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HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the basic building block of websites. HTML together with CSS and JavaScript helps in designing custom websites. While HTML provides the sites’ basic structure, CSS and JavaScript help enhance it. CSS helps visually style the basic structure classified by HTML and it controls how the content’s layout is formatted and presented to the users. JavaScript is used to make the website interactive and it controls the behavior of different content elements in response to user action.

Of the many ways to develop a website, HTML is probably the only one that allows customisation of the website in every minute detail. This can create truly unique, beautiful and functional websites which are true to the brand. Since developing HTML websites require a knowledge of coding and designing, businesses outsource their website development to specialised agencies.

GBIM has over 18+ years of experience in developing world class HTML websites for clients from across the globe. Creating an HTML website at GBIM is a teamwork between designers, developers and UI/UX experts. Each team brings in their expertise to ensure that the end website is truly unique and meets the client requirements.

We follow an ‘Efficient Design’ Philosophy while designing websites. Which means a design element is introduced and retained only when it serves a purpose. The website design follows the lead from your brand guidelines to come up with a unique online interpretation of your brand handbook. Lastly, all our HTML website architectures are optimised for SEO activities so that websites are ready to be optimised for organic or paid search engine marketing right from the day they go live.

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General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

How does GBIM go about developing a HTML website?

To turn your vision into a truly unique and yet functional website, we begin by understanding all your requirements and by identifying your end-goal for the website. Depending on the complexity of the project and the resources needed to execute it in the set time, we share a quote with you. Work begins once you approve the costs. The first stage is designing the wireframe of your website. We take the help of an UX expert to design a user friendly wireframe. Upon getting your approval, then the designing starts with our UI experts taking the lead. The design and the wireframe work happens parallely too in many cases. Once we get a signoff on the design. Then we integrate the wireframe with the UI to arrive at a working model of the website. We share the website link with you or make a personal presentation and seek your inputs. We incorporate these final inputs and create your final website which is then ready to go live.

HTML Website Development
Benefits of a HTML Website
What are the benefits of getting a HTML website?

HTML websites though may require expertise to develop but they also bring with them inherent benefits. 1. Developer agnostic – When you need to make changes to your website and the developer who had built it is not available even a freelancer or a developer can make changes. 2. Wide browser support – Most browsers support websites based on HTML. It means that visitors to your website would be able to view it on their preferred browsers without any issue enhancing the user experience. 3. Free of cost – Because HTML does not need plugins or any other software, it is available free of cost. 4. Friendly with search engines – If designed with clean and validated HTML code, an HTML website is the easiest to access for the crawlers on search engines. It also provides the best SEO results with the least complications. 5. Wide application – HTML websites can cater to diverse needs like a business website with e-commerce functionality to a general website with marketing and company information.

Why should I get a HTML website for my business instead of a WordPress one?

WordPress is a very popular choice for businesses to create websites. However, there are some things that HTML can offer you and which are not available on WordPress. HTML is a very stable platform with very few updates which come rarely. It means you don’t have to update your website very often. On the other hand, wordpress comes up with frequent updates to the systems and the plugins. If a WordPress website isnt updated timely, it may throw up errors or have a high load time. HTML websites are very flexible and allow complete control of every element of the website. WordPress websites are built on templates which may not allow as much flexibility as HTML. HTML is much lighter and uses lesser resources compared to WordPress. It translates into lesser costs as it can run on cheaper servers.

HTML Website for business


What to expect from an HTML Website agency

How long would it take for my HTML website to be developed?

Starting from the discussion stage all the way to the launch, a HTML website can take a few weeks. An accurate time frame can be provided once we get to know your requirements.

Can you provide content for my HTML website?

The content is what forms the spine of your website and we can certainly write the content for your HTML website. Our team of SEO writers will ensure that the language reflective of your brand’s identity and succinctly conveys what you want to tell your audience.

How can you ensure that customers will stay on my website?

GBIM has a vast experience in website development and this helps us ensure that elements such as the formatting, readability, navigation, quality of the content, page loading speed, and other small but significant elements meet the right standard. Everything on your website will be put there keeping you and your audience in mind.

What if I have specific “conversions” in mind for the website?

The intention of your website might be to make the audience sign up for something, get in touch with you, purchase a product, or something else. To get these “conversions,” we ensure that the home page/landing page is strategically designed and it compels visitors to take the desired action.

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