• February 05, 2013
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 3 min read

As a result of a global cocktail of companies in different industries trying to get the better of their peers as well as competitors. It can be seen that keywords have played an important role in determining the success of a website and subsequent growth in volumes and profitability of the company.
However, there is more to this whole game than that which meets the eye. Or also there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. It is said that with each evolving step that any business or industry takes, there are new things that get added to the jargon and intricacies that make up the business.
The same is the case with this business on the internet and the relying on companies on the search engine matrices for determining ranking on the same.
In addition to researching for keywords, on-page and off the page, etc. Proving to be something of value addition for sites because they would add to the freshness of content on the site.
Whether we take it as a next logical step or a solution that is out of the box, cross keywords started bobbing their heads and scoring for the websites that may have dropped off the winner’s position on the podium.
However, these phenomena can be explored and gained insights into since this is the newest to surface. This then brings us to ask:

What is a cross keyword?
A cross keyword can be termed as a keyword that can be used in reference to two different niches with the potential to be potent in both the contexts.
This helps in cross-referencing and ultimately helping the company gain better visibility because of its usability in both contexts. However, on the other hand, the flip side of the argument could be that the result may or may not be encouraging.
With the argument so far, it can be seen that cross keywords are a good idea for companies as they get a wider scope of exposure. However, there is a certain section of individuals who argue that cross keywording is not as good an idea as they argue that keywords should point to their main niche and are thus fixed in their outlook.
To explain the concept better, it would be practical to give an example of a woman searching for lipsticks on the web and getting results that also suggest lip liners or mascara or something that is totally out of sync as a weight loss clinic. However, this can prove detrimental or beneficial depending on the woman searching for the term.

PPC Ads as a solution, keywords as a query:
Keywords can play a hidden role in placing PPC ads as a solution. One good example is the ads for Fruita Planta placed on the keywords “Weight Gain” “Depression” It is worthwhile to note that Fruita Planta is a weight reducing pill.
Having seen both sides of the coin, it then gets left to the client whether they permit the SEO consultant to go ahead with this Jekyll and Hyde approach to Search Engine Optimization or not. After all, it is the dynamics of human psychology that comes into play as each individual is and also thinks differently from his or her peers.

Nirlep Patel
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