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Shopify Website Services
You don’t always need an ecommerce site to sell your products online. You can use the Shopify platform instead. Shopify is an all in one ecommerce platform that allows you to open an ecommerce website and takes care of website services and payments. Shopify gives you a whole range of options to give your customers the perfect online shopping experience. Shopify websites help businesses map out the customer’s journey from the moment they land on your website till they reach the checkout.

GBIM can help you effortlessly start your ecommerce website on Shopify. We have an in depth understanding of the platform letting us provide you the best features of Shopify. Not only will we provide you a fully functional Shopify site, we will also help you improve your business through Shopify Analytics. Every customer interaction with your shopify website is tracked by shopify. We provide you this data in an easy to understand way which helps you make necessary adjustments to your customers’ journey.

No matter what your product is, we ensure that your Shopify store design is just right and that it contributes more to your business. We ensure that we infuse your brand image into the website and help you boost your website’s visibility on social media platforms.

Why Prefer GBIM As Your Buddy

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GBIM enables you to start selling on Shopify in a short time

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Customised website designs catering to specific businesses

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Simple to understand and operate dashboard that helps improve sales

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
Who should go in for a Shopify website?
Shopify is an excellent choice for businesses with an existing online presence as it provides yet another avenue for them to reach out to customers. Another very important category is entrepreneurs who are launching a new business. In which case, they don’t need to invest in an IT team to develop and maintain an ecommerce site. All they have to do is keep their products ready and GBIM provides an excellently designed webstore on Shopify. Through Shopify, new entrepreneurs can easily take the first step towards their very own online business. Entrepreneurs who are launching new brands can ensure that the Shopify store reflects their brand values as the platform allows huge levels of customisation. From the logo to your customer’s checkout experience and everything in between, entrepreneurs can customise their website on Shopify.
Shopify Website
Shopify Website Services to Drive Sales
How can Shopify help me drive sales?
Shopify is all about helping you sell more. The biggest and most obvious way that Shopify contributes to your sales is that Shopify stores are not limited to a country. So your Shopify store can actually get you customers from across the world. Once GBIM designs your shopify stores, the platform starts generating valuable data on the performance of your store. Metrics like your customers’ purchases, most searched items, most viewed items, customer interface with your website elements and many more are easily available on your Shopify dashboard. This information can help you optimise your store elements like inventory in hand, website design elements, customer offers and many more to improve your customer experience. Thus, once you have a good Shopify website you can daily make incremental changes to gradually increase the size of your business.
Can existing online stores be shifted to Shopify?
Certainly! Businesses can easily migrate existing online stores to Shopify. All of the existing store’s data including product listings, record of customer transactions, product descriptions, product pictures etc. can be safely transferred to a new Shopify domain. It requires technical expertise to ensure safe and seamless transfer of data to not affect the continuity of your business. GBIM provides website migration services and ensures that all your data is transferred securely from your legacy website to Shopify. Additionally, GBIM can also provide website designing services on Shopify to ensure a refreshed look and feel for your customers. GBIM also creates a redirect URL which ensures a smooth flow of customers who might still visit our old website for some time before registering the shift to Shopify.
Online Stores be Shifted to Shopify
What to expect from an Shopify Website agency
How much does it cost to open my Shopify store?
Shopify has a variety of hosting plans. GBIM passes on those charges to you on an actual basis depending. Additionally, we will charge a website development or migration charge. This will depend on the complexity of the project.
What happens after the Shopify store is set up?
You can start selling immediately. You can choose to opt for the Continued Assistance Program where we manage your website and continually optimise it for a better customer experience. You can also ask us for our Google ads campaigns or Social Media campaigns to drive customers to your Shopify site.
Can Shopify sites have FAQ sections?
Yes. Shopify allows you to create a FAQ section on your store website. This is very useful for businesses which deal in technical products or products which need specific instructions for usage. You can create a FAQ section with as many questions you want.
How to get my Shopify store noticed?
Once your Shopify store is live. You can ensure greater visibility by optimising the website for search engine traffice, Use content marketing via the blog section on your website, write interesting blog post features of influencers in your market, use Influencer Marketing on social media and lastly ensure a tight social media integration with your shopify store.
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