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The Ultimate Guide: How To Use Google Adwords 2021

by | Sep 14, 2021 | PPC

Google Ads Guide

Google generates 95% of its annual revenue alone from Google AdWords! Looking at the huge percentage that Google AdWords provides, you now know its importance. The single most used online advertising platform, Google AdWords has made online paid advertising quick and simple. Before starting your Google Ads journey, knowing how to use Google AdWords isBroad Match a must.

This post is the Ultimate Guide To Use Google AdWords in 2021, making you a Google AdWords expert. In this post, you will learn :

  1. What is Google AdWords?
  •  How Google AdWords works?
  • An Overview
  • Ad Rank & Quality Score
  • Keyword Importance
  • Smart Bidding VS Manual Bidding
  • Pricing Factors
  • Location
  • Match Type
  1. How Does A Perfect Google Ad Look?
  2. What Is Google Ads Retargeting?
  3. How To Use Google AdWords: Setting Up Your Google Ads Account & Strategies to Optimize Your Google Ads Account
  4. Strategies To Optimize Your Google AdWords Account
  5. Google AdWords Trends 2021
  6. Top 5 PPC Expert Tips For Making More Money From Google Ads

So let’s get started!

1.What Is Google AdWords?

All Google AdWords or PPC experts reading will know the answer to this question. But, for all amateur advertisers, let me explain to you what exactly is this magical online advertising platform. Google AdWords is an online advertising digital platform curated by Google. Advertisers bid for displaying brief ads, products listings, services, videos over Google search and Google partnered websites to web users.

A. Become A Google Ads Expert: How Does Google Ads Work?

How Does Google Ads Works Google ads are typical PPC search ads that are displayed as search results whenever a potential customer enters the related keyword or phrase. Let’s say you Google Search Buy shoes online, you will get a page loaded with the related search results. The search result at the very top of the SERP will have the word ADS written on top of it. That is a Google Ad that will always pop up as the very first search result on the SERP. Now, how do I get my Google Ad on top of the SERPs? Many factors play a crucial role in curating high-quality Google Ads, let us have a look at them.

B. Ad Rank & Quality Score:

In Google AdWords, Ad rank states your ad’s position on the search page. Your ad’s Ad Rank value denotes in which position your ad gets displayed relative to other ads and whether or not your ads will show at all.

The Ad Rank value depends on two factors:

The Bid Amount Quality Score Quality Score: The quality score of your ad states your overall ad quality ( keywords, landing pages) and the relevance of your ad. Google determines your quality score by investigating your Click Through Rates (CTR). A higher-quality score of your ad leads to lower prices paid and improved ad positions. It is important to note that the quality score of your ad is only an aggregated estimate of your overall presentation in ad auctions and cannot be used during auction times for determining ad ranks.

Your Ad’s Quality Score depends on:

  1. Relevant Landing Pages
  2. Click-Through-Ratio Expectations
  3. How Relevant is Your Ad


C. Keyword Importance:

Keywords form the foundation of Google AdWords. Any Google Ads expert will tell you the relevance and importance keywords play in not only creating high-quality PPC ads but also in the Bidding & Pricing formalities. Google Ads work on a process known as keyword bidding. In the keyword bidding process, advertisers bid on keywords which are relevant to their businesses with the sole motive of displaying ads to their users when the users type the said keyword. Google follows the auction model, which is why all advertisers bid on keywords rather than buying them outright. It is to guarantee that advertisers with high budgets can ace at PPC. PPC experts should focus on thorough keyword research intending to know the worthy keywords to bid.

D. Manual Bidding Vs Automated Bidding:

We now know the importance of keywords for creating compelling Google AdWords. Advertisers have to bid for obtaining keywords related to their industry and business. The Keyword bidding process takes place in two ways:

1.Manual Bidding:

When Google Ads Experts or online advertisers manage their keyword bidding over Google Ads and take decisions and actions manually without the help of machine learning or smart solutions. Here, advertisers rely on intuition, experience, keyword research and performance. It is advisable to use the Manual Bidding Process when: You have a limited budget Your customer database is small Want Full control over your campaign for making quick changes to it whenever necessary. Have ample time for campaign monitoring.

2. Smart Bidding:

Also known as Automated bidding, Smart Bidding keyword strategy relies on machine learning and uses algorithms for bid optimization as per your PPC campaign goals and requirements. Bids are set automatically for your ads constructed on the ad’s likelihood to result as a click or a conversion. Automated Strategies are designed to achieve specific business goals.

Smart Bidding is advisable when:

  • You have a high budget
  • You are dealing with large PPC accounts
  • You want to optimize the time spent on campaign monitoring
  • You have set specific business goals.

E. Pricing Factors:

Check out our blog on Google AdWords Pricing 2021 to know in detail about the Google AdWords Pricing.

F. Location:

When working with Google ads, PPC experts have to be careful with location details and try and be as location-specific as possible. Once you set up your Google AdWords account, you will have to select a specific location where you want your ads to be displayed. Google will display your ads only over the locations you specify. You must remember that Google’s sole aim is to display relevant search results to users, it is important that you specify your business location and in case if you are selling products, then the shipping locations too.

G. Keyword Match Type:

Keyword match types tell Google what you want your ads to be matched with.
It tells Google if you want your ads to correspond exactly to a search query or your ad can be displayed to anyone with a semi-related search query.

  1. Broad Match: Default setting, that uses any word with your keyword in any order. Example: “Veg Pizza In Mumbai” will correspond to “Veg Pizza”, or “ Pizza Veg Mumbai”
  2. Modified Broad Match: Lets you close in on certain keywords within a keyword phrase, depicted by a “+” sign. Example: “+Veg Pizza In Mumbai” can produce, “veg pizza”, “veg and pizza”
  3. Phrase Match: Matches queries which include your keyword phrase in the said order and might include extra words after or before. Example: “Best Veg Pizza” can produce results such as “Deliver Best Veg Pizza” , “Best Veg Pizza and Pasta”. Exact Match: It maintains the keyword phrase as written and in exact order. Example: “ Best Veg Pizza In Mumbai” will display results for “Best Veg Pizzas” only and not for other Pizza.

2. How Does A Perfect Google Ad Look?

Google Ads Preview

The Perfect Google Ad is Creative, Well-written and self-explanatory.

Other crucial elements include:

1. The Headline:

Headline plays a crucial role in your ad copy. Your ad headline is the first thing noticed by any user and has to be precise yet descriptive and catchy. Your headline must convey the intent of your ad clearly. An enticing and catchy headline increases the likelihood of a higher click through rates even if your ad is not on the top spot. Google now offers three headline spots for each ad. However, the third headline is saved only for those ads holding top spots in search results.

2. The Description:

Another prominent Ad feature, the description can be looked at as an expanded message offering details, offers and other important details. You can have two descriptions for your ads, however, display of the second description is not guaranteed.

3. The Extensions:

Ad extensions state additional information related to your ads, giving people additional reasons for clicking on your ad. The sole reason for adding ad extensions is increasing an ad’s click-through rates by several more points. Ad extensions can be:

4. Call Extensions:

Add your phone numbers via call extensions, giving users additional information and ways to reach out to you. Include your phone number if you have a customer service team available.

5. Location Extension:

Link your business with Google My Business, allowing potential customers to view your location and get directions to your physical business location.

6. Sitelinks Extension:

The extension helps you provide additional links to your ads, making your site offer more attractive offers forcing users to click on it.

7. Offer Extension:

If you are offering offers and discounts, use the offer extension, showing users that you offer discounted options compared to others.

8. App Extensions:

The extension provides the link for an app download for mobile users.

3. What Is Google Ads Retargeting?

Audience Retargeting

With retargeting you can connect with users who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app. You can place ads strategically in front of the said audience when they browse through Google or Google partner websites, resulting in increased brand awareness and reminding the audience to make purchases.

4. How To Use Google AdWords: Setting Up Your Google AdWords Account

How To Set Up Google Ads

You can set up your Google AdWords account in the following steps:

1.Sign Up:

Sign up via your Google account on the Google AdWords website. In case you want a new Google account specific to Google AdWords, create one. Create Your first campaign after you finish entering important details. The image below shows you the important details to fill.

2. Set Your Google Ad Budget:

Allocating a daily budget will help you create ads within your budget and control your expenditures. You can allocate a monthly budget too.

3.Select The Target Audience:

Denote the geographical location of your targeted audience. This ensures that your ad is displayed to only those users searching with the keywords you bid for and present in the specified geographical location. You can use the advance radius targeting that allows to target a specific radius from zip code and set bid adjustments per target radius.

4.Pick A Network:

You can choose from the Google Search Network , Display Network, YouTube, and Shopping Network. The former displays your ads on the Google SERPs, while the latter display ads on every website displaying ads.

5. Select The Correct Keywords:

Google lets you select 15-20 keywords triggering your add to appear over SERP. Choose keywords according to the budget you set. The keyword match system is explained in the above section of the post.

6. Decide Your Bid:

The bidding system is explained in the Automated Bidding Vs Manual Bidding Section of the post. Take a look to know in detail about how Google Ad bidding works.

7. Write You Ad:

The most prominent step in creating a Google Ad, write a thoughtful and compelling ad, forcing audiences to click on it. Your ad must be: Precise Yet Detailed Catchy Headline Specify CTA.

5. Strategies To Optimize Your Google AdWords Account

Optimize Google Adwords

Almost all Google Ads Experts swear by the following strategies for optimizing their Google AdWords Account: Through Keyword Analysis by Reviewing, Refining and Adding New Keywords to Your Keyword List Ensure To Use Matching Keyword Options For Lowering Costs Continuously test your Ad copy and Landing Pages Ensure to Use Location Targeting For Displaying Ads only In Relevant Locations Perform Search Query Reports To Find New Keywords For Bidding Schedule Your Campaigns And Make It Customer Response Specific Consistently Optimize Your AdWords Campaigns Monitor Keywords and Landing Pages after 200 Page Impressions and Click-Through Rates Research All Available Ad Content Ensure To Use All Relevant Ad Extensions

6. Google AdWords Trends 2021:

Google Ads Trends 2021

The next year will bring in fresh Google AdWords Practices and Trends. We have listed out the top 5 Google AdWords Trends In 2021:

Responsive Search Ads Audience Prioritization In The Form Of Curating Perfect Ad Messages & Availability Of Customized Tools For Audience Targeting and Better Segmentation The Rise Of Video Ads New Resources And Methods For Managing & Creating Co-vid 19 campaigns. Shopping Ads will Be Free, Worldwide.

7. Top 5 PPC Expert Tips To Make Money On Google Ads

Top PPC Expert Tips

As an additional element to our How To Use Google AdWords 2021 Guide, we have listed out top 1 PPC Expert tips to follow to make more money on Google in 2021:

  1. Relevant Landing Pages
  2. Content Optimization in The Form Of Discovering and Creating As Much Of Content As Possible
  3. Keyword Optimization
  4. Use Every Possible Ad Extension For Creating Detailed and Well-Informed Ads
  5. Make More Use Of Automated Ads & Campaigns

Google Ads when used correctly, helps you skyrocket your business and forms a strong platform for you to promote the same. However, if not used correctly, Google Ads can be a total disaster. It is advisable for agencies and businesses aiming to invest a big budget in Google ads to approach a Digital Agency, specializing in Google Ads Creation. When It comes to heavy Google Ads Marketing, you will need the help of Google Ads expert for creating the Perfect Google Ads For Your Business.

GBIM is a Google AdWords Certified Digital Agency focusing on Google Ads via:

  • Remarketing
  • Display & Search Ads
  • YouTube
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