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Unleash The Hidden Features Of WhatsApp Hacks For Business

Since Facebook has acquired WhatsApp, it has been one of the world’s fastest-growing communication applications.

With a billion active users worldwide, it has proven to be the best and convenient mode of communicating with the consumers.

According to a survey, WhatsApp is thoroughly used to share billions of photos and videos every day. The app is also widely for sending text messages, gradually replacing the SMS culture.

With the rise in businesses and entrepreneurs, WhatsApp has proved its worth in being a medium to promote products and services. It has rapidly become a useful app for millions of consumers.

WhatsApp is a quick, convenient and comfortable mode of communication, helping connect people in a matter of seconds, via its features such as one-to-one chat, group chat, one-to-one video call, and group video call.
It is a highly secure app allowing businesses to use it extensively.

Realizing its rapid increase in demand, the company has rolled out its business version: WhatsApp For Business.

The WhatsApp for business app has streamlined communication, allowing businesses to connect quickly with many customers, providing quick replies and a fastrack business process.

The progressive business world is enthusiastic about this platform and explores it in the best way possible.
The app indeed can take any business to all new height by promoting one-to-one communication, or private engagement or B2C conversations.

WhatsApp for Business: How to Reap the Best out of it?

1.WhatsApp for Internal Communication

Unlike the other types of messengers used by businesses, WhatsApp requires no training for its operation. As everyone uses it daily and frequently, the probabilities of missing out, any urgent messages are least. Apart from this, it has replaced email communication (not file sharing and necessary official formalities) because of its fun-to-use and fast approach.

According to business owners, WhatsApp Web’s availability has been a cherry on the top of the cake as the employees need to check their phone every then and now. Any notification would be popping on the screen.

2.WhatsApp for Engaging Consumer

It is entirely a business hack and a tricky business’s sales tip.

Just think of a situation where a prospective customer needs to buy an item urgently and has asked to send an image of the product. Sending the image via mail would be a lengthy and tiring one.

Instead, hundreds of pictures of the items can be shared on WhatsApp in just a click. The business is locked as soon as the buyer confirms the products. This process is a bit informal but fruitful. Several businesses send a quotation, asking for feedback, or communicating with the existing or prospective clients through this platform only. In addition to this, the businesses are seen announcing offers, promotional messages, and wishes to their clients instantly.

3.WhatsApp for Immaculate Customer Service

Helpdesk numbers or customer care numbers are usually busy. With an active lifestyle, hardly there is time for anyone to stay back and wait for 15-20 mins to be heard on the other side.

According to one of the reputed business gurus, people use WhatsApp business numbers to communicate with companies. They are finding it convenient to express their views regarding the products and services. Keeping in mind people’s needs, businesses are also setting up WhatsApp API to make communication with the customer service cell simply easy. However, there comes the flip side of it, as well. A single person can’t handle all the communication through WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp for Business Promotion

WhatsApp today has become the new SMS. It has proved to be a robust marketing tool like newspaper ads and pamphlets. Proved its mettle for direct one-to-one communication for the consumers, it has helped to remain in contact with the valued consumers effectively and efficiently. 

Tech giants like Netflix and BookMyShow are using this app for a unique brand connection. In addition to this, other brands like Colgate and Hellman’s have rolled out campaigns using the WhatsApp business.
What is necessary for the next generation businesses and the existing ones is that the available resources or platform should be used effectively and innovatively.

5.WhatsApp for Business Process

With the rapid transformation, it is necessary to think of doing things differently each time. The businesses are shading their conventional ways of doing business and are implementing several items in various ways.

For example, some companies are using WhatsApp as a booking platform for daily requirements. In addition to this, some restaurants communicate with the consumer regarding their preferences after receiving the order.
Apart from this, there are other sectors as well that are relying on the potential of WhatsApp. Even the healthcare sector uses this app to treat its patients on some common medical queries. Medical stores and pharmaceutical centers are accepting the image of the prescription to pack the recommended medicines.

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for communication. When it comes to business, its features have made it popular amongst business people. It has been the instant engagement channel between the consumers and producers or sellers. Its extensive reach and flawless communication ability have helped businesses to serve global consumers.

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