Top Digital Marketing KPIs that Every B2C Company Needs to Track

Top Digital Marketing KPIs

B2C companies aim to focus on selling everyday products, services and goods to consumers. B2C companies follow a strategic digital marketing approach including, raising brand awareness, getting more leads, increased engagement rates, driving more sales, boosting customer loyalty, retention and creating optimized customer experiences and much more. 

B2C And B2B Marketing have several similar goals yet different marketing tactics and ways of audience interactions. Both business types face their unique challenges and apply different strategies for overcoming those challenges. This means that the Digital Marketing metrics and KPIs B2C Companies use to measure performances vary from the KPIs B2B companies use. The main aim of a marketing metric is to measure progress and boost performance. Here are the Top Digital Marketing KPIs that every B2C Company Needs To Track:

1.Conversion Rate

An essential digital marketing KPI, Conversion rates tell you the percentage of visitors on your website or landing pages that have converted. This conversion can be anything, a purchase, signup for your newsletters, contacting your business and many more.

Conversion Rate formulas vary depending upon the type of conversion it is.

The average conversion rate websites produce around 1-2% irrespective of the industry a business belongs to. Small fluctuations in your conversion rates can have a drastic impact on your marketing performance. Website conversion rates above 2% prove fruitful and form a reasonable baseline goal for your online sales. Conversion rates help your business measure the effectiveness of campaigns and the overall success of your business.

  1. Social Engagement

Social Engagement is an important KPI that has a significant impact on the brand value of your business. Social Engagement includes indicators like Likes, Shares, followers, comments on social media, indicating how well your business interacts with its audiences. Monitoring your business’s social media performance, optimizing it for improved social engagement, responding to customers must make up the critical elements of most companies digital marketing services. When companies invest in digital marketing services, they must focus on improving their social engagement rates.

Social Engagement does not define your business but plays a vital role in attracting your ideal customers and turning your brand into a successful business online.

  1. Website Traffic

Website traffic is an important KPI for tracking your business success; however, it’s not enough to track visitors’ number interacting with a website. Website traffic must provide your business with attribution of some sorts. You must develop a system of monitoring your business’s website traffic that includes essential elements like the amount of time people spend on your websites, the number of pages viewed by people during their visit and many more. Monitoring these metrics helps you identify the areas of your website that you need to work on.

4.Cart Abandonment Rate

There’s are several reasons why people choose to abandon their shopping carts online. This includes high shipping charges, confusing forms, unexpected fees, slow loading website, etc. Monitoring and analyzing the reasons for cart abandonment rate helps you have a clear understanding of your B2C business’s performance and improve the areas that create problems.

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