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Top 10 Trending Mobile Apps Of 2021

by | Dec 22, 2018 | Blog, 2018

Mobile apps are a crucial part of our daily lives. If you think about it, we rely on mobile apps for almost everything, be it ordering food online, shopping for clothes or even tracking our health and sleep patterns. We are entirely dependent on mobile apps today. Mobile Applications are also helping businesses stay alive and tackle the ever-changing dynamic markets, upcoming modern technologies and constantly evolving customer behavior. Mobile apps are making our lives simpler and convenient.

 Businesses of all types need to provide an optimized customer service experience via mobile applications. In the ever-evolving digital world, several mobile apps are launched daily. They are available to download depending upon the user’s purpose like business, lifestyle, and games, aiming to make life comfortable and easy.

Not all mobile apps need to be successful and helpful. Some of them are mediocre and fail miserably. Only tremendous and popular apps are the one that brings about a digital revolution.

Which Are The Most Trending Mobile Apps Of 2021?

To help you download only the best mobile apps, we have made a list of the top 10 mobile apps of 2021.

1. Instagram 

Instagram provides an easy and convenient way of connecting with people via images and videos. It is one of India’s most trending apps this year. India accounts for 140 million Instagram users and stands second below the USA in the List of countries with the highest number of Instagram users.

This app provides a plethora of social media opportunities for digital marketing via ads and tools. Instagram has gained the position of being one of the most popular apps today owing to its uniqueness and worthy opportunity features such as stories, highlights and reels. Today, Instagram is much more potent than social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Digital Marketers focus on investing in this platform as it promises better ROIs for their business.


2.Uber And Ola

Uber and Ola continue to be the most trending apps, even this year. Both the apps offer an easy and quick way of booking cabs online and have been a safe and convenient travel mode.


The app services have also made payment processes simpler by including payment gateways linking to the user’s debit or credit cards and mobile wallets. For continuously improving customer experience, Ola and Uber also allow customers to rate their drivers and give back their feedback on the ride.



Zoom has solved all our work from home problems! Be it meetings, video webinars or setting up video conferences. All can be done in one click via the Zoom App. Zoom has helped many businesses stay afloat and continue to carry out all their operations systematically.


Zoom continues to be one of the most downloaded and trending apps this year as well.



The world’s largest OTT media service offers its users to watch movies, documentaries, and TV shows on multiple devices conveniently.

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without Netflix! This subscription-based video demand app continuously updates its massive inventory of films, tv shows and documentaries across genres. Netflix today is one of the top popular phone apps among millennials. It will continue trending for the next several years to come.



The world’s most favorite video platform and one of the most successful apps is a video-based app offering a collection of news, entertainment, movies, songs, educational content, lifestyle content; you name it YouTube has it!

The platform has also given millions of content creators a chance to create video-based content and share and connect with their audiences. YouTube mobile app allows users to subscribe to videos and updates them with more exciting and relevant content that trends on the platform. Signing in to the mobile app will enable users the access to regular subscriptions, notifications alert and recommendations.



One of the most popular and widely used e-commerce app, Amazon. Amazon offers not only e-commerce facilities but also digital streaming facilities.

The Amazon Prime is an app-based OTT platform offering on-demand movies and TV Shows to its subscribers. Both the Amazon apps are light to use. Both the apps can be easily downloaded on mobile phones and other devices such as Computers, Laptops and tablets. The Amazon Prime app can be easily downloaded on smart TVs too.



WhatsApp is one app that is undoubtedly on everyone’s phones today. Developed in 2009 and sold to Facebook in 2014, this app is one of the most widely used chat-based apps globally, supporting international communication via calls, video class and texts between global phone networks.

WhatsApp currently has 1.5 billion users worldwide and is an end to end encrypted app that makes it even more secure and favored by people.



Spotify earns its place in the most famous music streaming app list one of the most popular music streaming apps. Its potential of continuously upgrading its mobile app design, music sharing capabilities and streaming qualities makes it the go-to music app for everyone.

The app has two versions; An ad-supported free version and an ad-free version known as Spotify Premium that is available via membership. The Spotify app is available in 61 countries and has 159 million active users with a library of 35 million songs. Spotify also offers podcast streaming.


9.Arogya Setu 

The app is developed by India’s Government, aiming to connect essential health services with India’s people for fighting against the COVID-19 Virus. The app becomes one of the world’s fastest apps to reach 15 million downloads in only 13 days.

The app is available in 1 different language and is mandatory to download for all central government officials. This app uses a Bluetooth based contact tracing mechanism, recording the details of all the people you come in contact with during the day. The app alerts you if any one of your contacts has tested positive.


10.Ludo King

The mobile app version of Ludo King was one of the most downloaded gaming apps during the lockdown and continues to remain one of the most trending apps this year.

Ludo King is a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, IOS, Android and Windows mobile platform. The game also supports an offline mode where a player can play against the computer or local multiplayer. It has been downloaded more than 500+ million times and now supports voice chat features.


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