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Top 5 Tips To Improve SEO Strategy

by | Oct 31, 2021 | SEO


There is a paradox at the heart of search engine optimization: the more you know, the more you need to know. The more people search, the more you have to search to find what you want. Searchers get smarter, and search engines get smarter; each generation gets smarter faster than the last. As search engines get smarter, people need to keep improving. But you can’t just improve SEO strategies: you have to come up with new SEO strategies.

Sometimes this involves finding new ways to cheat. If search engines are ever smart enough to detect cheating, they will either ban it or punish it severely. But as long as search engines aren’t smart enough to detect cheating, people will try to find new ways to cheat. Maybe cheating is a harsh word so let’s call them tricks. There are several such tips and tricks you can use as an SEO consultant in Mumbai.

If you want to improve your website and its performance, you will have to focus on an impressive SEO strategy. It’s a known fact to all the organisations who want to see growth in their business and website. 

Here we have discussed five major tips that SEO consultants in Mumbai can use to improve their SEO strategy

Link To Other Websites 

If you want to build your website stronger within Mumbai and need a great SEO strategy, this is one of the things that your SEO consultant in Mumbai needs to focus on. Generally, it might be considered a bad move. When you provide links to some other websites, it will help their growth. The users will leave your website midway and look for content elsewhere. In 2021, it won’t work this way. The primary focus has to be providing useful information to the users. As long as you do so, they will keep coming back to your website. 

Write For Humans First

The SEO fever has run for quite a while. Everyone who owns a website is rushing towards a better ranking on Google. They research the main keywords and stuff it all over the place in an article. The result? The entire article or page seems very forced and robotic. Why can’t we keep the keywords aside for one second and focus on what humans would like to read? You can specify it to your SEO consultant in Mumbai. Sure, you need to add keywords and it’s understandable how it will do you favours. But focus on writing what can be felt naturally by the people reading it, you write the content majorly for them. 

Descriptions For Every Page 

None of the pages should feel irrelevant on your website. It can prove to be a downside. This is another thing you have to focus on and seek help the same way from an SEO consultant in Mumbai. It means that you have to provide as many details as you need to give out for a particular page. None of the pages should feel left out there. 

Use a Simple URL Structure 

You shouldn’t make it too difficult for yourself or the users. Keep the URL structure relatable and straightforward. It might confuse the search engine, and you and your SEO consultant in Mumbai would like to avoid such things. It doesn’t even matter if the URL is long; it just has to be memorable. 

Use The Right Keywords In Images 

When you put out images in your content, it makes things look better. But you should put the exact keywords that you are focusing on on the entire page. You shouldn’t write any description for the image; you need to frame it better for your good. 

By keeping all these things in mind, we are sure that you will be able to have a great SEO strategy. As long as you’re taking the help of a quality SEO consultant in Mumbai who knows how to deal with things differently as time passes, it’s going to work in your favour! 

Hey there! I am an SEO specialist, working as the Head of SEO at GBIM Technologies - one of India’s fastest-growing internet marketing companies. Here, I lead a brilliant team and oversee their On-page SEO, link building, technical SEO, Google tools and review their performance reports for hundreds of clients abroad. I began my journey in the ever-growing field of SEO some four years ago. Since then, I had the honour to learn the nuts and bolts of this field from some of the leading SEO and digital marketing gurus in the industry. During my time here, I have absorbed a great deal of knowledge on handling every type of client, from brick and mortar businesses to large scale companies, while driving optimal SEO results to them. Honestly, I owe this phenomenal success to the fantastic support given by our company’s higher management and the solid foundation laid by my SEO team.

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