.Simplified Language Switching ( You no longer have to search for the localised blog URL)

3.An uncomplicated platform allowing to maintain the content, simplifying local blog post, formatting posts consistently.

All blog posts will appear on https://developers.google.com/search/blog.

Subscribers and new subscribers will be automatically directed to the new blog URL.

Make Way for a refreshed Googlebot Mascot!

A new sidekick will soon join the Googlebot in crawling over the internet. Googlebot’s new best friend is a spider from Phidippus Geuns. Google is yet to find a cool nickname and has asked users for their suggestions.

As with every Google update, users can pop their comments or questions on Twitter or in our Google Search Central Help Community.

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