The arena of technology witnesses new innovations every year. The field of artificial intelligence is no exception. From retro futuristic robots, virtual reality headsets, advanced 5G technology to ungraded digital assistants, these innovations are constantly evolving the world around us. The year 2018 has witnessed some of the most commendable innovations in AI. Here are some of the absolute most fascinating technologies launched in 2018.

  1. Emotion and Image Recognition
    Emotion and Image recognization allows software to “read” the emotions through facial expressions as well as from verbal expressions using advanced image processing or audio data processing. AI is increasingly being stacked on top of this innovation to great impact.
  2. Biometrics
    This innovation can recognize, measure and analyze human behavior and physical aspects of the body’s structure and form.
    It allows for more natural interactions between humans and machines, including interactions related to touch, image, speech and body language recognition, and is big within the market research field.
  3. Marketing Automation
    Marketing Automation refers to the software that exists with the objective of automating marketing actions. Many Marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The innovation of marketing automation makes these tasks simpler.
  4. Speech Recognition and Voice Assistants
    Siri is just one of the systems that can understand you.
    Consistantly, more and more systems are created that can transcribe human language, reaching several thousands through voice-response interactive systems and Mobile Applications.
  5. Virtual Agents
    A Virtual Agent is used to describe a program based in artificial intelligence (AI) that provides automated customer service.
    The most common example of this kind of technology are Chatbots.
  6. AI in Healthcare
    AI in Healthcare is the use of algorithms and software to estimate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data. In particular, AI is the ability for computer algorithms to approximate conclusions without direct human input.
  7. Machine Learning Platforms
    Nowadays, computers can also effectively learn, and they can be incredibly smart!
    Machine learning is a branch of AI that can help computers to learn new things by providing algorithms, APIs, development and training tools, big data, applications and other machines, ML platforms are gaining more and more attraction every day.
  8. Cyber Defence
    Cyber Defense is a computer network defense mechanism that focuses on preventing, detecting and giving timely responses to attacks or threats to infrastructure and Data.
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